Privacy policy


Designfier is a group of companies. As for all your personal information, only one Designfier company is responsible, although any of the Designfier companies can use personal information. In this Privacy policy, you will see how the Designfier uses personal information for the business.


All the important updates will be notified to you. Whenever we make any update, then we will first think about you, and then we will notify you. These updates and notifications you can see on the website, or you can also get the notifications through email.

Third-Party Website

On the website, you will see various links of third party websites. We are not responsible in any way in that third party website. For knowing about those third-party websites, you should see their privacy policy.

Everything you should know as to when we collect the personal data and how we use it.

When we collect personal information, Whenever you use our website or you purchase any of our online services, we collect your data. We even collect your data if you are working with us as a partner. We collect the information of you through various social platforms and third-party software along with our own website. These places include Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

How do we use the personal information that we collected from you-

Whenever you use our website, we collect the information that is easily available. We also collect Device information and the IP address. If you have created the profile, then we just store all your information on your profile. We can also share the information with any of our third-party partners. Not only this, but we can even share the information with operators of other websites who wish to link our services with their website.

How we use the information that we collect from you?

We use your personal information for the following-

-- for connecting you with the other third party

-- For providing you a good service and also improving our services

-- For contacting with you

-- For providing you updates about our services.

-- For making the security investigations and protecting you from any kind of fraud.

These are some of the important things for which we use your website.

For using the information of any EU/UK person

If you are from the United Kingdom or European Union, then we can use the personal information for the following things-

-- We will use your information for performing the contract, for, e.g., if we are providing you any service, then we will use the information for making the payment, etc.

-- We will use your information for any legal obligation that we have.

-- We will use the personal information you provided for making any contract with you.

To share personal information with other ones.

We may share all the information you provided for the following purposes-

-- We may use the personal information that you provided, With other companies that are within the Designfier

-- The third parties through which we are connected as they provide us services. So, we may share the information with those websites

-- We may use the personal information you provided with the organizations that are working to stop the fraud.

-- We may use the information that you provided in case we are transferring some of our assets to a third party.

How we use your information to provide you the updates about the products and services.

We use your personal information to provide you updates about our products. As we can provide you the information through the mail or through any other platform that we will think you find much useful.

All you can do to manage your marketing preferences

You can manage your privacy through the following-

-- we will limit the marketing, and we will provide you only those emails and messages that we will find useful for you.

-- Whenever you want, you can stop the messages by doing the unsubscribe link in the email or email us at

-- You can even manage your cookies through settings that are present in your browser.

How we undertake the Profiling and analytics

We will always search whether any account is there, which is being used for fraud. We will do the Profiling for looking at those accounts.


Whenever you visit any website, a small amount of information is placed in your device that is called cookies. We use the cookie to understand which websites are used and frequently visited.

Right for you to access the personal information.

You can ask us whenever you want, a copy of your personal information that we are using.

Right to ask for erasing some data.

You can even ask whenever you want to erase the personal data. you can ask for erasing the data if -

-- If it is used unlawfully

-- if the purpose for which the personal data was created is not needed.

However, we will process the data if-

-- It is under a legal task

Right for restricting the processing of the data

You have the right to processing the data under the following cases-

-- If it is not according to the law

-- Now it is not needed by you

However, we can use your personal data if-

-- you are using any of our services

-- It is needed for defending the legal claims.

Right to object how to process your data

You can ask us for changing the way in which we are using your information and providing you the information

You can even ask us not to share your information with third parties.

Right to complain to your local supervisory authority

You have the right that you can place a complaint in the local supervisory authority if you think the company is using your personal data, not according to you.

The right to transfer all your personal information.

You have the right to ask us to provide all the information in a structured form that is used very commonly and is in a machine-readable form.

You can even ask us to transfer the information to a data controller but only if-

-- An automated way is preferred for the processing

-- The processing is done on the basis of the performance of the contractor with you.