15 Stunning Landing Page Design Ideas to Increase Your Conversion Rates

15 Stunning Landing Page Design Ideas To Get High Conversions

Great offers never perform well without excellent presentation. It all starts from the first click, i.e., from your website’s landing page design. The struggle to survive in this plethoric competitive market is devastating. Hence, having a remarkable landing page design idea is of utmost importance. 

The landing page of your website provides essential information with the use of the least number of words. Using a catchy landing page compels users to register, subscribe, and even make a purchase. 

Note that the landing page is not the home page of your website. It is a separate digital marketing tool that focuses on bringing as many customers to your home page. They mainly focus on getting you on board for purchases or make you are a potential lead.

However, it is never easy to design a landing page. But statistics unravels some of the great ways to increase your customer conversion rates using your landing page design.

4 Great ways to build a landing page design that inspires

  1. Provide offers and countdowns on your landing page

Offers and countdowns are incredibly useful when it comes to motivating visitors for signing up or register for a discount. The psychological FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out) factor plays a vital role in this.

  1. Keep your content clear and authoritative

An authoritative and clear headline symbolizes confidence in your product. Avoid the use of metaphoric headings like “We make a difference” or “Let’s celebrate success together”. This gives no idea of who you are or what your product is. Hence, your landing page design will not be sufficient.

  1. Make a mobile-friendly landing page design

Making a mobile-friendly page does not only mean your page should look great on the mobile version. Make sure the page has a fast loading speed. No one will wait for ten seconds to get your page loaded. So be sure to make the loading speed faster on the mobile version.

  1. Use animated Gifs and ask for an email subscription

The world is getting advanced, so are the latest trends. “A picture is worth a thousand word”. But a small video clip is worth a lakh word. So, make use of short videos to attract more customers.

Want to get a luxurious logo?

15 Unique landing page design ideas to take an example from

1. Slack

Slack Landing Page Design

Slack’s bright images and the social proof provided on their landing pager design makes them appealing. The unique scrolling style and the CTA button rewards you by increasing chances for visitors to complete the registration.

2. LendingClub

Lending Club Landing Page Design Example

Catchy company logo, strong headline, and the use of monochromatic colours make the landing page design example of LendingClub look great. The excessive information at the end of the page intimidates visitors to have a detailed look at the company’s working process.

3. inSided

inSided landing page design ideas

Simple font and colours win, and so does the idea of inSided’s landing page. The heading gives the exact information about what service you can expect. The “Get free demo” bar looks stunning and compliments the overall page design of the website. Taking landing page inspiration from inSided will be great if you ace at using monochromatic colours.

4. Salesforce

Salesforce landing page design idea

Salesforce landing page is more like question and answer, but it looks promising due to its presentation.  You can get the landing page design inspiration from salesforce’s use of trust badge. It gives confidence to visitors about their privacy being safe. 

5. Basecamp

basecamp creative landing page

Basecamp nails the use of header. Also, the authority to use the Google account while signing up make things easy for the visitor. The small green arrow looks catchy and provokes the visitor’s conscious of registering to the site.

There is a lot to things to learn from this landing page design. However, do not copy as it is.

Get a creative landing page design that converts.

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6. Giving Stage

Giving stage landing page design

If you are looking for a successful landing page with the inspiration of using videos, this is indeed a good example. The music website compels the visitors with the video shown on its landing page design. It has a human-interest angle, and it is designed for both performers and the audience. Two in one purpose served.

7. Snapchat

snapchat landing page design

Small videos, bold and bright colours, animated graphics, and social proof Snapchat has it all. Snapchat is the one if you are looking for a landing page design example that has all the things that attract. If someone does not like the video, he may like the colour combination or vice versa. You can surely learn something from its landing page example.

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8. Codecademy

codeacademy landing page design ideas

Again, the excellent use of headlines, monochromatic colours with the powerful punch of a small video. The feature to sign up using multiple accounts lowers the conversion barrier. The use of the company name and logo on the header compliments the overall look to the landing page design idea.

9. Airbnb

airbnb landing page design

Airbnb uses one of the best landing page design. A catchy headline and a customer looking at you make the page look more humanized. Also, the location-based estimated earning gives users a better understanding and increases conversion chances.

10. Trulia

trulia landing page design

If “simplicity is power” had a word, it is Trulia’s landing page design. With a background picture and minimum information needed to start, the landing page looks great. Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand word.”? Trulia proves that with its landing page design example.

11. Tumblr

tumblr landing page design

Tumblr played with the physiology of colours, and they won. The use of unusual colours, minimal writing, and social proof gives users a sense of curiosity. Tumblr will provide you with a remarkable landing page idea for your website.

12. Zoom

With less text and more visuals, zoom’s landing page looks appealing to the audience. The live chat option works excellent when it comes to the FAQs of the visitor. Zoom used visuals in such a way that it speaks what zoom is all about and what you can expect from them. 

13. Boomfell

bombfell landing page

The landing page design of Boomfell looks impressive. The picture they used with the call to action bottom was a great idea. As visitors go down the page reveals its simple working process that is a particularly good option. Indeed, a terrific landing page idea example to consider.

14. ZenCash

Zencash landing page design

ZenCash has a powerful landing page with a beautiful combination of text and videos. You can surely get an idea of how to merge text and video visual on your landing page design.

15. Breather

Another smart landing page example is of Breather. The instant CTA gives a deep space where you want to go with the website. Also, the use of the location by the website is fascinating to provide real-time service. 

If you are looking for stunning landing page design ideas or examples that are visually appealing, do not forget to check them out.

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