Top 10 Cosmetic and Beauty Logo Design Ideas

Want to start your own cosmetic company but finding it hard to get some cosmetic and beauty logo design ideas? Here’s what you need!

It is important to remember that cosmetic and beauty logos must have a message as well as a visual attraction that gathers the interest of the viewers. The logo plays a vital role in the progress of the business.

Logos have a strong impact and influence on the people depending upon their fonts, color, graphics and other elements which makes it striking from others.

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The Cosmetic and Beauty Industry in today’s world is expanding and advancing in a large amount. A beautiful custom beauty logo helps your company with the right design which communicates your business as well as the idea. A decent and elegant cosmetic logo represents the standards of high quality and inspiration.

The idea of the logo being appealing also depends on the message you want to share with the people. Emotions can be spread and felt through colors as well. For example, the usage of red color in the logo can represent love, passion, energy or even aggression. It all depends on the way you want the people to perceive the logo.

It’s important to note that beauty products are those which make the customer feel pleased with their looks whereas cosmetic products are those which help enhance the beauty of lips, skin, hair, eyes, and nails.

One should always keep in mind that before choosing the logo, it’s important to let it be as natural and welcoming as possible. Your design is the silent ambassador of your brand!

Below are the best cosmetic and beauty logo design ideas:

Bailey Bubbles

This logo has a box in which the initials have been written quite creatively. This will be easily recognizable for the people because of its uniqueness and the mirrored image of the letters. The trees do not have leaves which again gives an unforgettable look.


If you look at the logo, you will realize that the message being expressed in the care and beauty of hair with rose. It’s a great artistic depiction making the logo look pleasing and elegant. The color also plays a great role since blue stands for values, tranquility, royalty, and calmness.


This is one of the famous beauty industries, known for its ayurvedic and herbal products. When a company becomes well known to people, they tend to remember the logo of the company making it essential for the logo to be attractive. The logo of the Biotique logo has the text along with a leaf to it showing the herbal touch to it. Leaf symbolizes hope, renewal, cure, and revival. Whereas the green color signifies growth, freshness, nature, and energy.

Accents Salon Spa

The classic font style of the letters gives the touch of simplicity and elegance which is offered to the customers. It mentions its uniqueness of the spa which provides pure flower and plant essence. This not only sounds relaxing but also really natural and great.

Your Crown

Your logo is a symbol of business. Whatever is gold attracts the people, whether it’s the real gold or the color itself. Using the golden color can be extremely powerful since it sends out vibes of success, luxury, prestige, and elegance. The logo clarifies and gives the specification of its service which says;  ‘ VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSIONS ‘. The design of the lady with beautiful golden flowing hair makes the other women also want the same hair. This is the right way of evoking feelings for the customers.

They say that “Life is color, but black and white is more realistic “. Black and white will always remain the best color combination since it includes the interpretive colors. Sephora too uses this combination to maintain the clarity, simplicity, and pureness of its products. The white color represents new beginnings and the black color represents sophistication, strength, and luxury.

CPtizon Fragrance Lab – Unique Cosmetic Logo Design

Having a beauty element is necessary but sometimes in order to make the logo different; one might use the typeface in a stylish way to have an impact on viewers. The logo uses the blue and white color for the impression of polished beauty products of the company. Since it’s a lab, the letters are more professional.

Arwa Beauty

In the logo, we see a lady feeling fresh and enjoying the positivity. It looks as if her physical care makes her feel mentally refreshed. It is a very simple yet effective logo. The typeface again plays a strong role. Capitalizing the word “SOUL ” again plays in their favor since it talks about beauty not just in physical terms but also spiritually. This represents their way of serving their customers which is not just limited to outer beauty but also helps the customer regain the care for their beauty for long

Beautifulme Salon – Attractive Cosmetic and Beauty Logo Design Ideas

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and happy with their service. Having a logo that hints this to the customer itself is an achievement! The logo plays with the words ” beautiful me ” making the customer feel that their needs will be satisfied and that they won’t leave disappointed. The ME stands out from the word beautiful because it’s all about the person and their service in this salon. Portraying an image like this of one’s company grabs the quick attention of the customers.

 Beauty Box Supplies – Unique Cosmetic and Beauty Logo Design Ideas

This logo is simply trailblazing. We see the usage of better ‘B’ which represents the name of the company while you may also see the letter ‘S’ inside. The dark color sends out the message of strong professionalism.

These were some of the logo design ideas that will help you design your logo. One of the best ways to start your business is by using Designfier to help with your logo work. The site promises countless designs of great quality, uniqueness in concepts and best color combinations from a wide range of graphic designers.

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The logos used here are not only some of the best and memorable ones but also quite interestingly designed logos. We might find in cosmetic and beauty products a lady to be common in them generally but not all logos need to be the same. Sometimes avoiding the trend and being unique can get you to higher places! Thinking differently and giving the logo a simple yet deep meaning will impact the others.

The logo you choose to design must standout and promise its role to the people. Even if the logo doesn’t carry an image or figure, it’s okay but, make sure the core concept of the company has been specified through the logo. A logo is more than a static symbol. The whole value of the brand depends on its logo. This is why it’s said that the design you make is your intelligence being visible! So think creatively and give in your best, seeking help from some of the designs provided!

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.