Best Coffee Logo Design Idea For Your Coffee Shop

Are you a coffee lover? Are you planning to open your very own coffee shop that reflects your idea of “a great coffee”? Are you someone who just doesn’t consider coffee as just a simple drink or beverage?

Logo Design

If your answer to every question is yes, then let’s try and explore different perspectives as to how you can establish your brand, how you can design a great logo for your coffee shop.

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Why is it important to have a good logo design?

To have an undeniable impact on your audience or clients, it is extremely important to present yourself in the best way possible. Your brand is your face. People connect to you or will come to see your coffee shop seeing the logo design of your shop.

To have a huge impact and have good footfall, design your logo the best way possible.

What is a logo?

A logo is a pictorial or graphical representation of the name of your company or restaurant.

Logo design idea

It is the logo that makes you stand out among the crowd and have a place of your own in the market. It is your face.

It is with this that people will recognize you. Having a great logo can help you advertise in a good way possible and steal a place in the thoughts and hearts of people.

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What will make your logo a good logo?

Now that you have decided to launch yourself, then the first and foremost thing is to decide on a good logo.

To reach out to your clients, design a logo that will convey your feelings, and will be a reflection of your brand.

Logo isn’t simply a drawing. It is your image. And you can’t risk your image, right? You will want people to acknowledge you, like you, appreciate you and feel a connection. So design your logo thinking on these lines.

  • Be simple yet captivating: To be in someone’s heart and mind, you just don’t need heavy and complicated logo designs, rather a simple drawing or logo can steal their hearts. The more simple the things are, the more they seem attractive.
  • Understand the feel: It is very important that while you design a logo, you convey your feeling. Don’t try and copy the copy that you see around. Make a custom logo design of your own, be it anything. Just because you are designing for a coffee shop, you don’t have to use coffee mugs, coffee beans, or stuff like that.
What is logo design
  • Use a name as your logo: If you have a great name for your shop, you can creatively use fonts and styles so that you can replace the pictorial or graphical logo. This also looks amazing. The tag line should be impressive.
  • Emotional appeal should be there: Since the advent of CCD and its most famous tagline, “a lot can happen over a coffee” and has been popularised by the youths a lot. It has become a meeting point for the lovers, for meetings, or for enjoying some me time. This has set the trend and now people from everywhere want to try a coffee at CCD. The story here is that you also need to connect to people using such taglines. It is human nature that they are attracted to emotions and relations. So, devise a tagline that can also be popularised and becomes the next name to your cafe. It should not just be a copy-paste or having a similar vibe to other existing chains or restaurants; rather, it should be fresh just like the coffee you are going to serve.
Still confused as to how to start with?

Answer a few questions to yourself and jot them down to have a more clear understanding of what you will put in your logo.

  • Why are you opening a coffee house?
  • What will you serve that others don’t have?
  • What makes you special?
  • Where will you open it?
  • Who will be your target customers?

Have you noticed that while answering these questions, you are able to picture your inspiration? Drawing a logo is not a simple task.

It looks very simple till it doesn’t begin, but when you start to draw, you lose it, it gets messed up, you feel like its not good enough or its still, not something that you want.

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Some tips:

  • Don’t do all the work in one day: It is important to break the boredom. So that you don’t feel like stuck up and can remain creative.
  • Ask around: Before beginning the work, I would suggest you interview some people and know what they think about coffee, how they feel when they drink a coffee, is it just a coffee to them or anything beyond them. The purpose of this exercise is to get an idea for your logo design.
  • To have the right inspiration, it is important to look for various sources. You might not even consider that from where the right inspiration can come. So familiar yourself well with different aspects of coffee and the associated feelings.
  • Make yourself a good coffee to draw a logo for your coffee house: The reason to do this is since you are seeking inspiration for your logo, it can straight away come through a good coffee break.
  • Do your homework well: To design a good logo, it is very important to do your research well. Before even beginning, go through logos of various brands, understand the vibe and feel. Read the story of a logo, it’s the background, how it was designed, and how it has changed over the years. Write down everything that you find interesting so that you have an overall understanding of the task. After doing this research, you will be in a better position to know your inclinations and have a feel as to how you should proceed with your logo design.
  • Be creative: Now, when you know your needs and inclinations and have answers to each and every question, be creative as much as you can. Try various options. Think out of the box. Don’t just design a logo thinking about coffee but go beyond coffee and get the feel of coffee. Think about all the feelings you feel when you have a great cup of coffee. A logo to your coffee house should inculcate all those feelings because feelings are attractive. They attract customers. They are stronger than anything.
  • Ask for review: After you have designed a couple of logos, the next step is to circulate the design and ask your friends and foe to review them. Ask for criticism, as good criticism can bring about good changes. These reviews will help you make the modifications, and you will either end up scrapping all your previous work, or something great is gonna come through this process.

Don’t just get tired now. A lot of work still needs to be done. After having a rough draft for your logo, you can just praise yourself!! Yes, yes, go ahead. Don’t be shy about doing it.

You have done a great job. Now you can finalize your draft. You can either seek professional help or if you are willing to do everything on your own, you can do this also.

So, what are you waiting for, just go through these amazing ideas and grab a pen and paper along with a great cup of coffee to make a logo for your coffee shop? Logo is your brand identity, so make it nice.

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.