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In the digital era, to flourish beyond the barriers, a brilliant website is a must to grab the attention of the netizens. A professional website design platform will help to bring a surge in your business and boost the company’s profit with its customized design. For the best promotion strategy for your enterprise, be it education, marketing, food, stationery, or anything that concerns you. Designfier is there to grant you the best solutions in the field of web design. A stand out destination for all your design needs.


What is website design?

Website designs are not everything you observe as visuals on screen. It is more than that. It's a congregation of exceptional techniques and skills applied efficiently to give a desirous look to the website. Web designing is the art of choosing a suitable layout, fixing the right colors, graphics, styles of the write-up, contents, images, features, animations, etc. It is mandatory to possess the apt skills to render a perfect website. The professional website design preaches on the necessary balance that should be maintained during the design to ensure consistency and uprightness to the plan.

Importance of website design

In today’s competitive market, to showcase a business, service, or products in an online platform, the website is a must. It is a precise detailing of what the venture is all about the various elements and the information relating to the system. Professional website design block helps in effectively projecting the company, and the brand messages the target audience. For a company to experience a surge in growth rate, sales, and profit, it is mandatory to have a web page that is creative in all aspects. A robust customer base is created by a user-friendly web page that solves all the queries of the consumer regarding the services and the products the platform offers.

Who needs a professionally designed website?

For sure, website design will help any enterprise to have a firm establishment in an e-economic era. The question of who needs the professionally designed website is often confusing. However, any enterprise aiming for an online dominance must have a perfect, professionally designed website for the very existence of the venture. Unique website design is hence a must in the competitive world. A professional design always excels at projecting the company's aim and value with the perfect choice of colors, relevant images, icons, descent animations, etc. in its design block to get potential customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's really easy. Visit the website of Designfier for various website designing processes. Most of the businesses follow two processes: they wither float a contest to get a response from the top website designers attached with us or they directly hire a professional website designer to design a website as per their requirements. website designers attached to Designfier are all professionals. So, don't worry.
You can say a website is good when it fulfills its very purpose, i.e. it perfectly communicates with the customers and prospects. A website should be such that people can easily recognize the brand and a good feeling comes to their mind just seeing it.

So, a website should bear the company's mission and vision with it. This is the mandatory aspect of a good website. This is only possible when you hire a professional website designer. A professional website designer will be able to recommend the right colors, fonts, curves, and contents that would deliver the right messages to the customers and prospects.
There are two processes through which you can design your own website. If you are not a skilled or experienced graphic designer, you can use a graphic design builder app to build the website. Otherwise, like most of the top brands, you can hire a professional of the field from our website or float a contest to design a customized website.
There are various price tags according to the package you choose such as basic, Standard, Professional, and Premium. You can also start a contest and choose design categories where the prices vary depending on your needs. Everything is clearly published in our website. In case, you need more clarification, you can contact our customer service for more help and choosing the right kind of service.
When you announce a website design contest on our website, the best professionals of this field will participate in the contest and show their samples to you as per your stated requirements. When you will select one of those designs you will get the following benefits:
  • Full copyright of the design - Design will be solely yours.
  • You will get all the image files including the original adobe illustrator file, JPG or PNG file, and vector EPS files that will enable you to recreate the design for different media.
It's very easy and matter of a few minutes:
  • Register with our website and put all necessary information
  • Click on the "Contest" option and provide all necessary information that would enable the designers to understand your requirements. This includes colors you desire, font type, and if possible a sample.
  • State what remuneration you are ready to pay.
Yes always. We have a data bank of thousands of logos, banner, packaging, business cards, merchandise, and all other types of designers. Go through their portfolio and check their availability.
Yes, of course. If you have any specific design or symbol in mind share it with the designer. They will consider all these if necessary modify the design or symbol you provide and include it nicely in the design.
Yes, There are several ways of getting second, third, or any number of website. Here have a look:
  • You get the option to award multiple designers as winners in a contest.
  • You can announce another contest.
  • You can work with individual designers.
In Designfier, the designers approve that they will upload only the original works. They further approve that once a client takes the design, the designer does not possess any further right on the website. Hence, you are the sole owner of the copyright of the website you have finally accepted and for which you have made the payment.
Just go through our packages. There are four different packages, viz. Basic, Standard, Professional, and Premium. Every package has its distinctive features. So, depending on your need choose anything. We assure you 100% support according to the package you choose.
Yes. We offer a 100% money back guarantee in case you didn’t like the work. You just deduct the transaction charges and other applicable fees from the amount. For money back, you have to apply within 60 days of payment made by you to Designfier. This money back guarantee is applicable for both contest and individual job assignment except those with the guaranteed prize to designers and those contests that have already entered the final round. Remember, in case you decide to withdraw the contest or return the website, you lose all rights of the website you enjoy otherwise.
Yes. For that, you have to select the option “private contest” option. As you choose this option, the designers will not be able to show this job in their portfolio and your project will not be visible in the search result. Remember, you have to select the option from the very beginning otherwise you will not be able to choose it later.
We have a large data bank of creative designers. Our designers are experienced and constantly improving their skills. We have included these designers from different countries across the globe. We have also fixed the prices very reasonable. There are no hidden charges either. Last but not least, we have a customer-oriented work culture where you get our support 24/7. So, give us a chance to serve you and see the difference.

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What customer say ...

Karra Beck


I was looking for a brand logo for my cosmetic company known as Tedea Beauty. It’s a cosmetic company, so I launched a logo contest at Designfier. I filled in the design brief and launched the contest. As soon as I launched the contest, I started receiving a lot of design entries. I went through all the designs and selected Malih’s design as I liked it the most. My experience with Designfier has been great. I got a very beautiful logo design, their service was really professional and their prices were so reasonable. I would definitely use Designfier again and would recommend it to everyone!

Design entry 80 of Ultimate Cosmetic Brand Logo


United States

Designfier came to my rescue when I was looking a logo for My Furniture Company. I wanted unique logo designs for my company and Designfier offered more than they promised. The designer named Katwuss came up with a logo which caught my eye. So I selected that design as the winner and got that design for my company. Designfier did a great job at providing an exceptional service by keeping up with all my last minute requests and help me get a design of my choice. Definitely recommending everyone I know to use Designfier at least once!

New York City Logo

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