4 Tips To Redesign a Logo

A company’s logo is its most essential brand identity element. It is the face of a brand and is used to represent that brand on multiple platforms and mediums. It is safe to say that a logo design is the virtual representation of what your brand is and what it stands for.  Redesigning a logo is another huge task we’re going to talk about.

Ideally, a logo design should always be updated according to the changes implemented in the company. This ensures the best utilization of your logo design. 

An updated logo will represent your brand flawlessly along with looking trendy and modern at the same time. 

If your company is evolving through time, keeping the logo design on the same page becomes necessary. You don’t want the logo design to be a bottleneck in your brand’s publicity. 

Updating your brand’s logo design has numerous benefits. Let us talk about some steps which will make the logo redesign process easier for you.


Apple logo Redesign

Trends are an important part of designing. They are essentially a safe way of making an average design a huge success. Although trends don’t last for long in this media dominated world, they are still extremely essential for the evolution of your brand’s logo design. 

Incorporating trends to a logo design is not just about updating the entire design, these changes can be in the form of tiny bits and pieces of tweaks into your existing logo design. 

You can also consider your trend oriented logo as being a seasonal logo. I.e. keep the base logo intact and revert back to the original after a trend dies off. Or even design a new one for every new trend just to keep your base logo modern. 

Many established organizations follow this path where they design a winter logo, a festive logo, etc. while keeping the original one intact. 

Following this step is like killing two birds with one stone. You keep the logo design updated without hurting the brand recognition factor at all. Whatever step you take, always remember to keep the base design intact and connected with the backstory of the brand.


Redesigning your logo just for the sake of following a specific trend is worthless if there is no meaning behind it. Every step you take related to your brand’s identity is crucial and should be applied only after investing proper thought and planning. Before finalizing any changes, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Has your company’s target audience changed over time?
  • Are you introducing new products/ services to your arsenal?
  • Is your current logo design not holding up with the competition?
  • Does your current logo design reflect what the brand stands for?

Answering these questions will give you a basic idea of where your current logo design stands in terms of viability and usability. 

If your logo design fails to justify these questions, we suggest you hire a designer and make the necessary changes before it’s too late.

However, in some cases, your marketing strategy is the culprit instead of the logo design. Hence, proper analysis and evaluation is essential for getting the best results. 


Keeping things simple is the key to success in terms of brand identity elements. The basic idea is to send a clear message in an elegant yet simple way. 

Moreover, human brains are calibrated in a way where complex visual elements are harder to memorize as compared to simple illustrations. 

Hence, avoid too much of anything in your logo designs, keep things minimal and simple enough to convey the right message without confusing anyone. 

Moreover, complex logos are difficult for proper marketing and promotions as replicating them on different platforms becomes a huge task. Especially for logo designs which are not tested in black and white. 

The key factor here is to make sure that the overall design looks the same in its digital and printed forms. Simplicity should be a constant factor in all design elements in general, be it the main theme, colors or even the logo design. 


The most important role of any brand identity element is to build recognition for the brand. Many people know brands solely by their identity elements. 

This is the beauty of having visual elements which can represent your brand flawlessly to the audience. Hence, the biggest roadblock in redesigning a logo is making sure that it looks recognizable and relevant to both the old audience and the new customer base. 

Unless you are revamping the entire design and starting from the scratch, we recommend utilizing the existing elements of your logo into the redesign. This will evolve the existing logo and will not affect the recognition factor of the brand at all. 

The key idea here is to modify your logo drastically while making sure your customer base can still recognize you from the masses.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.