How to create a strong brand personality in 2020

How to Develop a Memorable Brand Personality

May it be a new start-up or an existing brand, everyone loves success across the globe. A lot of companies invest tons of cash in acquiring a top position amongst the audience. However, not all brands win. Often wondered where such brands make mistakes. Brands are like people. They have personalities. And that is important to acknowledge.

Does your brand have a great character?

People talk to your brands. They make assumptions in their mind. They perceive knowledge about your brand to judge your products and your goals. In other words, a brand personality is an apple that fell from the tree if you are Newton.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “Samsung”? Reliability. That is precisely what Samsung’s exclusive brand personality is. You see, every brand has a personality in your subconscious mind.

Samsung's brand personality

Keep reading to understand the main difference between Brand Personality and Brand Identity.

The ways by which you can create the best brand personality

A misconception that brand personality is the same as brand identity

Consumers are often confused among terms like brand identity and brand personality. A lot of people think both to be the same. However, that is not true. Brand identity is a collection of elements that are created by a company to portray a clear image of the product to the customers. In contrast, Brand Personality refers to the characteristics and emotions of the consumers regarding a product.

Brand identity always deals with a collection of tangible expressions of your company, which consists of the logo of your brand, the colour variation used, the topography of presentation, and the voice. It mainly deals with the technical aspects of the brand and is relatable to the effects a company puts on its consumers.

Some of the best brand identity examples

Additionally, talking about Brand Personality is all about what consumers feel of the company. An exclusive brand personality increases its equity by having a consistent set of traits. Those are for specific consumer segments that enjoy being free and trustworthy to a product.

Different types of Brand Personality


The brand personality deals with the brand, which is carefree and spirited. These brands are loved among younger age groups. With strong advertising power and high celebrity endorsement, they are high lively, unique, and daring.

NIKE is the best brand that falls best under excitement brand personality with its slogans, “Just do it.”

Nike Just Do It - Strong Brand Personality
Nike Just Do It – Strong Brand Personality


Brands that are thoughtful and give a family-oriented approach to its consumers are sincere to their customers. These brands are trustable, genuine, faithful, highly approachable, and provide a cheerful vibe.

Online retailer Amazon’s personality is “Sincerity”.

Amazon Brand Logo


This brand personality deals with brands that are strong and rough. They have a hard athletic body and are typified by toughness and masculinity.

Nike also has a rugged brand personality. Note that a company can have more than one brand personality. Such brands have high market density and strongly committed customers. Can you name a few?

Looking for a memorable logo for your brand?


The brands which are successful and are well accomplished, influential, and show leadership quality are competence. Such brands are a great contributor in their industry and often are customer’s first choice if it’s affordable. Such companies are known for their legacy, and this makes their brand personality design adored.

Rolex is the leader in the watchmaking industry and has an elegant and classic quality.

Rolex Logo


The brand, which is elegant, prestigious, and has a deemed quality of pretentiousness are part of sophistication. The main goal of this brand personality is luxury and trendy.

L’Oreal is one of the best brands that have a sophisticated brand personality.

LOReal Logo Brand

So, how to make an exclusive brand personality in 2020?

Now you know what the goals of brand personality are and why they are essential. An important question that arises is that how someone can make an ideal brand personality. There is no quick rich scheme behind it. It would be best if you gave some time to your brand to flourish in the market and keep working consistently. Below are some of the best ways that will help you make an exclusive brand personality for yourself.

  • Know what your brand is and who you want your products to use

The priority should be to know what your product is and why you designed the way it is. This will give you an idea of who will use your product and know your brand. Once you have a clear picture of your target audience, it will be easy for you to plan strategies to influence and present your brand before them.

For example, your product is a high quality running shoe. Will you be targeting retired uncles and aunts relying on their social security. In case you do, your brand image before them will not be what you want. So, it may look absurd at the beginning to know your audience, but it’s essential.

  • See your brand as a person

We judge people based on how they dress, how they talk, what their ideas about life are, and how they behave. Similarly, customers think of a brand the same way. So, it would help if you were sure that your brand is friendly to the target audience you choose. Have a conversation with your brand if you want. When you see your brand as a person, you visualize your brand to be humanized and shape it the way you want. 

  • Quality your brand with adjectives

Scribble down the words that define the quality of your brand persona. Choosing words like “fast,” “unique,” “luxurious” and “Reliable” gives an idea of who will like your brand. However, to achieve market value, your brands need to be “venerable” “cost-efficient” and “innovative.”

This simple task is excellent for new beginners. To build an exclusive brand personality, one needs to be at the customer’s shoe and feel about the brand.

  • Work Consistently

Once you know your audience, visualized your brand as a person, and worked sincerely to quality your brands with adjectives, half your job is done. Now, you need to keep working diligently on your great idea.  Stick to your marketing strategies in the long haul and work accordingly. However, do not worry if results are invisible at the beginning.

Make sure that your campaigning ideas match with the goals of your brand personality. If your brand is energetic and funny, then you should not be marketing in a polite and family-oriented style. That will be a mismatch.

  • Take time to time feedbacks

Your brand is not build to please all seven billion people in the world. You will have critiques. And that’s fine. However, you must take their honest feedback and work upon it. Humans are emotional beings. So, to win your audience’s emotions, you must know about their issues and complaints. Work upon them, provide them with values. Customers love being treated as humans, not a revenue-generating robot for a brand.

Take time to time feedback in the market to learn more about how you can improve your brand personality. This will set you new and advanced brand personality goals for you.

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