Social media logo: 6 Real facts you should know in 2021

All you need to know about social media logo

If you have just created your social media accounts to reach your wide range of audiences, it should be clear who owns those social media handles. Therefore, the best thing to do this by using your logo design on your social media.

Your logo design is the visage of your brand and the icon that people around your brand associate it with. Suppose you an ace at using your logo effectively on your social media handle. In that case, you can earn credibility, trust, and be authoritative to your audience. Nevertheless, you need to understand is that all social media are different, and the purpose of using them is different too. So you can’t post your logo the same way everywhere.

However, today we have decided to give you a small glimpse of how to use your logo on all the major social media accounts. But before we go into that discussion, I want you to understand a few essential things to consider.

So, without wasting more time, let’s get right into it.

Things to consider before using your logo design on your social media

These are general suggestions any logo designer will give you concerning your logo designs. However, if you have your choices and want to use them differently, you can always do it according to your needs.

  • Use PNG logo files for uploading your logo on social media accounts.
  • Use symbol only logo as your profile photo on all your social media accounts as it has a massive impact in a smaller space.
  • As far as your entire logo is concerned, i.e., the symbol plus wordmark, you can use it as your cover photo.
  • Once you have uploaded your logo design, you should run a test across various devices and not just systems. Use can use your colleague’s phone or use phones from someone in your family or friend.
  • Use the same version of logo design on all your social media accounts and do not forget to sync all your social media together, with each other. This will broadly impact your engagement.
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How to use your logo on different social media accounts


  • Visit your Facebook business page and click on the camera icon on the lower right-hand edge.
  • You will get four options to choose from. If the logo is already uploaded on Facebook, then select “Choose from Photos”, or you have to select “upload photos” to upload it from your computer or your device.
  •  Select your PNG or JPG picture.
  • A new window of “Create Profile Picture will open before you. You will now have to drag the logo design to the required picture.
  • Hit the “Save” button if you don’t want to edit it further (we recommend not to because not all the social media accounts have the same editing tool). However, we do suggest you adjust the picture in the middle.

Make sure that you adjust your logo design in the right way. Your logo will appear in a circle in your news feed, but you will see it in a square on your business page on Facebook.


social Media Logo Design for Instagram profile

On Instagram, your logo will appear on the left side of the page. The minimum resolution you have to use is 110px  X 110px. And the maximum you can use is 180px X 180px. Below are the steps to post your logo design. We recommend using your phone to post on Instagram.

  • Sign in to your brand’s Instagram account and visit your profile.
  • Select the option of “Upload Photo”.
  • Select the right file that has your logo and click on the “Choose” icon.
  • Click the “Edit Profile” option and select “Change Profile Photo.”
  • Finally, tap the done icon, and you’re done with uploading your logo.

While uploading the file on Instagram as your profile photo, it is not possible to upload PNG files. To save the image on your phone, you can share it via email.


social media logo for LinkedIn profile

Your business logo design appears on the left side of a large rectangular box. On LinkedIn, you can use a PNG file as your logo, and the minimum dimension is 300 width X 300 height pixel. Here are the steps to upload your logo on LinkedIn.

  • Scroll down your LinkedIn profile to visit your employment history and click on the edit button that appears on the right side of the page.
  • You will see that your company’s name will appear when you type in its name. Click on the Edit Profile button and click on the profile logo image.
  • Now, select the option of “Upload Photo.” Choose the logo file and click “Open”,
  • Click the “Save Changes” option, and you’ll see your logo appearing at its right place. 


youtube profile page

If you wonder you can also display your business logo on your YouTube channel, you’re right. You can! On YouTube, your logo will appear in the middle of the page, and it will be a great brand branding. The dimension available is 800 X 800 px in JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG. Below is the step you should follow.

  • Visit your YouTube Channel Page and go to My Channel that you will get under your current profile photo.
  • Select the “edit” option.
  • Select your logo design file and save it


Twitter social Media profile

In your Twitter profile for business, the logo will appear just above the user-name on the center-left corner.  The recommended file size for the profile picture is 400 X 400 pixels. You can use either a JPG or PNG file according to your needs.

  • Sign in to your Twitter account and click on your name to visit your profile.
  • When you reach your profile, you will find the “Edit Profile” option on the right side of the page.
  • You will see a dialogue box allowing you to browse your image.

NOTE- Do not worry about uploading a small thumbnail as Twitter will resize it automatically for your needs.

  • Click on the “Upload Photo” option.
  • Choose your logo design file and click on the “Save Changes” option.

If you wish to integrate your picture to the logo, use your image, and add your business logo design on the right or left side of your profile photo.


On Pinterest, your logo design does your brand branding on the middle left of the page in a circular shape. Your logo will easily be visible on the page due to a lot of white space. Follow the below steps, and you can easily add your logo design to your Pinterest account. 

  • Go to your Pinterest account and select the bolt button on your profile page.
  • Keep scrolling until you reach your profile section.
  • Click on the option of Change Picture to select your logo design.
  • Click on the “Save Settings”, and your logo design appears at the right place on the page.

You should be aware that the image dimension of your logo image should be 165 X 165 pixels on your Pinterest.

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