6 Easy Step Guide To Create A Gaming Logo

Playing video games is becoming one of the most popular hobbies all around the world. From mobile games to consoles to even pc games, there are about 2.7 billion gamers among us. Ever thought of creating a gaming logo?

In fact, playing a video game is becoming more of a career than a hobby. With billions of dollars being invested in the video game industry, playing e-sports is becoming a viable career option for the youth. 

There is competition, glamour, fame and what not connected to these gaming idols. Apart from e-sports, streaming video games is becoming a thing now which has let to even more success for gamers all around the globe. 

It is safe to say that playing video games professionally (as a career) might share the same pedestal as that of playing professional sports (as a career) in the near future. Hence, gamers need to buckle up and prepare for what the future holds for them. 

Especially those who are dealing with brands or are thinking about launching one themselves. Be it anything, an e-sports team, or even a game developing company, everyone needs a strong identity which can represent them in front of the masses. 

For doing just that, one needs a strong brand identity, especially the logo design, which will become the face of that brand. 

Hence, the first step of your gaming career/ journey should be to make a unique gaming logo. The basic idea behind a successful logo is to make it simple enough to be memorable yet witty and unique enough to turn heads.

 A gaming logo is essential for both organizations and players, as it becomes their identity in general. People recognize gamers by their extravagant logos and extraordinary skills. 

Hence, keeping both of those factors in order is essential for succeeding in the gaming industry.

We can’t help you in the skill department but we sure can assist you in making the best gaming profile a gamer can ask for. 

The topic for this blog is going to be logo design, a “gaming logo design” to be more specific. So, let us transform your online presence by amping up your brand’s identity.


Minimalistic and elegant corporate logos are excellent but they just won’t work the same magic while representing a gaming organization. 

You need to step things up both in terms of designing and saturation. Having a lack luster identity and an average appearance is not ideal for a gaming logo. 

Let us discuss some qualities which are essential in an ideal gaming logo.


Keeping things simple makes a logo design memorable. The human brain is calibrated in a way where complex designs are hard to understand and memorize. 

Simple logos in general are more successful than out of the ordinary ones. Take the logo designs of any established brands for example, Nike, Coca-Cola. 

Their logos are simple, to the point and revolutionary. Same is the case with a gaming logo, make it flashy, but keep things to a minimum. 


Every good logo design is timeless, regardless of what decade it is in, the logo design will look unique and up to date. Hence, design your gaming logo in a way where it can stay relevant down the line. 

Doing this will save you time and resources in the future as redesigning the logo will not be required. Try to avoid using trends in your gaming logo, as trends change quite frequently.


Versatility and scalability are two of the most essential elements in a logo design. These factors will ensure that your gaming logo will look revolutionary on any medium or platform.


The most important aspect of making a good logo design in any genre is making it about yourself. 

The logo design should take some bits and pieces from your personality or your brands personality in order to make it look more accurate. A good logo will always embody your traits and reflect your personality. 


Creating a gaming logo is just like creating a standard logo design with slight additions. In this section, we will go about everything you need to know in order to make an outstanding gaming logo for your brand.


The first step is to pick out a base logo design style and stick with it. Logo designs come in various types which look completely different and serve different purposes. 

Hence, picking out what works for you is necessary. These logo design types include,  letter mark logos, combination mark logos, dynamic logos, etc. 

Once you know what logo design type works out for you, designing a gaming logo becomes easy. Pick something which matches your personality and reflects your goals. 


Many legendary ideas come from inspirations. These inspirations are not only essential for giving you an excellent idea, but also for motivating you so that you can kick start the process and design an ideal gaming logo for your brand as soon as possible. 

A good starting point for inspirations is to look at logos of the best teams/ organizations of your genre. Doing this will direct you on the correct path as you will get a basic idea of what looks good in a logo and what you want from your gaming logo.


The ideal way of showcasing your personality in the gaming logo is by incorporating an icon or a mascot in the logo design. 

This will help in catching the eyes of your audience and will impart that initial positive impression on the community. 

The basic idea is to showcase your personality through the gaming logo via the virtue of an icon/mascot.


Each and every element of illustrations, incorporated in a logo design, helps in determining its success. Typography is a huge part of visual representations in a logo design. It is as important as the logo icon itself. 

In cases where people neglect typography, the make insane logo designs with hard to read text. This takes the good bits away from the overall effect of the logo design. 

Hence, if you want to ace both readability and legibility of your gaming logo, pay special attention to the typography. 


This element brings your logo design to life. It finishes up unfinished products and takes them from looking average to looking extraordinary.

 We suggest you study color psychology to understand the functioning of colors and to make better combinations in general. 

Also, keep 3 different colors in a logo design at the most otherwise it defeats the purpose of having a simple and elegant logo. 

Nothing should look oversaturated and always remember to test your finished logo design in black and white for optimum results. 


Feedback is one of the most essential part of any designing process, as designing in general is a very subjective topic. Everything in designing is based on the concept of perspective. 

What might look like an average design to a person might look extraordinary to someone else. Hence, sticking with what looks good to you, does no justice to the logo design. 

Ask your family, friends and even coworkers for feedback. Make conclusions based on that collective feedback. 

This will help in evolving your logo from looking like an average concept to something which no one has ever seen before.   

Following this guide will give you a basic idea of how your logo should look. If you have the required editing and designing skills, you can make a gaming logo yourself or you can even get it designed professionally. 

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.