Astrology design: 5 Hacks To Design For An Amazing Astrology Brand

Astrology Design Hacks For 2021

Astrology though isn’t backed by the concepts of science neither are astrology designs. Throughout the years the trick of this art remains unknown. Everyone is amazed by the idea of knowing themselves better than before. And we already know where there is a demand, supply increases.

The astrology industry is trending today like never. This has also increased completion and has resulted in the discovery of beautiful astrology designs all over the world.

Backed by the spiritual root, the astrology industry today produces podcasts, books, and apps. If you are reading this right now, and you have an astrology brand, you are already a part of the astrology revolution going on today. And we are here to help you more.

In this read, we will talk about astrology design and how you can get an amazing astrology brand for yourself.

Reason Behind The Sudden Popularity Of Astrology Design

No doubts, astrology is with us for ages. And why not? When you look up to the sky on a clear night you see tons of billions of stars that tend to be much larger than yourself.  

We all love to be a part of something large and love the idea of being a part of the cosmic, and the universe. No matter how much science and technology advances, people look at astrology for answers science is still incompetent to answer. Today, Gen X and millennials love the idea of astrology and they have successfully taken it to another level.

From one point of view, it makes sense. Millennials and Gen X are lesser religious, and these are the generation having access to more information than any generation lived in the history books.

How Deep Is The Astrology Industry Today?

Although a lot of people see astrology as a self-practiced spirituality, astrology has become an industry altogether. People in this industry tend to look up to the sky and find the unusuality. They then publish those things about the change in the signs,

Shops and related sellers then sell crystal rings, and colored candles to support the changes in the star. And some apps tell you your daily horoscope.

The astrology industry is magnificent and includes:

How To Get An Amazing Astrology Design for your Astrology Brand

Back in the 1970s astrology was more of a mascot design, with colors, lines, and psychedelic elements. However, today things have changed, and so is the audience.

Today, astrology designs mean something related to the constellations, the stars, the moons, some dotted line in the universe. Of course, we are in the 21st century. A minimalistic look and a small design are good to attract viewers. Astrology design is all about the spiritual connection and individual branding, and something that can look from the times of today.

Below are the five best ways of getting your astrology design ready.

Bleed Your Dreams

A dream is all about a feeling of calmness, being who you are. It is also very privatized as only you have control over them. Science and art both are equal ingredients of astrology. And it’s all about your interpretation rather than facts. Hence, something fictitious illustrated design, and round shape is an effective way of showing the abstracts of your astrology design.

Your dreams are your imagination, and unlike dreams, astrology has no definition in science. This can show that your astrology brand believes in what you do or what you say, and that is exactly the message that you want to give them.

Back To The History

As already said, astrology is with us for ages. Therefore, we have a natural tendency to believe that the past of more rhetoric than today. And, why not believe? Sci-fi movies have made us believe that.

Psychedelic vibes with the help of rainbow patterns, abstracts, and hand-drawn geometric illustrations have always been cool. If you have a retro brand, you can choose to play with the elements of the past. You will be stunned to know that a lot of new-age brands love to follow the path of vintage old-school design elements. And guess what? They have been pretty successful.

Color Can Be Cool

All the sign that you see in the world of astrology has its particular color. These colors tell about the prominent traits. As astrology is often seen as fun and dynamic, a lot of astrology brands have their design with a lot of colors.

Colors can become of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience. For example, you if see the personality trait of a red star can be adjectivized as angry, a strong leader. And, similarly green can be said as natural, and fresh, or a healer.

Use Random Dots, Stars, And Constellation

Most of us today know our sun sign. However, it is less likely that they know about their moon or their rising signs. You see most basic concepts of astrology are backed by the positioning of the stars. Therefore, if you are using the universe as your astrology design it can turn in to be a good idea.

You can use stars, their constellations, with the background of a colorful universe filled with asteroids and people, will still find it compelling. Use glyphs in place of graphics as they are more minimalistic as an astrology design.

Integrate With Some Special Practices

Astrology is not the only pseudo-science people today have placed their beliefs on. As an astrology brand, you have a good chance that your audience is particularly interested in crystals, chakras, and some basic witchy stuff.

Perhaps, you can bring in those elements in your astrology design as well and it will certainly help you a lot to get more potential audiences. When your audience sees that your astrology design has elements of different metaphysics included in it,  they will understand that you have a lot to offer.

Get Your Astrology Design full of Star Today

So, what are you waiting for? Wait, let us guess? Do you think that you are new to designing and it is a daunting process? Well, we assure you it will not. If you are looking to get your astrology design, we are here to help.

If you are looking for a great designer who can pull off your astrology design well, you can get started with us, right here. At Designfier, you can launch your design contest and we will get you the best design available, And, if you have a tight budget you should know that you can get this done at as low as $99!.

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