Latest Graphic Design Trends 2020: (Revealed)

15 Biggest Graphic Designs Trends for 2020

Trends in graphic Design has witnessed an enormous change over the past few years. There are a lot of things that we are focusing on these days that we haven’t even given a thought about. From handmade posters to digital printing, we modernized everything. The rise in technology and development of complex professional software to create designs which wouldn’t have been possible has led us to a future of limitless possibilities and seeking latest graphic design trends.

While the Graphic Design industry went through a tremendous change, people have also changed the way they view those designs.

Advertising has played a vital role in the extreme changes in graphic design, and now that the internet has come into the picture, there has been a rise in the demand of creative designers and newer concepts all around the world.

2020 has also witnessed a lot of amazing changes in the Graphic design industry. We have come up with the latest graphic design trends happening all around the world in 2020.

Come, let’s see what we have in store for you!

1. Neon Colour schemes

We think that having normal looking colors is a basic 2019 trait. 2020 graphic design trends are all about neon colour schemes. Those dark hued, oversaturated colors give a futuristic vibe and the rise in display technology has played a significant role in making these colors pop out.

The idea behind using neon colors is because they don’t look like naturally existing colors and seem something from the future. It promotes an experience which we cannot have in real life. So, definitely a thumbs up for using neon colors for your graphic design project in 2020!

2. Revolutionized Geometry

Geometry is a fundamental graphic design element in modern graphic design trends. The usage of lines and shapes is what consists of graphic design among other things such as images or fonts.

So, in 2020, we know that the designers are aiming for a futuristic vibe and what better to use complex geometrical shapes to show the complexity of the future? The usage of ultra-thin lines present graphic designs that have a distinct and a complex man made look rather than the organic round designs. The usage of these lines lets the designers create impossible shapes which have a modern appeal.

3. Better Calligraphy

Graphic Design Trends in 2020 has given us a lot of calligraphy opportunities than ever. The ability of using handmade custom calligraphy for custom graphic design has opened doors for creating 100% authentic designs right from the scratch.

Graphic Designers prefer keeping their own calligraphy for their designs which make them seem ahead of its time. We would definitely recommend you to experiment with it and work on an authentic design right from the very start.

4. Animation sequences

Calendar UI Interaction by Daniel Tan

We have seen a rise in usage of animation sequences for online graphic design trends in 2020. Animation sequences are creative moving graphics that are a huge part of micro-interaction of a brand with its customers along with providing extra information.

Animations have a huge benefit for brands to showcase more information in a limited space and still manage to look creative and interactive. In 2020, we have seen a rise in the quality we deliver those animations and add a more story-like feel to them.

5. Live data visualization

Algo — Bloomberg Charting Futures

Since the Big data sciences have come into picture, we have seen tremendous growth in terms of live data monitoring and the new updates are only going to make it more comprehensive.

So there is a lucrative market for designers to work on creative visualisation of live data. From a design perspective, the designers are using darker tones, heavy blues and brighter colors for data representation.

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6. Monochrome Experimentation

Certain designers in 2020 are also using monochrome designs and we can’t say that it looks bad, because it really doesn’t! A lot of photography based designers prefer keeping it monochrome as it looks timeless and people can actually look at the content rather than focusing on the design perspective. So if your idea was to experiment with monochrome tones, we say go for it!

7. Illustrations

Illustrations are the way to graphic design trends in 2020! Designers use illustration to present creative concepts and ideas in a way that it makes sense and looks pleasing to the eye. Isometric illustrations are also used for a wide variety of designs such as infographics, Websites, Presentations and much more. Isometric illustrations evolve from a normal illustration to a 3D solution which gives a sense of realism.

8. Fonts

Now that the brands have also evolved and joined the race of digital advertising. Fonts play a vital role in uplifting their online presence. Designers have to keep in mind about brand ideologies and brand values that can help them work on using apt fonts. There are hundreds of available free fonts and each of them signify something different. Some of the fonts to be used in 2020 are Ambit, Helvetica Now, Visuelt and Sentinel.

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9. Authentic Images

The images used in online graphic design needs to be authentic now more than ever. With the drop in camera prices, it is affordable and even encouraged to use real authentic images instead of using stock images like regular 2019 people. Come on! We are better than that!

10. Minimalist Design Perspective

We can’t even stress the importance of a minimalistic design. Instead of having a cluttered design with a ton of information on a single platform, why not guide the user to find the information they require? The designers in 2020 know and understand the importance of a minimalistic design, but we just have to take note and not confuse minimalistic design with presenting less information.

11. 3D Design

Now that our phones have a heavy hardware, the designers now can risk using 3D graphic design solutions if required. 3D designs are more interactive and present more information with actual specifications without taking too much space and it looks real. So we have to use this in 2020. We know that it is a relatively newer concept and requires a lot of work, buy hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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12. Open Design Compositions

For many years we have been putting borders across the designs so that it looks contained and neat. But now that we have displays without much bezels, and the screens are getting better, we can think about getting rid of the borders and keep a free composition to let the creativity flow.

13. The Glitch Effect

One of latest graphic design trends is “The Glitch Effect”. It is from the future!

Glitch effect is basically a corrupted image, layered with colors. It is a great tool to use in album arts, logos and other designs.

It is easy to use and gives a feeling of a different texture and movement, so it’s a “YES” graphic design trend in 2020!

14. Gradients

Gradients are a great way to separate the text from the background. The designers are using a lot of gradients in 2020 to add depth to their designs and create a subtle impression for their audience.

15. Going All-Retro

We all love retro vibes, and it really goes well with certain brands. So why not go all retro for some of your designs. From using primary colors to older fonts with a desaturated look creates moody vibes for you all year round. So if you plan to go retro, what’s stopping you?

Now that you have seen what will dominate graphic design trends in 2020, we can say that graphic design is an industry of constant change and we would see some cool features such as VR and AR real soon.

Till then, we can focus on the trending things and create stunning graphic designs

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