8 Things to Do With Your Logo Once You Have it

8 ideas for what you can do with your newly designed logo

I believe you have a calm, simple, and elegant logo design ready straddling fine with your brand.

Now what?

Now, you got to do a few more things that will ensure your logo design’s safety in the long run. However, if you’re unsure of how to start, then this read is for you.

Today we have jotted down eight critical things that you need to do with your logo once you have it in your armor.

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1.Trademark is important

your logo as trademark

We know and respect the amount of hard work you have done to finalize your logo. However, not everyone wills to invest so much of their time to get their logo. Or your rivals might try to ruin your business. Hence, for that reason, you must protect your logo from thieves and black hat technicians.

And that is why it’s essential to get trademark your logo. A trademark will ensure the safety of your creations, i.e., business name, symbols, company name, and your tagline.

However, suppose you do not get a trademark. In that case, anyone can easily copy your design or trick people that it’s their brand. The intention for this can be anything. They might be your old foes, or business rival, or someone trying to steal your customer, or clone you and defame you and your business.

Plethoric things can go wrong if you do not have a trademark of your creations. Therefore, it’s essential to take precaution s rather than a cure.

Social media image Size to follow in 2021.

2. Don’t compromise with the file type

your logo file type

Being professionally active in this field has given us quite a decent experience. We have seen many people compromising with the logo file.

Logo design comes in different shapes and sizes depending upon their purpose. This is because other platforms ask for various file types and sizes, and there’s nothing called a “one-size-fits-all” kind of thing that exists. In addition to that, your logo needs to be looked beautiful and elegant on all the platforms without any compromise.

Some of the most commonly recognized file types are PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDF. You can get your logo in any file type according to your needs. But, we suggest you always go for SVG files, keeping others as back up.

3. Ask for feedback from as many people as you can

your logo feedback

Not many logo designers will tell you this, but it’s essential to be extra cautious with your logo design. When you get the final draft of the logo prepared, you should ask for reviews from people, friends, families, and colleagues as much as you can.

Take their honest feedbacks and scrutinize whatever feedback they give. This will boost your brand confidence and simultaneously point out any changes that might be required in your logo design. Feedback before the launch will also make sure you do not lack any simple alteration or something that might catch the viewer’s eye but misses yours.

4. Launch your logo on your website

Your website works like your social representation of your brand, and you’re judged by tons of people according to how good the logo looks and how it feels. Therefore, it needs to look good. It needs to look at something that catches their attention and feels easy to use and gives a clear picture of the website.

The most common position of the logo on websites is the top-left corner of the site. This is because that is the first place where a public eye goes when you see a new page, and your logo will surely stand out there.

You can also adjust that your logo will stand out in the same place no matter where they go on the page, i.e., the top-left corner.

5. Post it on your social media

You see, most people know about what your brand is up to with the help of social media. It does not matter how scattered your audience is on social media. You need to make sure that you post great content.

You can use these platforms to let the news spread quickly. Unlike traditional advertising, social media allows your customers to engage, interact, and talk about it. Hence, you get instantly get reviews on how people took it.

Using PNG files for logo designs on social media is the new normal. Most of the companies use this alternative because of its capability of loading faster.

6. Watermark

watermark your logo

One of the simplest ways of protecting your logo design is by adding a watermark to it. This will make it challenging for people to steal pictures and content without letting others know the original area where it came from. Hence, the brand uses its logo as a watermark to label the image as theirs. It also makes the image look more professional.

You can use a few freely available tools to do this. Or, in case you want a more professional one, you can get the premium of any of these for a minimal fee. Some of these software are Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Watermark.ws, etc.

7. Add the logo design to your Email

When you send an email or a newsletter, you can make your logo look more professional by having a logo on your email signature. This will remind people of who you initially are, and they will take your Email more seriously.

Ensure that you use the unique font, space, and stick to your brand color when adding your logo to your emails. Also, be sure that you attach only those vital contact info and are mostly used by your target audience.

Following these tips will enhance the professionalism of your Email. It will overlap significantly with the thoughts of your potential clients. This will boost your revenue exponentially and will produce high results.

8. Use the versatility

When you get your logo ready to be used, always use the versatility and print it everywhere. It is possible.

Some of the great ways you can print your logos to increase their visibility are-

  • Documents and stationery- Try printing your logo on the letters you send on the invoices, envelopes, and notepad.
  • T-Shirts – We have made a whole video on how you can use T-shirts to spread brand awareness. You can print your company logo design on tees to improve your brand awareness.
  • Products – A lot of companies do not do this. So, you can stand out from the league and look more professional and dedicated to your job.

We hope you now understand where to take the first step and effectively use your logo to its fullest. We believe that every company is unique and deserves an equal chance to get noticed in the market.

All the best!

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Vikash is a content writer, currently active in the field of designing and brand building. He is an avid reader and a internet savvy, always keen to learn more about brands and the way they communicate with their wide audience.