Best Graphic Design Marketplace: Designfier vs. Fiverr vs. 99Designs

Does outsourcing the brand’s designing work freak you? Have you ever hired a freelancer to get your brand’s work done? If you are going to hire a designer for the first time, there are many graphic design marketplaces that you may have looked upon. As every crowdsourcing website is unique in its own way, it fully depends on your graphic design requirement.

Before getting started, you should consider these 3 below mentioned graphic design marketplaces for crowdsourcing custom logo design, t-shirt design, packaging design, website design and much more.

Best graphic design marketplaces to get your designing work done

The best of the design will only get when you choose the best platform to get your work done from. And of course, the quality work comes from the quality designers.

Below-mentioned are some of the best online design marketplaces to get perfect designs that will simply save your time and money both.

#1 Designfier – Leading Graphic Design Marketplace

Designfier - Online Graphic Design Marketplace
Designfier – Online Graphic Design Marketplace

Designfier is considered as the leading custom logo design service platform around the globe for designing. It is a well-known brand among the top industries to hire the best designers. The platform offers design works like logo designing, banner designing, Info-graphics, T-shirt design, Book cover designs and a lot more that you could think of.

It is the largest online marketplace for designers. Designfier, being specific, the designers who are associated with the platform works according to the client requirements and fulfill the client’s needs.

The best part about Designfier is, it has two options to choose designers. The first is where the platform provides you the designers according to the requirements and second, you can run a contest to find the best designers.

In the second option, the clients will get individual responses from the designers and they can choose the best from. It assures more than 50 types of design works curated by the best talents in the designing industry. 

Freelancers who work on this platform get their dream projects to work on with the best brands across the globe. They can surely showcase their skills with the best creative mind. Most of the freelancers are earning handsomely that is worth to their work. Designfier has always maintained the quality work and thus the name is already spreading in top countries like the USA, Europe, and Australia. Many of the oldest designers associated with the platform have already made their bright future by working with top brands.

Designfier is already gaining popularity in terms of quality design solutions they provide. They are creating a good future for designers around the world.

Designfier works in 4 easy steps –

  1. Brands place their design requirements.
  2. Selection of capable designer.
  3. Designers present to you the unique design according to the brand’s requirements within the deadline. 
  4. Payment transferred to the designer’s account.

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#2 FiverrWell known Graphic Design Marketplace

Fiverr - Online graphic design marketplace

Fiverr is one of the online graphic design marketplaces that offer various jobs and services. Right from website creation, graphic designing to its marketing, all the work can be done on this platform. It was founded in 2010 to connect buyers and sellers of different industries.

Mostly offered by freelancers to market their services and earn money. At the start, Fiverr had set the cost of $5 per job, hence the name, Fiverr. It is very popular on a global scale because of the great services they provide. Later, the platform started to grow as many jobs started to flow in the Fiverr’s network. 

There are plenty of freelancers who work on this online design marketplace platform and you will be amazed to know that even the smallest category of work gets done with the help of Fiverr.

Most of the designers earn a handsome amount of money through this platform. It has great potential in terms of earnings and also quality work. One thing to take care of by the brand is that while buying a Gig, ensure that history, feedback, and reviews of the person you are going to work with is good enough. In this case, Designfier is great to use.

But sooner than later, $5 per job was raised by the Fiverr and allowed to keep as per the service provided. This can go up to thousands of dollars with their service called Gig Extras. The service offered by the freelancers is called as a ‘Gig’. Since then, the visitors on the website of Fiverr have grown drastically which is almost about 600%. Fiverr has been ranked as the top 200 in the world and also among the 100 most popular sites in the US. 

But of course, for $5, your expectations may not be too high. If you are looking for a lot of collaboration between you and the designer, this is not the site.

How Fiverr works?

  1. Signing up on the Fiverr website
  2. Find a service that is suitable for your brand. 
  3. Once you read all the details, place an order.
  4. You will get your order delivered as per the specified time.
  5. The payment will be transferred to the designer.

#3 99Designs – Famous Graphic Design Marketplace

99designs - best online graphic design marketplace

99Designs is all about designing. It is one of the top freelance marketplaces around the world that provides a solution for every work. The idea behind this platform was just to make a logo design marketplace but now it has reached a certain level that any designing work can be fulfilled through the freelancers on this platform.

Once you hire a professional graphic designer for designing work, you will get the combination of high-quality logo designs, creativity, easy to use website that contains professionally prepared file formats for your logo use on business cards, t-shirts and store signs. Many top brands are associated with 99designs to get their brand’s quality designing work done within the specified time. Because of the outsourced work, the brand saves a lot of time and money. 

99designs is easy to use and browse through for the brand’s requirement. The brand will need to create their profile first and also update the design brief so that designers would know the requirement. There is a step by step guide on how to hire the best graphic designer which is provided by 99designs, so no need to worry about that. 

The idea behind this logo design contest website is the same as Designfier but Designfier will show better designs and also the quality designers. One other option is to run a contest to get the brand’s work done. Seeing your contest, thousands of designers will get to know about your requirements so that they can submit their unique and high-quality designs. Lastly, the brand can also review them for their work. In this way, the 99designs platform works efficiently.

Thus, every graphic design marketplace has its uniqueness which they flatter to showcase how they are helping brands and freelancers simultaneously. But trust can be the major factor when getting your work done from a stranger.

In this case, Designfier has trusted designers who are ready to give their best and unique designs.

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.