Important to follow a Brand Style Guide for your business in 2021?

Importance of Brand Style Guide

Ever read the demo book that you get with your new television or your new washing machine? Ever wonder what it used for? Well, of course, to bring your acquaintance with the product, and guide you on how to use it.

The same goes for Brand styling. When you have a brand and you are constantly aiming to enhance your brand identity, you need someone or something to guide you in the process. Therefore, that is exactly where the brand style guide comes into the picture.

A brand style helps you look professional and consistent with your audience. In this age of competition, if you do not maintain consistency when communicating with your audience, this can jeopardize your customer trust in your audience. Now, you must be thinking that doing this should not need a separate entity of the brand style guide, but that’s not the case.

Hence, to explain everything about why you need a brand style guide, and how important it is for you to stay consistent and trusted with your brand.

Definition of a Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide is a document or a copy that has explained and how a brand is presented to its audience from both language and graphic points of view. The primary aim of a brand style guide is to collaborate different work of contribution cohesively. It also makes sure that it reflects the true purpose of the corporate style and maintains its consistency.

A brand style guide is always supported by the company’s marketing methods and backed by a strong demanding audience. It is used to separate your units from its rivals and hold a strong brand presence in the market. As time passes, this integrity, and consistency develop customer trust in the market. Other words for brand style guide can be a “brand guide”, or a brand identity guide.

Elements included in a Brand Style Guide

Another big myth associated with the brand style guide is that it is only for big businesses or big entities. However, that is not true. No matter how old your brand is or how much your customer demand is, you can always rely on it to ensure that your brand reaches new heights and attracts new potential clients.

Indeed, a bigger company will generally have a defined and detailed brand style guide because its customers have higher trust in the brand. Let’s see the most basic elements that are associated used for a brand style guide.

  • Company Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Graphic brand element
  • Specified photo guidelines
  • Specified typographic guidelines
  • Website Style

Now that we have seen most of the important aspects of why and how a brand style guide can pull over your brand and create trust in your audience, it’s time that we differentiate some of the elements and dive deeper into it.

Content Element Guidelines

Content is used to narrate a brand story. When ensuring that your consumers relate to your content it is important that you have a brand style guideline in place, and it is followed to its fullest.

The headline and Body Copy

Ever thought about why you read morning headlines of the newspaper first? Because a few words are enough to give you an idea of what the content is all about, and then you decide if you want to go into depth or not.

Tones and Voice

The tone is an important ingredient of your content as they specify your content. Your brand might have its tone or its reserved voice. Your brand’s tone and voice can be light. Or, it can be comprehensive, educational, or serious, or something that invokes curiosity. The tone and voice are all defined by who your customers are, and what type of content you create.

Grammatical Details

Noe, Grammar can be of different types and styles. This depends on the type of demography you are serving in, and the type of audience you are serving to. For, example, if your target audience is children, you cannot use tough grammar, high vocabs, or follow the Oxford Grammatical punches.

Visual Style Guide (Graphics, and animations)

Okay, so this is all about how you present your visuals i.e., your graphics, animation, photos, or graphics with your audience. Graphics are not something that you will use in a single content. No matter what you design, you might be using some graphics to enhance your design.

Brand style guide for graphics and visuals generally focuses on how the content looks and feels. Another reason why using visuals in your content is important because it creates unity among different marketers in the industry. Having a visual guide to your brand helps to create clarity for all marketing decisions and maintain a uniform result.

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Creating a cool Brand Style Guide for your Company

Choose an existing Brand style guide

 Many brand style guides are existing in every industry therefore, as a new beginner you should always research and choose one among them. However, do not forget to modify, and change them as per your requirements. You can also use any specific external guide or dictionary that you want to use.

The most popular Brand Style Guide used by most of the brands is “The Associated Press Stylebook.”

Add your policies

When you decide on your brand style guide, never forget to add your terms and conditions on how to use your social media. This may also include some legal policies to save your company from any legal issues.

Do add a collaboration puzzle to your Brand Style Guide

When you design your brand style guide, always make sure that it doesn’t look like a document that is made by your employee. Rather, strive to make it flexible and collaborative. This will ensure that you have space that can include any future knowledge or research.

Make a brand style guide that looks versatile

You should always create a brand-style guide that is easily available to access by every employee of your company. Having a guide that is not easily accessible will never serve the purpose.

As you already know how important it is for you to have a brand style guide, you should never lose the information that you include within it. It should be certain that all the important visuals are already there in the picture that serves the right purpose.

Also, make sure that you place your brand style guide in such a place where your employees can easily edit the information to add new things. This will ensure that no idea is left unused and that your brand style guide does not lose its versatility.

If you are a new business owner or a person who is new to the market, you should always have a logo and everything that builds your brand identity. You must have a website, your brochure, business cards, accessories, etc.

For any new business owner has a brand identity is of utmost importance. Therefore, one should never compromise with them. We understand that start-ups and new businesses run with a very tight budget and might have low to null finance for branding. Therefore, that is exactly where Designfier steps up for you.

No matter what, you can always run a design contest with as low as $99 and if in case you do not like what we designed for you we instantly refund a 100% money back and that’s guaranteed.

A brand style guide serves as a reference for your company to take your branding to another level. However, it will never to able to pull it over if you have not integrated it with all the accurate information about your brand.

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