5 tricks to Create a User-friendly Website Design

Learn website design right from the beginning

Having a website design in this digital era is of utmost importance if you want a successful business. No matter if you have a service, or a business, online presence is a must.

A good website design is capable of drawing the attention of your potential customers

A good website design is capable of drawing the attention of your potential customers throughout the world simultaneously and keep them engaging. It gives them (your customers) an opportunity to know about what you’re up to and what you have to offer. This indeed boosts your purchase and escalates your sales revenue.

However, for that to work, your website design needs to be user-friendly. Suppose you present a clunky, cheesed up, overcomplicated web design. In that case, it can turn off your future clients away, that in turn will result in causing you to lose business. It is easy to overlook what goes with your website design, but the end will be tattering for your business if not acted well upon it at the right time.

But there are ample of ways that you can use to improve your website design and make it more accessible, and user-friendly. These are not only easy and simple but also has the potential of enhancing your online presence.

Today, we are going to unravel some of the ways by which you can have a website design that is user-friendly and gives you chances of advertising which you are and draw new customers.

Start by boosting your Aesthetics

The website design’s look is the first thing everyone tends to notice on their first visit. Therefore, before you make sure you have great content on the bars, you will have to make sure to test your navigation bar and experience the visual impact your website design makes.

The first thing you should pay consideration to is if you have a nice, elegant logo. By a nice logo, we mean that if your logo is easily recognizable and visually appealing. Make sure that your logo is prominently featured so that people are easily able to connect with your brand. A continuous display of your logo on every page of your website design will keep it cohesive, clear, and impactful.

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The next thing that you have to do is to evaluate what type of business you are designing the website for. The website design of a bank is always different than a children’s event planning service. The color palette, the font, and the layout can be moody, creative, original or severe. As long as it has the capability of representing your business, you are good to go.

Make easily consumable content

Suppose you are visiting a website and you are greeted with a massive blockage of text, how likely are you going to read the whole thing? If you’re hunting for some brand-new clothes, would you like a lengthy mission statement right in the middle of your shopping?

Always try to balance text with media. Visuals like artworks and photographs, or some short video can break the reader to keep things interesting. Make sure you use subheadings, and bullet pointers so that to make the content easy to skim so that people can digest information about your business without putting too much of concentration.

If you think people will visit your website through their phones, consider viewing and accessing your website design on a phone or a tablet. Make sure you preview how your website design looks in that format. Look if there are a chunk of texts that appears nicely on the computer screen but looks overcrowded on a smartphone. If that is the thing with your website design, then take actions to get it sorted.

Have you planned to explain who you are and what you do on your website? If yes, you should put it in a separate “About Us” page. What about the contact info? Similar solution. Get a new page for that. You should start organizing your information so that people will see what they want to see, and not just get bombarded with information that they do not want to consume at that very moment.

Get your Basics right

A user-friendly website design means it is user-friendly. There’s no other metaphor to explain that. Navigating around the website should not be a struggle for any of your visitor. The more significant number of tasks they perform on your website, the lesser are the chances that they are going to stay on your website and keep looking for what they want.

Now, that you are getting closer to building the perfect website design for your business, make sure if your navigation is intuitive enough. See if the navigation is easy to find. You need to make sure that it is displayed in a familiar, easily accessible area like on the top of the page or the sidebar. It would be best if you always considered keeping a navigation option clear and simple. This will make sure that people are not visiting multiple pages to find the specific information they are looking for.

Also, double-check and keep updating your website design with your contact information. There’s no point in keeping a user-friendly website design if your customers are not able to reach you out.

When your business is present online, the essential part is the Call to Action (CTAs). These are readily available to viewers and are found to give excellent results if done the right way. Whether someone is looking for a subscriber, purchase, or donation, a good CTA is one of the most powerful tools that are available online, and you can use it to its full capacity.

Enhance the technology that you put in

The last thing that we want to suggest you to keep checking on your technology updates constantly. A user-friendly website design has to have the right tech behind to function properly. A website design without a needed tech can discourage your audience from using your site. In contrast, a smoothly run website will always appeal to your online visitors.

Pay attention to how quickly your page is loading. One of the main things that steer traffic way form websites in the long wait even with a speedy internet connection. You can quickly learn about your website design loading page here.

If you are one of those who wants to make information from your website sharable on social media platform then adding a button to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more gives a bit of extra free advertising.

Keep your website design as friendly as possible

 The closing statements are always to keep your website design accurate to who you are and what you have to offer to your visitors. The last thing that you want is a poorly designed amateur website that tends to distract from what is essential and what is not.

Therefore, creating a user-friendly website is paramount. It does not mean that you have to try extra hard. When your website design is user-friendly, you let your business speak for itself and let the website draw new clients to you.

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Vikash is a content writer, currently active in the field of designing and brand building. He is an avid reader and a internet savvy, always keen to learn more about brands and the way they communicate with their wide audience.