Top 10 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Look out for in 2020

10 thought-provoking content marketing trends in 2020

While a lot of people may tend to ignore the effectiveness of content marketing in business prospects, its right understanding and usage can create a mark while it may lead to squandering away of time, efforts and strength if used in the wrong way.

So, it’s surely not a thing to ignore when content marketing experts define strategies, explain tactics and advise the right steps especially when it comes to building a startup.

An idea of what content marketing trends to follow and how to keep up with the pace of advancements is to keep matching with trends across the globe.

1. Reciprocative Content

Competition is fierce when it comes to content marketing and planning. One needs to find ways to stand out of the crowd in order to gain more customers and produce reader-friendly content. Reciprocative Content is one of the latest content marketing trends to follow in 2020

More result focussed content will nevertheless attract the right clients and thereby enhance the overall content marketing. One easiest way to attract the right clients is by creating desirable content – Content that meets their needs, syncs to their demands and is also easier to consume. Creating a result-focused content is no longer hard as it used to be earlier.

You have to simply carry out these content marketing tips along with a little help from your developer-

2. Make use of Video and Live-stream

 Twitch Live Streaming Content Marketing Trends 2020
Twitch Live Streaming

Apart from posting blog posts, one can never underestimate the role of videos in promoting brands. Present-day customers look forward to viewing engaging content from their favourite brands and view them more often when compared to reading reviews on the website.

Live-stream audiences continue to grow as well. In a rather surprising survey conducted by Livestream, live streaming is going to be a $70.5 billion industry by 2021. Various platforms can be used to post videos to reach out to customers like Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Tik Tok and many more.

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3. Refurbishing Old Content

Another 2020 content marketing trend that is picking up lately is the idea to refurbish old and static content. Companies are editing some portions of the previous content and turning them into interactive ones with the help of infographics, interactive microsites, videos, quizzes, pie charts, statistics etc. After all, it is a well known saying- Old is Gold

4. Visually Attractive Content

This year, more and more companies are looking to produce content in the form of videos, infographics and photos, which are enriching the experience of users through their visually appealing and pristine outlook. Innovative Infographic designs can surely catch the reader’s view at one go and leave a meaningful impact.

5. Exploring Different Tools

One of the best content marketing trends in 2020 is that we may all agree to is the use of tracking and surveying tools. These tools are increasingly being used nowadays to keep a record of the progress and feedback of content marketing efforts in order to make timely improvements in the strategy involved that will further help in making amendments which in turn will benefit the overall content marketing strategy in the long run.

6. Allocating Funds

Companies these days are willing to allocate more funds for content marketing in order to recreate old content and distribute them effectively on various platforms to drive enormous traffic. While old content does require a certain amount of budget to be repackaged, finances are also needed for conducting research on the latest content marketing trends.

7. Interactive Web Design

With the increased use of mobile phones for surfing and shopping, interactive web design continues to grab the centre position in marketing campaigns by businesses. It is essential to turn interactive in 2020 before it gets too late in order to yield promising results from your content marketing drive.

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8. Calculating tools

The focus and intention of adding calculators, PayPal fee calculator, Profit margin calculator, apps and other such tools in blogs are to ensure better user participation. Although this is not among the top trends, one can always go a step forward and try something unique.

9. Utilization of Social Media

Whatever it may seem, one can never deny the impact of social media utilisation in attracting traffic to websites. Social media continues to fascinate people of all ages across the globe to various businesses due to its tremendous power of linking the targeted customers and markets in a big way. In fact, exploring and looking for newer social platforms to drive traffic to interactive content is yet another significant content marketing trends of 2020.

10. Data-driven content creation

Any experienced marketer knows by now that content marketing isn’t something to be approached haphazardly or in a haste. That is, a solid content marketing strategy is a prerequisite to provide intentional and specific value to a specific audience. In order to find out what type of content drives the audience, a very pertinent question can be raised and examined.

The question is:
How are brands determining what value to provide their audiences?

Of course, the answer to the question is data. (However, many marketing teams have yet to pick up on this…and they must implement it before it gets too late.

By reading carefully the above content marketing trends of 2020, you may have grasped an idea of which idea suits your marketing plans best and how you can execute them in order to gain the right audience.

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