Top 10 Fashion Logo Ideas That Won’t Go Out of Fashion

A good fashion logo always increases the personality and popularity of the brand. Every brand wants to make such a logo that the logo will be unique and stands out among the other logos.

Everyone in today’s world is fashionable. we all want to buy the clothes that should be in trend. When any type of trend comes, people follow the trends, buy the clothes according to the trends, wear them and after some time the trend just vanishes, and a new trend starts.

This process will go for many years. Now on the products, logos are there. As everyone sees the logo, so it has to be that much fashionable and interesting. So it is always advised to create the logo trends that will always remain in trend.

Fashion Logo Ideas

So, here we are providing top 10 fashion logo ideas that will never go out of fashion.

1. Hugo Boss Brand Logo:

Hugo Boss is one of the best fashion logos that you will find in the whole world. The name of the company is Boss. This company has used the style that is mostly preferred by the government institution.

Hugo Boss Fashion Logo

This brand provides you with one of the iconic fashion logos. They followed the formal one lettering style. This brand is one of the most famous brands all over the world.

2. Alexander McQueen Luxury Fashion Logo

Alexander McQueen is also a brand that contains one of the most famous high-end fashion logos. The logo of the brand, Alexander McQueen is very famous and the brand is a British brand. It’s one of the luxury fashion brands.

Alexander McQueen Logo
Alexander McQueen Logo

When you will see the logo of the Alexander McQueen, you will find that the logo is made in a simple style. There you will see, c is written inside the Q. This all conveys about the growth of the brand Alexander McQueen.

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3. Chanel Brand Logo Design

Chanel Fashion Logo

Chanel is also one of the most famous fashion houses, that is well known all over the world. Chanel is about french fashion house.

The name of the company is Coco Chanel. In the logo of this Chanel, you will see the two C, interlocked with each other.

This brand’s logo is one of the most famous iconic fashion logos.

4. Ray-Ban Logo

The company Ray-Ban has a fashion logo, that is all very famous. Ray-Ban is a sunglass and eyeglass company.

Ray Ban logo design

This brand has used a classic style to make the logo as they followed the classic letter-writing style. Out of the various unique fashion logos, the Ray-Ban logo stands at the top.

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5. Hollister Logo

The brand Hollister also has a fashion logo, that is also very much popular. This Hollister is a company from America. This fashion brand started in the year 2000.


This fashion brand, Hollister is all famous for casual wear. This fashion brand, Hollister has a seagull logo. This Seagull logo is in use from the time this fashion brand started.

This fashion brand uses a design called minimalistic design. This minimalistic design is used by other clothes brands also which are very much like Hollister. For the inscription of the Hollister, they have used the typeface called minimalistic sans-serif typeface.

In the logo of the Hollister, below Hollister, California is written. This California is written in a serif font. So, when you see the various great fashion logos, you will also see the logo of Hollister at the top.

6. Nike Sports Logo

One of the best unique fashion logos is the logo of Nike. Nike is a fashionable brand. This brand Nike is all famous for making footwear, accessories, equipment, and many more.

nike design logo

Nike is also one of the most famous and trusted brands. The logo of the brand Nike tells all about the trust and quality of the materials.

7. Bvlgari Logo

The brand Bvlgari also has a fashion logo, which is also very much famous. When you will search the most famous great fashion logos, then you will see Bvlgari will come in the top.

Bvlgari brand logo

This is a Jewelry and other accessories company. This company is an Italian company. Here, this brand Bvlgari provides you with a lot of luxury materials, like you will get amazing watches here. Not only this, but you will also get various accessories also along with jewelry.

The logo of the brand Bvlgari is all made in the Latin alphabets. This brand also provides the logo with a great classic touch. this brand is also one of the most famous brands, and it is well recognized all over the world.

8. Superdry Logo

Superdry Logo

Superdry is a brand that has one of the most famous fashion logos. When you will search the top unique fashion logos, then you will get the logo of the brand Superdry on the top.

Super dry is also one of the most famous brands and well knew among the people.

This brand Superdry is a British brand. This international brand, Superdry, has a unique logo, as on the logo, the word “Superdry” is written very nicely.

Above the word Superdry, there is written a word in the Japanese language. The word that is written in the Japanese language is the “kyokudo kanso (shinasai).” This word means maximum dry.

9. Levi’s Clothing Brand Logo

Levis is one of the most famous and well-renowned brands. The logo of the brand Levi’s, also comes in one of the Top 10 fashion logo ideas.

Levi's logo design

This company is very famous for Levi’s jeans. This company, Levi’s is an American company. the logo of the brand Levi’s has used the font called sans-serif font.

10. Ted Baker Fashion Brand Logo

Ted Baker is one of the most famous brands that is well known among the people. when you search for the top iconic fashion logos, you will get the logo of the brand Ted Baker on the top.

This brand Ted Baker is all a British brand. This brand Ted Baker is very much famous for fashionable clothes and accessories.

ted baker logo

They provide you with womenswear, menswear, and also the great accessories. This logo of the brand Ted Baker is all made in such a unique way that you will find the words TED BAKER LONDON written on the logo with spaces between them.

The Black color is used in the background for making the logo. This logo’s black color tells about authority and power. The font also used in making the logo of the brand Ted Baker, is also very unique.

So, these were the great fashion logos that you have seen above. These were the fashion logos ideas that will never ever go out of fashion.

When any fashion brand is new, then most people connect with that brand by their logos only. As the people always find a similarity and link with the logos. So, it is always advised to make a unique logo that will always be in fashion. Never make a logo by thinking of a trend.

As the trend will be over after some time, but what about your brand? So, never make a logo by thinking about any kind of trend. Always try to make the logo of your fashion brand, the most unique and amazing, so it will never go out of fashion.

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