Create A Custom Logo Design

Artists and graphic designers are often in charge of creating custom logos for their clients. This mission may seem simple from the outside, but it is a long and complex process. Do you want to create a custom logo design, but don’t know where to start?  Take a look at all the necessary steps in the […]

Designfier vs. Designhill vs. 99Designs

In the competitive graphic design market, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. And especially when you have to make a choice between Designfier, Designhill and 99Designs, which logo design contest site is the best? So, let’s see what is the major difference between the three… Their customer base, an impressive portfolio,

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Designfier Vs Fiverr - Which one is best?

Before proceeding with Designfier Vs Fiverr, let see what graphic design is? Graphic design is a segment of visual design in which the designer creates functional solutions and aesthetic appeal through visual communication applied to graphic pieces. The communication used in graphic design projects is carried out through the use of images, texts and illustrations

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