What Is the Fair Price of a Logo Design? – Top 6 Picks

There are many ways to get the fair price of a logo design. A logo design is the first thing a potential customer will see; hence it is an essential part of any brand and market identity. It is crucial to look for a logo that stands out from the same brand competitors. 

It is always relevant to weigh the cost of logo designs against the value and quality you may want to gain. To take your side hustle to another level, it’s prior to getting a killer logo design that can assist transform your business idea into a money-making venture.

Logo designing is a multistep process that involves research sketches, brainstorming, and other several designing concepts.

Here’s a guide to get the fair price of a logo design, and what every package includes:


Making your own logo is a flex way for a stable product, although creating a design that perfectly matches your brand, and that can be used across most channels is a challenge. The highest cost is your own time crafting different logos on papers and later choosing the right designing software, bringing the sketch to life. It’s not always easy, especially without know-how background design.

Great software to consider when working on your logo design are:

Sketches – It is only available for Mac OS X, costing $99 per year.

Adobe Illustrator – It is used to export over ten formats for digital and print use. Membership per month is $20 on an annual plan or $31 each month.

Canva – Canvas’s paid subscription costs $10 per month on an annual plan. It features more than 1000 logo templates and lets you download finished work as a JPG, PDF, or GIF.



The time and effort required to create a custom logo design from scratch can be cut short by pre-sale templates. You will need to subscribe to pay programs like adobe illustrator to customize the design needed. It takes time to alter colors and change the generic texts on your brand’s name. These templates can offer branding packages and social media designs other than just a logo.

#3. USING an Online LOGO MAKER

Logo makers may be the cheapest option with no need to purchase a designing software. Most sites charge nothing to use these services, and you only pay when you are ready to download the logo files.

Online logo makers can be used to generate hundreds of logo variations using design preferences and basic information about your company; you can later edit and change the design as you may want. The quality of designs differs even though logo makers run in a low price bracket. Paid logo designers are more likely to give you the correct files needed to use your logo comfortably.

#4. DESIGN Crowdsourcing

It entails posting a detailed logo brief, including the price you are willing to pay to a designer’s community. Freelancers can later submit their unique designs and are picked on the owner’s preferences. Once the designer finalizes, the design is sent with multiple files to start up your business. Crowdsourcing has three variations to choose from:

Designfier- It is a leading logo design contest site where pricing starts at $129, but in case you want to draw the attention of top designers, you can set a higher budget. Cost is paid upfront, although you can choose the duration contest that suits your needs.

99designs- It is a one-week contest divided into two rounds, qualifying and final. You are given a chance to give feedback on the design and up to two weeks to review the submitted designs before choosing a winner. A four logo package ranges from $399 to $1699 where the money is paid before, but it comes with a money-back guarantee in case the design does not fit what you intended to have.

DesignCrowd – Launching a contest goes for $109 and above with three to ten deadlines for the contest. There are lots of designers in this field, and they offer a money-back guarantee when you pay first. 


Fresh logo design costs up to $200 to $2500 depending on the designer’s skills. Getting a freelancers means you will be working with an expert to create a professional logo design online for your brand. Different platforms offer these services, and it’s relevant to choose the one that meets your needs.

These platforms include:

Upwork – It is the biggest freelancing sites in the world, most designers charge $10 to $250 per hour with a 2.75% transaction fee. It allows you to hold funds in escrow, meaning designers have to complete the job and submit to the owner before getting paid.

Fiverr – It offers three packages; basic, standard, and premium, each coming with its own set of designs and file downloading options. Simple logo package design usually ranges from $50 to $150

Dribble – It offers free basic membership, charging $199 for a month-to-month membership or $99 per month paid annually. Through this platform, you can set the type of work you need to be done, the experience level you are seeking for and the amount you are willing to pay. Own hourly rates are set by the designers themselves.


Hiring a firm to do the work for you is the most expensive logo option. Agencies charge $2500  to $10,000 for logo designing. When considering an agency, keep this in mind;

The deposit: Be ready to pay up to 50% of the total cost before the agency starts work.

Contract: Not all agencies ask for a contract to be signed between both parties. Doing this means you will have to pay the full amount when all the work is done.

The time: Expect at least one week since the agency can take time to craft your logo.

Extra costs to consider that needs to be considered and kept in mind when budgeting a logo-making option are:

-Establishing brand guidelines and trademarks.

-Creating companies visual identity on social media and business cards.


To build your brand identity, a logo is the starting point, even if you are getting the business from scratch. After you have an idea, figure out what fair price of a logo design package will work for you. Then think about displaying your brand offline or online fitting your consumer’s needs. 

You can consider crowdsourcing, or hiring a freelancer or an agency to do the logo for you. Whatever option you choose, they will all work great.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.