How to Design the Perfect Custom Logo!

A custom logo design helps in making your brand stand out from the competition. It establishes an image in the minds of your customer.

Your business deserves an identity. Brand Identity helps in growing your business and attract more customers. The first and the most vital tool for creating a brand identity is getting a logo for your brand. A Logo is the perfect branding tool. It creates credibility in you as a brand and builds trust in your customer.

We know that getting a custom logo design for your business might not be easy. The designers charge extremely high for a custom logo design. Even the prices offered by a graphic design agency or a design studio might seem too much for a business, that has just begun its journey.

But getting a customized logo design is essential for a business.

You don’t want to use a design that is already used as it can cause a negative impact on your brand image.

So, if you are running on a tight budget and still require a logo for your business, we would suggest you to develop a custom logo on your own or hire a custom logo design company!

Now, we know that designing the perfect custom logo for Your Business might seem a tough job because you would have too much on your plate.

So we will simply it for you by listing out…

6 easy steps to create a perfect custom logo for your business:

#1. Develop a Vision:

develop a vision for creating a custom logo

Just like when you started with your business idea, you had a vision about how it should be. Similarly, you have to have a vision before starting with designing your custom logo. You can begin to develop a vision by listing out your business values and working your way up from there. You can also try some visual exercises such as picture mapping and word mapping to become more specific with your vision.

#2. Prepare some Rough Sketches:

custom logo sketches

Now that you have a proper vision in your mind, you can start sketching your ideas onto paper. Now we know that you might not like the first few results, but the only thing that matters is to keep sketching. You will get a good idea about it when you have sketched some samples.

#3. Take Feedback from Your Peers:

custom logo feedback

It is always a great idea to get a feedback to get an idea about your designs. You can also put yourself in the shoes of your customer and get an idea if your potential customer would be attracted to your custom logo design ideas. If you are looking for a professional feedback, you can book a design consultation at Designfier to connect you with professional consultants. They will give you a prompt feedback on your sketches and can help you to create a finer logo design.

#4. Choose the right medium:

Now that you have finally chosen from your sketch ideas, you have to choose the medium on which you are going to design your custom logo. If you have basic design knowledge and can use professional software like Photoshop, you can work on professional software to get a custom logo design that is more accurate and suits your needs. If you are not comfortable with professional software, you can make the use of Canva Logo Maker as it doesn’t require much professional knowledge.

#5. Start Designing:

This is where you start with actually creating a custom logo for your brand. Whether you have chosen a professional software or online logo maker tools, you have to make sure that the logo you design.

Keep your vision in your mind and make use of all the design elements that can make your logo more impactful. Some of the major design elements are Font, Pictures and Colours. Make sure that your font actually depicts the kind of message you want to showcase your customers.

The pictures you choose should be carefully chosen and should not have a copyright so that you can use the images without any worries. Also, it would be really good to create your own picture or symbol so that it depicts your brand authenticity.

The Colours also play an important role in determining the mood of the customer when they look at your logo. So make sure to use the colour-mood wheel to have a good idea about using the perfect colour scheme on your logo.

However, if are not familiar with basic design principles, you can also ask someone around it to do it for you.

#6. Design formatting and Final Touches:

This is one of the most important step after designing the custom logo. After designing, you need to give final touches to your logo design such as sorting out the colour scheme, fonts, Image placement and making it more pleasing to the eye.

Now when it comes to saving your custom design file, do as follows:

If you are using professional software, the custom logo design should be saved in SVG, GIF, PNG or JPEG format so that it can be used on your website. Also, get your logo files so that any changes can be made to the logo in the future. You can also get your logo design on a transparent background so that it can be used on other pictures and for printing without any unrequired borders.

If you are using online logo makers to create a free custom logo, most of them provide low-res files, so you would have to spend some money to get a high-resolution file as per your requirement.

Congratulations! You have now created a perfect custom logo for your business.

Now all is left to use your custom logo design on your website and other social media pages!

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