15 Blog Design Ideas

Writing is bliss. You can present your imagination, thoughts, and ideas to the readers in a very subtle yet convincing way.

However, writing good blogs and writing successful blogs is different. To turn a good blog into a successful one, you require some extra visual elements in order to make your blog design look appealing.

Reading a simple article with no designs and illustrations can get monotonous sometimes, hence, it is essential to spice things up and use visual elements for amplifying the appeal of your content.

If you are in a dilemma where your outstanding blogs are not reaching the potential audience, chances are, that your content is not portrayed properly. Blogs are a great window that connects you or your brand with people from all walks of life. Hence, making them presentable and available for them to read is your responsibility. Blogs are also a great medium for driving traffic to a certain website or promotions.

Blog Design Ideas

Let us discuss some creative blog design ideas which can assist you in making the best out of your content:

Full-screen photographs

Using pictures and illustrations is a very essential part of writing blogs in any genre. Visual elements have a long-lasting impact on the human brain as they stay in the subconscious mind for a long period of time. Not only that, but pictures also give a great first impression to the viewers/ readers. Hence, using a unique and elegant picture helps in gathering all the attention to your blog designs.

Keeping things simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to creating concepts in terms of writing. You want the readers to connect instantly with what you are expressing through the medium of writing. The basic idea is to convey the right message to the audience and for doing that, it is essential to write simple and elegant. Apart from keeping things simple while writing a blog, keeping minimalism in how you are portraying it also matters. Too much clutter and clunky is never a good look. Pictures and illustrations are great, but they should be used in a controlled way so that nothing looks extra in any of your blog designs.

Give corporate-related content a serious look

If your content revolves around writing for professionals, keeping things serious gives a formal and strong look. Making things look strong and giving a serious look is all about having a trustworthy appeal. People will find your content professionally appealing if it has a neat and bold look. Hence, for anyone who is writing corporate-related content, it is better to stick with portraying unique and strong blog designs.

-Create an OMG moment

This tip is essential to writers who focus their content on the youth. Giving the blog an energetic and lively aesthetic makes it appealing to young readers. Using fun imagery and uncommon color contrasts can help with making things look vibrant and energetic. Hence, use bright colors and imaginative images in order to woo the young audience with your blog designs.

Express creativity by illustrating hero images

Hero images are illustrations that are vibrant and are responsible for gathering attention to your blogs. These cover pictures are unique, and they usually intrigue the visitors and they end up exploring your blogs in the quest for finding out more about what is written. This technique is an excellent means of promotion and is recommended to be used in all your blog designs.

-Tonal illustrations for tech

These days, less is more for tech companies. This is because floral and vibrant illustrations don’t usually match with the basic theme of technology. Hence, tech companies want all the focus to go on the titles of their blogs. If you are creating tech-related content, it is recommended that you focus on drawing all the attention to your titles in the blog designs.

-Use cartoon elements

Using unusual cover images instead of more traditional ones is a plus point sometimes. This gives the content a fresh feel and a new look.

Talk about giving personality to your blogs, using cartoons as illustrations helps in turning heads towards your content. However, make sure that wherever you are using images in your blogs, ensure that you use ALT tags and descriptions while inserting those images. This ensures better search engine optimization.

-Choose striking pictures to showcase your brand

If you are producing content that requires a lot of imagination and is curated towards dreamers. Using beautiful and unique pictures can help in gathering the attention of the ideal audience for your content. As we discussed earlier, pictures are very important for any genre of content and they work wonderfully with all types of blog designs.

-Use fonts wisely

Fonts are as important as pictures in a blog. After all, font styles are also a part of the visual elements and illustrations which combine and form ideal blog designs. Using different font styles can help in portraying different emotions in your blogs. For example, using a handwritten font style gives your content a personal touch whereas using something funky gives it a casual feel. Hence, explore different font styles and amplify the appeal of your blog designs.

-Font pairing

Just like choosing the right color theme for your blogs, picking what font styles work together, is equally essential. After all, you don’t want any elements to cancel out the other essential features in your blog designs. For example, pairing a funky font style with a serious font style will never work out as it will confuse the viewers and they will get the wrong message. At the same time, using a funky font style with a handwritten font style can give out a casual feeling to the reader.

Hence, for delivering the right message and emotions to the readers, picking proper font styles is essential for any type of blog.


Reading big blogs can sometimes be challenging and monotonous for the readers. Hence, using smart illustrations in order to make the reading experience better should be ideal.

This is where iconography comes into play. The method allows you to make certain categories in your content using quirky icons. Just like the index in a book, this allows the readers to navigate through different sections of your blogs more easily.

Iconography is an essential part of all the blog designs out there, as it helps in improving the overall user experience.

-Step up your sign-up forms game

The ultimate goal of a blog is to act as a gateway to your other content. For doing that, you can get the readers to sign up for your eBook or subscribe to your mailing list. This requires a sign-up form where they can provide you with the details about the same. Hence, provide them with a call-to-action button from which they can access these forms and ideally subscribe using them.

The catch here is to make that CTA button unique and attractive so that readers can click them. Almost all modern blog designs have this CTA button which is not clicked as often as it should be. Hence, switch things up, and make people click it out of curiosity.

-Use multiple featured article slider

Various blog designs have impressive full-width sliders showing featured content with an attractive picture in the background. This is an excellent strategy if you want to channel the reader’s focus on a single blog. However, in order to make the content more accessible, try splitting up that slider so that the reader can preview other articles as well without waiting for the slider to, well, slide to the next one.

-Guide readers to your main content while showing other content as well

If your content is updated almost daily, this tip will have a huge impact on how your blogs perform. Some blog designs have a feature where the readers can explore other blogs and articles while staying on the same page. This makes navigating through your content a lot easier and simpler. Ideally, people will be able to explore more of your content while indulging in a single blog.

-Create a focus on the featured article

Using filters in blog designs is a huge help for anyone who is exploring your content. This allows them to reach the desired blog without any hassles.

Moreover, creating features like filters and article cards, allows you to promote your featured content, better than ever. You can basically show your readers the direction you want them to navigate and read in.

In conclusion, writing good blogs is all about how skilled you are as a content creator. But, when it comes to publicizing them, these simple tips can help you in propelling your content to the top. After all, the ultimate goal is to make the user experience better so that more and more people can browse through your content. Remember, to go with what clicks with you and utilize all the elements to your benefit. Blog designs are all about making things look pleasant and appealing to read.

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