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One of the most attractive features of Designfier's QR code generator tool is that it is 100% free, no matter how many codes you want to generate. Designfier's QR code generator helps you to create dynamic or static QR codes that you can download for immediate use. You can generate high resolution QR codes by entering any alphanumeric data.

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What are QR Codes?

A QR code (Quick Response Barcode) is a system for storing information in a dot matrix or a two-dimensional barcode created by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994; they are characterized by the three squares that are in the corners and that allow to detect the position of the code to the reader. The acronym "QR" was derived from the English phrase "Quick Response" because the creator aspired that the code would allow its content to be read at high speed. QR codes are very common in Japan and in fact they are the most popular two-dimensional code in that country.

How do QR code generator benefit my business?

Many companies use QR codes to give discounts, coupons and gift cards. In fact, this is one of the most attractive features for many consumers who seek to reduce their expenses a bit and see these types of tools as a "reward." Designifier's free QR code generator saves your time, money and effort in generating QR codes as per your business needs.

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Delighted to have used Designfier for our last project. The work was thorough and results excellent. For me it was such a pleasure to work with Designfier who were able to keep up with all my last minute requests for small changes. One thing saying it, its another thing doing it - Thanks Designfier!

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