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How To Use Designfier's PayPal Fee Calculator?

The PayPal fee-calculator by Designfier is quick and easy to use. It quickly calculates deductions while sending or receiving money through PayPal. Using PayPal fees calculator is very simple. All you need to do is to enter your desired amount in the text box depending on whether you want to know the calculation to send or receive money.

"Enter an amount" box can only be filled with numbers. If you want to add a decimal (for example 30.90) you must do it by placing a "dot" in this way: 30.90

By default, we put the standard values ​​of PayPal commissions that are 2.90% + a fixed of USD 0.30 per transaction (*).

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Karra Beck


I was looking for a brand logo for my cosmetic company known as Tedea Beauty. It’s a cosmetic company, so I launched a logo contest at Designfier. I filled in the design brief and launched the contest. As soon as I launched the contest, I started receiving a lot of design entries. I went through all the designs and selected Malih’s design as I liked it the most. My experience with Designfier has been great. I got a very beautiful logo design, their service was really professional and their prices were so reasonable. I would definitely use Designfier again and would recommend it to everyone!

Design entry 80 of Ultimate Cosmetic Brand Logo


United States

Designfier came to my rescue when I was looking a logo for My Furniture Company. I wanted unique logo designs for my company and Designfier offered more than they promised. The designer named Katwuss came up with a logo which caught my eye. So I selected that design as the winner and got that design for my company. Designfier did a great job at providing an exceptional service by keeping up with all my last minute requests and help me get a design of my choice. Definitely recommending everyone I know to use Designfier at least once!

New York City Logo

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