Refund policy

Money Back Guarantee Policy:

DesignFier offers a money back guarantee on your project budget. This excludes any transaction or upgrade fees you've paid to DesignFier when you launch your project. The only exception is where you've Committed / Guaranteed your project budget.

Don't like any of the designs?
Request a refund within 30 days of posting your project and we’ll refund your project budget, no questions asked! Remember, we will keep payment gateway transaction fees and upgrade fees you've paid us (such as the private project or featured upgrade, transaction fees, etc.). All we ask is that you wait until the end of your contest period so you can see all the designs!

Didn't receive any designs?
We'll refund your 100% project budget AND all of the updagrade fees paid to DesignFier.

Committed / Guaranteed Contests
If you've Committed / Guaranteed your contest you will not be eligible for a money back refund