How to retain your customers during Covid-19 Outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused an unimaginable impact in the whole world. The economies are in turmoil, people are scared and the businesses are losing customers more than ever. We know this might seem a bad situation for all of us, but if we stick together, practice social distancing and stay in our homes, we will recover from this better and stronger. There are many ways to keep serving your customers during Covid-19 Outbreak.

For business owners, the Coronavirus situation might seem even worse as they rely on customers for their revenue, so we have listed 6 easy steps for you to retain your customers during Covid-19 outbreak and maybe even grow according to the changing business infrastructure.

6 easy steps to retain your customers during the Covid-19 outbreak:

Step 1. Communicate with your Customers

You have to inform your customers that the present Covid-19 crisis affects you too! Showing empathy during a crisis can actually enhance the relationship between you and your customers. You can communicate using your social media channels, sending emails or updating your website or application.

Customer retention during coronavirus is very crucial. Let them know if you are closing down or shutting some of the operations till the situation is under control. If you plan to stay open during the crisis, you can tell your customers about the steps you are taking to provide a safe working environment for your team. Show your support to the essential workers and let them know you are with them.

Step 2. Increase Content Flow

Since everyone is going to be confined to their homes, your customers are going to explore more and more content online. So you can use this time to be more creative than ever.

Keep on creating new content to stay in touch with the customers and maybe even target more potential leads for your business. You can start by sharing updates, customer testimonials, sharing positive actions against the Covid-19 outbreak, talking about upcoming products or services.

Step 3. Increase Social Media Engagement

This would be a perfect time to work on your social media engagement as people are going to be on social media all the time. Recent surveys say that people are now spending almost double the amount of time on social media than before.

So this might be a time to attract new customers and stay updated with your existing customers. Spark some conversations, get feedback from your customers, advertise on social media, share regular updates related to your business and talk about the positive news related to the coronavirus crisis.

Step 4. Carefully Spend on Digital Marketing Campaigns

Your Digital Marketing Strategies need to be more active than ever. You can invest in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Display Advertising etc.

Utilize your time to build organic reach of your business using Search Engine Optimization and business collaborations. Map out a digital marketing campaign about your products and services. Clothing and lifestyle brands can collaborate with influencers on Instagram to attract a wider audience. Similarly Tech brands can collaborate with famous tech reviewers online.

Step 5. Provide Online Deals and Discounts

You can keep your business running by providing discounts and online deals to your customers during the outbreak.

Design posters and banners which can be posted on your social media pages, your own website and other community pages and websites that resonate with your business. Provide bulk discounts, cheaper services and referral discounts by cutting your profit margins so that you can renew your inventory.

If you plan to get impactful logos, packaging designs, posters and banners, you can connect with professional designers at Designfier to explore some amazing ideas and designs for your business!

Step 6. Digitize your Services

If you plan to connect with a wider network of customers just by being at your home, you can choose to digitize your services. Fitness Instructors and Teachers can use free video conferencing tools such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Zoom to provide sessions and classes online.

If you are unable to use live video, you can choose to upload pre-recorded videos on Vimeo and YouTube to connect with your customers.

Now, nothing can stop you from retaining your customers from Covid-19 Outbreak as long as you do it from an acceptable social distance! Stay safe!  

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.