Tips for Logo Design

As we all know, the first impression is the last impression. The logo of your brand is that first impression on your customers. A good logo turns potential clients into loyal and regular customers. Hence, it is vital to have a strong logo design, which defines your brand and looks extraordinary at the same time. It is the most important aspect of your brand’s identity and should be created by putting in countless hours of brainstorming, research and ideas.

Your logo is the face of your brand, it is the most important aspect of your brand’s identity. Hence, it should be designed in a way, where people can interpret the meaning behind it just by looking at it. So, what all boxes do you need to check in order to make your logo stand out? Let us uncover.

Let us discuss 9 powerful tips for effective logo design


Before starting out with the logo design, you should have a basic idea of how your brand functions. Because the brand caters to a certain set of individuals, it is essential that you know your brand inside out. It’s personality, theme, ideology, etc. everything should be considered while making an effective logo design. The final product should always resonate with what your brand stands for.


Just like we discussed above, an effective logo design should go hand in hand with the base theme of the brand. It should match the brand personality so that the overall message sent by the logo can be amplified and enhanced. The goal of making a perfect logo for your brand is to create a brand identity, that is unique and revolutionary at the same time. Your logo should be the true identity of your brand. A medium through which the target audience can recognize you in the masses.


As we have already discussed, the first impression is the last impression. Your logo should have a long-lasting impression on the audience. If your logo looks good, more and more people will come to explore your brand. This will ensure brand popularity and brand loyalty. The key to the subconscious minds of the audience is to have a strong logo design that imparts a long-lasting effect on the viewer’s mind. Having a unique logo that stands out from the masses is also a great way of having a lasting first impression on the public.

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The key to success in the corporate world is consistency, be it your services or even your brand identity. Hence, pick a theme and stick to it. Make sure that the themes and colors you use, are matching with the brand’s personality. No elements should cancel out the other aspects or be extra. Different colors have different psychological effects. E.g. Red stands for passion, black stands for authority, etc. Hence, use these colors according to your brand’s personality. If your brand is related to nature, use green or brown themes, and so no.


In some scenarios, the font styles used in the logos don’t match the base theme of that logo. i.e. it won’t work out for a brand that has a bold personality but uses a funky/casual font in their logo. Hence, the font to be used should always match the overall theme of the brand in order to make an effective logo design. Doing this step correctly will ensure that your brand is remembered by the innovative font style used in your logo. E.g. People know the coca-cola logo because of its funky font style which goes with its theme…


This is one of the most essential things which are considered before making the ideal logo for your brand. Your logo can either have the company name written in a fancy font or you can have a symbol for your logo. The benefits of having the company name as the logo are several. People will remember it for a longer period of time, and they will always get a general idea about your brand just by looking at your logo.

This variant is great for new businesses as they don’t have to think a lot about designing a logo and their name in the logo will catch up with the competition almost instantly. Having a symbol as your logo is not a bad idea either. These symbols can be revolutionary, as we can see in the cases of several developed brands like Nike, Puma, etc. But it is necessary to make the symbol unique otherwise your brand logo might look like a knockoff of other brands.


Simplicity speaks volumes. Keeping things simple not only gives your brand a clean and professional look but also gives a sense of hospitality to the brand. Hence, people trust the brand more, subconsciously. Consider any established brand, all of them have a simple logo that is unique in its own way. These revolutionary logos are so phenomenal that people recognize these brands just by looking at their logos. The basic idea is to give the viewers a message about your brand when they look at your logo, simplicity works best here as people get the right idea instead of getting confused by complex designs.


Your logo will be featured on multiple advertisements; hence it should be easily scalable so that it can be featured on any platform and on any scale and people will still recognize it. An effective logo design is always scalable E.g. The Walt Disney logo can be shortened to Disney or just the fancy D and people can still recognize it. The legibility factor of the logo should also be kept in mind while designing it. It should be so well designed that it remains legible and recognizable even if it is scaled down. A logo design that does not look good when scaled down is not an effective logo design at all.


 A rather uncommon yet effective tip. Your logo design should be so well made that it looks impressive in the black and white version as well. This will be helpful if your brand is featured in newspapers or leaflets which are printed in black and white. It will ensure that people will recognize your logo even if it is B&W. To make sure that the logo looks good in black and white, just focus on the base design in the sketching stage. If it looks good at that stage, it is very likely that the finished product looks remarkable in black and white.

Most of the tips discussed above will help your logo in leaving a long-lasting impression on the viewer. Following them while making your logo will make sure that it leaves a positive influence on the subconscious minds of your audience. To make an effective logo design for yourself, know the brand inside out, make it unique but most importantly, keep things simple.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.