10 Landing Page Creation Tools Marketers Will Love

Boost your conversion rates with one of these landing page tools in 2021

Landing page software and creation tools landed on the internet in 2011. Since then, marketers are using them to run a lot of Google Adwords campaign and to create them for websites that help increases their conversion rates and much more.

What exactly is a landing page tool?

When you have a beautiful image, a story and some supportive information about the product, it helps you sell. However, while running a performance marketing campaign you need lesser elements.

And that is exactly where a landing page creator, or tool, or software comes into the picture. Your website is not always automatically optimized for conversions. Therefore, a good landing page designer has some good templates, automated codes that help you easily convert your visitors, and drastically increase your sales.

Therefore, if you want to create one you just need any of the below-mentioned tools and the knowledge of the essential elements that you need to create a challenging landing page.

Essential elements required to create your best landing page-

  • Headline– Headline is the first thing user read to decide whether to read further details to just skim through your service like a visitor. Hence, if you can effectively make a good headline, you can compel your users for more.
  • Branding– Use brand colors, logos, and elements that count as a symbol of paving your way for accountability.
  • Testimonials- This is capable of building trust with your visitors and can be a reason to believe you. Use your customer reviews, recognitions, patents, or simply ask your customers to give a written and honest review of what they feel about it.
  • Graphics– Whether it’s a stock graphic or an original creation both can effectively decorate your landing page and help to visualize and organizing the available data with other important information.

Now, that we have given you a small overview of all the important elements that you need to create the best landing page, it’s now time to jump further.

20 Best Landing Page that you will Fall in love with


Unbounce is the world’s first Landing page creator. You can say that they are the inventor of this category. It’s a hub for hundreds of landing page templates and WordPress integration.

With Unbounce, you can easily clone and edit an entire page, add custom scripts and pixels. Their landing page can be integrated with popular email, CRM, and analytic tools. Unbounce also has the easiest of all user interface which means that anyone can easily navigate through it. With friendly plug-ins, and much more exciting things it has simply got much to offer.


If you are looking for a landing page that focuses more on being mobile-friendly, Instapage is the one for you. You get access to six different domains, and it gives options to integrate, visualize, and test your landing page loading speed as well. Certainly, one can call them to be the most advanced loading page designer without a developer.


If you are a new business owner or someone who is running a start-up, and if you are looking for software that is more than just a landing page creator, GetResponse should always be your first preference. Apart from being capable of designing responsive, and mobile-friendly landing page, they can also offer you email marketing and much more.


If you have a really tight budget and are not in the position of spending much, Leadpages can come to your rescue. With more than 160 templates in their kitty, and with much technology to run a side-by-side check of your landing page, they can optimize your conversion rates and take it to a decent level.


This is one in all software and the sole runner of what they offer in the market. If you are an entrepreneur who can easily pullout marketing and do not want to rely on different software simultaneously, this is the one for you. And, the best part is that anyone can easily afford them according to their needs.


Wishpond is one of the most powerful, and easy to use landing page creator in the market. The navigation; especially the drag and drop feature is very powerful and helps you maintain or design a simple landing page with its pre-designed templates.


This is something that is a little different and can be useful software if you have a number of products to sell online. You can simply pick up your sales funnel, edit it with your personal elements like logos, and branding elements and your product is ready to sell online. However, if you are thinking of using this, you should be aware that the customization options are already limited, and if you have your website or your blog site, you should not use it.


ShortStack is that landing page software that has the greatest number of positive reviews by its user online. This landing page creator is not like a typical and orthodox landing page creator but comes in handy to host contents on social media like Facebook, or Instagram. Their templates include contests, giveaways, and quizzes.


If you are looking to design a landing page with no templates, and from the ground one level, Optimizely should be the one to pull up the task for you. You can put the URL of your landing page, and the system will let you design the elements, edit, or update them. Not just that, you can use this system for also running AB testing and construct a better customer experience.


If you have coding experience and want to design a landing page with CSS codes, you can use this software. If you have no coding experience you can still use this software as it comes in handy for both coders and non-coders. You have stock images to use in your templates to integrate the page with some graphics. You can also collect custom data, automate, and more using this tool.


If you want your business to meet your expectation or do more than what your goals are, you can always give it a little push by helping yourself get a landing page. Any of the tools given above can be used and modified to reach newer sales heights.

However, if you are willing to spend some extra dollars and you think it worthy, you can always get a professional designer on board. They will not only help you design the best landing page capable of meeting your targets and setting newer challenges.

Therefore, if you are looking for a designer as such, you can check out our website. We not only offer you great bids to choose from but also give you a 100% money-back guarantee if our designers fail to meet your requirements.

All the best!

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