10 Logo Design Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2020

Avoid These Logo Design Mistakes

Designing a perfect logo for your company or brand sounds easy. However, the practice is never as easy as it seems. Your logo is your company’s identity. With more eye now on the internet, you have more audience peering their eyes on your company. Hence, you must have a professional, versatile, and unique logo to catch their attention.

To build a great design, you must ensure that you use the right fonts, colors, and the right typography. No matter if you are an established business or a new start-up, designing a logo that is great for your growth can be brainstorming. Don’t worry…

Today, you will be acquainted with all the prominent logo design mistakes designers and business owners make. And, you will also learn how to avoid them so that you get a better insight into what you should do and what common logo design mistakes you should avoid.

10 Logo Design Mistakes You should avoid

Do not hesitate to spend money

New business owners tend to make these most common logo design mistakes. As a newcomer, people think having a great product and an amazing marketing tactic will help them stabilize in the market. However, they should understand the importance of a good logo. Never hire amateur designers who say they know graphics. The result they give is amateurish.

When it comes to designing a logo, you should always trust professionals and be ready to invest a little money. Websites like Designfier is one of the most affordable places you can visit and get a logo designed by professionals. You will create a great brand identity that helps you generate more leads and eventually convert into customers.

Say no to multiple fonts

If you are designing a logo for yourself or getting it designed by someone always make sure you use only one font style. When you know how important a logo is for your brand you do not want small points to ruin it. Your logo is what you are. Using different fonts is lunatic and will fail to make an excellent visual statement to the audience.

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Make the logo for your audience

A business owner often makes this common logo design mistake. While designing a logo, always keep in mind that your logo is designed for your customers. The primary cause of making this mistake is a designer’s or your ego.

Your custom logo is your citation, so make sure you present yourself just the way your audience wants you to see. Avoid being philosophical as you are a serious businessman.

Want to get a luxurious logo?

Many designers across the world make this mistake when designing a logo. Though it is not a mistake to go with the trend, it is crucial to understand that trends come and go after a short time. Once the trend is outdated, your logo will lose its meaning. Hence, you should always design a logo that is timeless and lives forever with small changes in their elements.

Get yourself a logo that defines your commitment, versatility, confidence, and your company. If you make a trendy logo it is wise to ask for a change.

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Avoid software that produces raster images

Using a raster image is a sin while making a logo. However, most of the designers (amateur) and business owners do not know this common logo design mistake. The use of vector images are flexible and also saves time and trouble. The major flaw in using software that produces raster images is that it gets pixeled when zoomed in.

Use the software of your own choice, but make sure you use a vector program like Abode Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Do not play with colors

Color choosing in logo designing is one most crucial aspect when designing a logo. The more colors you use, the more difficult it will be to balance all of them together. Professionals suggest never to use more than three colors in a logo.

Choosing colors for your logo should always be your last importance. Always start with black and white. Also, not using color variations will reduce the intensity of your logo. Hence, always take colors into high consideration.

Lack of market research

A logo is designed to communicate with the audience. Hence, a designer should always know who the audience is, what the product is, and in which industry the companies lie. Without proper market research, it is not possible to understand what the market demands and what your target audience wants. This is a quite common logo design mistake.

Without brainstorming and researching the cores of the company the logo will not be able to efficiently make relations with the customers. Hence, always do your prior research to know what logo design mistakes to avoid.

Do not make a boring, non-lively logo

Nobody likes a boring, introverted, and a non-lively person. The same goes for logos. Your logo must have a story to tell. It should engage the audience with the brand. However, while designing a logo keep this in mind. Not many designers are good at bringing life to visuals and it’s a big mistake in logo design.

Designers who tend to ace at making a great logo always have logos that will engage you with it and make you spend time.

Not playing with elements

With time every company should play with the elements in its logo. For example, Pepsi. Ever since its launch in 1898 Pepsi has gone down tremendous changes in its logo. It is important to play with elements. A mistake in logo designing that people do is that they do not update their logo.

Do not complicate

A small logo design mistake designer makes is to complicate the whole design process. Do not add unnecessary complications. Always avoid more than three or four characters in your logo. Your logo will look unusual, heavy, and wordy.

Also, one of the disadvantages of having a complicated logo is size. As you reduce the size of the logo, the design loses its details. More details consume viewers’ time to process all the visuals.

Ender’s Note

Designing a logo is easy if you know all the small details and are willing to invest your time and efforts on the same. A great logo speaks in your absence. Only a professionally designed logo will help you reach milestones in your business. Remember not to be naïve in investing money. Doing the right thing is important rather than just doing it. So consider avoiding the above-mentioned logo design mistakes before getting a custom logo for your online business.

A creatively designed logo will surely reward you with professional success!

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