9 Powerful Small Business Branding Tips for 2020

Effective Small Business Branding Tips For 2020

If we could sum up 2020 for you till now, it would be New Year, Valentine’s Day, Covid-19 Outbreak, Killer Bees, Work from home and social distancing. Granted, 2020 hasn’t been exactly as we planned it to be and we desperately wish for this to pass! Though, if we were to look at the bright side, 2020 is the year when you can finally work on that business idea, innovate and create something of your own instead of that boring 9 to 5.

For small businesses, 2020 has brought up great challenges and along with it, some amazing branding opportunities to grow and foster in this highly competitive environment.

Here are some great small business branding tips that will help you create an amazing branding strategy for your business in 2020.

Small Business Branding Tips to Look out for 2020

1. Market Research

market research - small business branding tips 1
market research – small business branding tips 1

Even if you have done previous market research, the present conditions have drastically changed the market trends and the way we do business. So, it is a great small business branding idea to do a quick market research before you start with your branding strategy.
It will give you a good idea about your competitors so that you can make changes to your current strategy to attract more customers and stand out from the rest.

Another thing, it would be a great idea to work on your branding budget and make changes on the basis of what works for your customers.

2. Choosing the right marketing channels

Now that you are planning to work on your branding strategy, selecting the right marketing channel is highly important for small business branding to succeed. This year is majorly about marketing online rather than marketing offline. Bigger brands have the desired budget to do both, but as a growing brand, your main focus should be on working on your digital marketing strategy as the majority of your audience is socially distancing and staying inside their homes. So people are using social media more than ever!

3. Creating Strong Content

Creating strong content is one of the most useful and highly recommended small business branding tips in 2020. Though, developing an online presence depends on the quality of content that you put on your platform. If the content is visually pleasing, your followers and targeted customers would engage with your content. One thing that is vital in terms of content depends on the relatability of the content on your selected marketing channel. Your Instagram profile might do well with carefully created pictures and videos rather than writing an effective caption. So make sure that your content game is strong and accurate.

4. The Covid-19 Impact

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all badly. The supply chain of the entire world was severely affected and caused a lot of problems for small businesses in delivering their customers. So it could be a great idea to let your audience know how much your business was affected due to Covid-19. Make your customers feel that you are with them in these difficulties and promise them your unconditional support.

Request your customers to be more patient if your supply chain is affected and try to give it an emotional touch. If your audience is able to sympathize with you, it can work as a solid small business branding opportunity.

5. Evolve your brand design

evolve your brand design
evolve your brand design

Now that you have some time in your hands, now might be the best time to work on your designs. If you were planning to make changes to your logo, do it now! Adapting your design according to the modern graphic design trends guarantees an updated look and provides a better connect with the customers.

While designing, make sure that your design is customer-centric rather than being your personal preference, a mistake that many people make.

Want to get a luxurious logo?

6. Customer Demographic

2020 is all about attracting your customers in a creative way. But if your branding doesn’t appeal to your customer, it’s basically not worth the effort. Your customer demographic should be a top priority while working on a brand strategy as it decides your message, design and marketing channel. Also, your marketing channel should be based on your customer demographics because you won’t be able to connect with fathers aged 35-55 on snapchat. So consider customer demographics before you start working on your branding strategies.

7. Think Mobile-first

In 2020, the mobile usage averaged at 3 hours a day. Consider this as a 3 hour window every 24 hours to attract your customer’s attention and target even more customers. Agreed, it is a highly competitive market but you won’t be able to win if you don’t even take part in it. So consider all your designs to have a mobile friendly view. You can consider online materials such as your emails, your website pages, ads to have a custom fit sizes for various mobile screen sizes to make your content adaptable and easy to understand. Make sure that your CTAs and USPs are also clearly visible.

8. Technology is your friend

If you consider technology as your friend, chances are you will drive a higher engagement which in return will provide greater customer retention and an increased revenue. 2020 is all about making your business more accessible using technology so that you can easily compete with your competitors. You can start by adding Chatbots to provide customer assistance, barcodes to provide more information, automated inventory management to make sure your inventory is up to date. Using technology to do basic tasks makes your workflow faster and efficient.

9. Engage in Online Communities

Last but not least, small business branding tip is to be a part of conversation with your audience, you can also engage in online communities. Actively taking part in online communities lets you connect with your targeted customers. You can use online communities to start up meaningful conversation, make positive changes to the society around you and create better opportunities for everyone.

You can also consider setting up customer forums so that your customers can talk about your brand related topics and get advice and tips. This will lead to positive conversations about your brand, product or service.

So, branding is an important factor for smaller businesses to stand out in this highly competitive environment. To get the best and trusted graphic design reviews and comparison, you can go for compareidea.

So follow these small business branding tips and your brand will be more visible to your customers!

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