Hacks to create a professional ecommerce logo for your online store

An eCommerce logo is the most trusted ambassador of your online store. It is also the first and sometimes the only reflection of your organizational culture and how do you do your business. As the businesses are going online and there are many businesses that are existing only in the virtual world, the importance of the logo has been increasing in leaps and bounds. Your eCommerce logo for your online store is a constantly visible part of the website. Though it takes a small part of the overall webpage, a well-designed logo has an intensive brad experience and this factor cannot be overlooked.

So, when you are planning an ecommerce logo for your online store, you should consult a professional in this domain. A professional logo designer can help you design a high-quality, customized logo for e-commerce that would help you create a unique brand image.

Key aspects of a professional e-commerce logo design

You can be creative to any extent for creating your e-commerce logo. However, there are certain aspects that you can never ignore. Following are the key points that you should keep in focus at the time of creating a logo, let’s have a look: 

Versatility keeps a logo relevant for years 

Can you name some brands whose logos have not changed at all or changed very little over the years? Of course, there are plenty of examples in this domain. It is the versatility that keeps these brands relevant even after so many years.

Versatility should be your first consideration. In this modern business environment, the logo is seen in different sizes on different screens. The logo of your e-commerce will also be printed in different sizes. So, ensure that your e-commerce logo designs remain easily understandable and its textual part remains readable in all shapes and mediums. Also, you need to be conscious of the following matters as well because these matters affect the versatility of the logo: 

  • Don’t overuse texts – keep it as limited and precise as possible.
  • Don’t use too many curves – It makes the design messy and sometimes confusing; however, few curves are important.
  • Better to not use photographs – It lessens the authenticity of the logo and also the business.

Select the right color for your e-commerce logo 

Color selection for the ecommerce logo designs is important for the following three basic reasons: 

  • Colour choice creates the brand image
  • Color choice helps to communicate with the customers
  • Colour choice targets the subconscious minds of the customers

Color selection plays a vital role in communicating with customers and prospects. It also helps to reinforce the identity of your e-commerce business and also the physical existence of the business. While making the color choices decide how do you want to represent your brand to the world? Will there be a serious note, a casual one, or a loyal tone? It depends on three factors, viz. the product or service you are selling, industry trends, and competition in the market. Keep these things in focus when you choose your color. The expert logo for eCommerce designers can make this process easier and accurate for you. Since different color bears different messages and images, the choice of color is important.

Keep the eCommerce logo simple but unique 

The logo needs to be easy and unique. These two aspects may not be easy to combine but professional logo designers can help you design a logo that is a balanced combination simple and unique design. If you can design it look simple with a different presentation, it will quickly catch the attention of your customers and prospects. There are plenty of good examples of this kind of logo design where the companies name is used as their logo buy they present that image is a very creative yet simple way. In this digital age, your ecommerce logo will appear in dozens of different backgrounds, you have to keep this matter in mind in order to be more visible.

Key things to avoid in an eCommerce logo design 

The above discussion might have given you some key aspects that your logo must include to become a great e-commerce logo. Let’s look at some key things to avoid at the time of designing your eCommerce logo

• Design your image with the help of the professionals who take into account all aspects of your business while deciding a perfect logo design for your e-commerce. If you are not an expert in this domain, there remains a high chance of committing several mistakes. 

• The logo should be unique in all sense. Unless you have no choice, don’t buy an image from any online source just for the sake of logo design. There remains a high possibility that several other companies have already bought the same image. Aim of the logo is to associate your online visitors with the brand, if several other businesses are using the same image, this target will never be fulfilled. 

• Harsh colors may backfire instead of attracting visitors. So, be creative in using colors. You have to keep in mind that most of the visitors prefer soothing colors. It is relevant not only for the logo of e-commerce but also for the whole website. Remember, even before the logo as a whole, the color of the logo attracts the visitors first. 

• Don’t use any complex looking font that people find really tough to read. The font should be as simple as possible. It should be readable in the shortest form as well. 

Whether you are designing the ecommerce logo on your own or hiring a professional for the same, getting inspiration is vital. Inspiration here means getting some idea on the types of logos popular in your domain. The internet can be used as a source of inspiration.

When you are hiring a professional, show them what kinds of logos attract you. As you research, keep the focus on your domain first to understand what the successful companies are doing unique in the logo? It helps you to grasp the current trend quickly. 

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.