Website Design Trends 2020

Website design trends 2020 change very easily due to the up-gradation of new technology and various options that are working for every one whole top of the charts of best websites. They are a sort of an inspiration for the newbies and also set a trademark for them to follow and carry forward.  The website […]

Designfier vs. Designhill vs. 99Designs

In the competitive graphic design market, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. And especially when you have to make a choice between Designfier, Designhill and 99Designs, which logo design contest site is the best? So, let’s see what is the major difference between the three… Their customer base, an impressive portfolio,

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Designfier Vs Fiverr - Which one is best?

Before proceeding with Designfier Vs Fiverr, let see what graphic design is? Graphic design is a segment of visual design in which the designer creates functional solutions and aesthetic appeal through visual communication applied to graphic pieces. The communication used in graphic design projects is carried out through the use of images, texts and illustrations

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top 10 crowdsourcing websites

The current trend of crowdsourcing is that we see it almost every day on the net. The term Crowdsourcing is a neologism contraction and “mass” (crowd) and “outsourcing” (outsourcing). In reality, people enjoy cultivating and developing their talents, so Crowdsourcing can be seen as a mechanism that links talent and knowledge with existing needs. Thinking

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small business tools

In today’s business world, numerous tools can be used for small businesses. With the explosion of online digital marketing in the noughties came the plethora of effective small business tools to help manage a variety of day-to-day tasks, easing the pressure on small and large businesses alike. Whether you need online schedulers for appointments/meetings or

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Designfier Vs Fiverr Vs 99Designs

Does outsourcing the brand’s designing work freak you? Have you ever hired a freelancer to get your brand’s work done? If you are going to hire a designer for the first time, there are many graphic design marketplaces that you may have looked upon. As every crowdsourcing website is unique in its own way, it

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Digital Marketing Trends 2020

2020 is here! And like every year, it is time to review digital marketing trends to be prepared for what lies ahead.At Designfier, we have already done our homework and taken note of the most prominent trends in the main areas of digital marketing. Do you want to know what they are? Well, don’t miss this article! 2020 is proving

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custom logo design for business

A custom logo design is the foundation of the company’s brand that narrates the whole perspective on which the business is built. However, the logo is the most important visual representation of outshining in this very competitive industry.  A great logo appears as one of the distinctive identity of the company and works as a sign of excellent customer communication.

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