10 Best Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow in 2020!

2020 is here! And like every year, it is time to review digital marketing trends to be prepared for what lies ahead.
At Designfier, we have already done our homework and taken note of the most prominent trends in the main areas of digital marketing. Do you want to know what they are? 
Well, don’t miss this article!

2020 is proving to be a year of transformation for digital marketing trends. Digital transformation continues to evolve as clients/customers/buyers keep pace with new technology. We live in ‘instant’ times, where the customer wants everything almost immediately. No one is willing to wait too long for their products – keep them waiting, and you may lose a customer. We live in a digital age, and there is no getting away from it. Any business that has not fully embraced the latest digital marketing trends will get left behind if they haven’t already.

So read on for the 10 best digital marketing trends of 2020.


2020 is seeing an emergence of digital voice assistants entering the market as more and more businesses adopt this marketing technology to increase/improve their communication with customers/clients.

Voice Assistance – Digital Marketing Trends 2020

New and improved voice assistants by some tech firms are being developed to recognize various accents/dialects making communication between human and voice assistants less problematic and more diverse. Embrace voice assistance in your digital marketing strategy and get ahead of your competitors.


Podcasts/live video/webinars/promotional videos/how-to videos, to name a few, are a huge digital marketing tool embraced by businesses and taking 2020 by storm. Watching a short video/podcast is far more interesting for consumers than reading a block of text.

Audio Marketing – Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

This digital marketing trend is far more likely to engage current and potential customers. Businesses are recognizing the potential benefits, and they are embracing this new wave of marketing for their businesses/brands to stay ahead of their competition. The benefits of this marketing tool are infinite, and the marketing possibilities will be a game-changer for businesses going forward.


Or chatbots are considered as the best digital marketing trends for 2020. This form of digital communication is fantastic for automatic lead generation, and this can be a massive timesaver for any business. Messenger bots can be used in numerous ways, such as booking appointments and customer feedback.

Chatbots - Digital Marketing Trends
Chatbots – Digital Marketing Trends

Any company that does not engage in the use of messenger bots/chatbots are missing out on a large piece of this digital marketing tool. Messenger marketing opening rates have far exceeding email opening rates, thus proving the importance of this tool in the marketing world for the future.


Branding is the single most crucial focus point for any successful business – trust is vital. Getting it right can take time. In 2020 branding is becoming even more of a focal point at this garner’s consumers’ trust. When a consumer recognizes a brand, they trust or know they are more than likely to spend their money with that brand.

Personal Branding - Top Digital Marketing Trends

Google prefers brands, thus inching them closer to the top in search engines. So, the take away here is, focus on your brand. Continue to reinvent your brand and put out engaging content that will entice consumers, via video marketing/podcasts and much more. 


This comes in many forms; you can see it in use on Twitter in the form of polls and surveys, collecting data on various products for businesses. Interactive content engages the activity of consumers in multiple ways encouraging the user to click/comment/scroll, though. This is far more likely to promote a user to remember you as a business.

It also encourages content sharing on platforms such as LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, to name a few. Interactive infographics are soaring past static ones, and businesses cannot ignore the use of this fantastic marketing tool in 2020.

The importance of putting out exciting and engaging content cannot be stressed enough. Make it as interactive as possible you want clicks not swipe past. Interactive content has a higher percentage of holding consumers’ attention than block text. The longer their attention is held, the more likely sales will be driven to your business/site.

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AI is everywhere, this is used in marketing all over the world, and its use by businesses is ever-evolving and increasing. It is used in messenger bots, and it is used to collect consumer data such as buying habits.

Artificial intelligence - Digital marketing trends to consider

You will have seen this play out on your computer or phone, for example: when you visit a shop online, browse through it and then leave, you then visit Facebook or Instagram, and that very shop you were browsing will pop up on the social media site you are viewing. This is because the AI stored your browsing data, and it will appear sporadically to remind you of that potential purchase, thus keeping it in your mind and encouraging you to go back and buy. AI is here to stay; it is improving fast and plays a large part in business marketing and understanding consumer habits.


This is becoming increasingly popular with Google Lens and Pinterest Lens to name a few, this gives consumers/searchers a whole new way to search for anything by using a picture if they so wish instead of typing in text.

Google Lens - Visual Search Marketing Trends

This visual search tool is a relatively new way to search online for products/places, and more. Visual search will be trending in 2020 for sure.


Virtual reality and augmented reality, becoming a favorite marketing tool for large companies. Ikea uses VR to give a virtual experience of what a piece of furniture may look like in a customer’s home. Another example of VR or AR is in the housing market.

VR/AR Digital Marketing trends

A potential buyer can go online and not just view a house, but in many cases, they can take a virtual tour of the property and get a real feel for the home they are interested in buying. This is huge for the housing market and exceptionally lucrative. Not to mention immersive technology is a fun and engaging way for consumers to shop/buy large products. 

For example, you can make your potential customers try on clothes online or visualize how a new piece of furniture would look like in their home.


Social media was once a place for friends family and work colleagues to socialise. Over the last decade, it has become far more than just a social site. Social media is a holy grail for any business wanting to market their goods/brand. After all, a large percentage of the population spends copious amounts of time on social media platforms. This has become a favored place for many businesses to promote and market themselves.

Social Commerce

Today, it is more likely for a potential customer to be introduced to a new brand through Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn marketing, and this popular digital marketing trend will continue in 2020.


Influencers command an audience, and their reach is phenomenal. YouTube influencers will have millions of loyal followers and a young demographic. Businesses will pay them to promote their products on their videos with great success.

influencer marketing trends

Feedback is generated in the YouTuber’s comments that are another bonus for businesses needing data on their products. Beauty products, toys, and gaming all fair well through the magic touch of influencers in this digital age and will continue to do so. To their fans, influencers are like celebrities, and they are here to stay.

We encourage you to continue testing, researching, analyzing and betting on digital marketing trends this 2020. We will help you keep an eye on all the news and trends of digital marketing for this new year 2020.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.