Brilliant Logo Design Ideas for your inspiration in 2021

Inspiring yourself with Great Logo Design Ideas [updated]

You cannot expand your business or build your brand without having brilliant logo design ideas in your mind. A logo says everything regarding your business vision and mission. It needs to be attractive yet simple and visually beguiling.

Customers and regular followers recognize a brand just looking at the logos. As such a logo is the first and foremost ambassador of a business. Several examples could be set where the world’s most prestigious companies have experienced huge success in terms of sales and customer base just by promoting their logos.

If you are looking for the most brilliant logo design ideas, take inspiration from the successful organizations like Coca-Cola, Nike, Pepsi, Uber, Adidas, and many more and also from the experienced logo designers that have been materializing splendid ideas in the form of logos.

You can follow different categories of logo designs such as emblems, monograms, wordmarks, abstract logo marks, brand marks, and mascots. Each of these categories has its respective pros and cons. The selection of the logo category mostly depends on the product types, targeted demography, market, organizational culture, and several other variable factors.

It is the logo design that establishes the relationship between customers and the organization. Here, you get the most innovative logo design ideas that are indeed inspiring and brilliant. Many a time, designers experience a mental block. These different ideas will surely stimulate their creative mind paving ways for new ideas.

Find inspiration from within or outside

Logo design is an intricate job. You have to keep the focus on so many aspects at a time that might be confusing sometimes. However, if you think step-by-step and start working on a logo design after all necessary market research considering your client, you will find the process rather smooth sailing.

Perfect logo design ideas that could spur your creative ideas:

1. Brainstorm

No other activity in this realm is as productive as brainstorming. If you have sufficient logo design ideas on the industry trends, the mission and vision of the client, the market of the client, and other allied factors, brainstorming results in multiple logos design ideas. Write them down. Sometimes a casual idea can spark a new concept giving rise to an amazing design. Creativity has no limitation and brainstorming can be extremely fruitful.

2. See a design from an audience’s perspective

It may be difficult but it fetches good results. Just visualize a logo you have created from an audience’s or customer’s perspective. The human mind is normally biased; you may not find any fault in your own creation if you are satisfied with the creation.

Try to judge the logo as a third person, also asks others who are not directly involved with the work to comment on your work. It obtains some positive inputs.

3. Explore graphic design sites

If you need inspiration or you want to break the mental block just browse different design sites no matter whether these are focused on logo or anything else. You can browse the photography and painting sites for inspiration. This activity is bound to break the ice and clear your ideas. In fact, this habit develops creative ideas for logo design.

4. Take rest if you are exhausted

Sometimes your mental blockage to creativity may be due to overworking. Creative people cannot stop thinking of new ideas and designs. Many sleepless nights may reduce your creative output. You can be same creative once again after giving your body and mind sufficient rest.

5. How others have designed their logos

You can take logo design inspiration ideas from other organizations in the same industry as well. In fact, your research in this domain can make you more knowledgeable and creative. For example, if you are working on a physical fitness logo design for a gym company, explore how the nationally and internationally established companies have developed their logos and modified it over the passage of time.
In some instances, like if you are working on a restaurant logo design for a local restaurant or a food and drink business, it is always feasible to research on how the other local restaurants have developed their logos. Custom Logo design for different businesses is a creative job that definitely needs inspiration and references but analyzing what others in the industry are doing can expand your ideas.

6. Understand your clients business

Without understanding your client’s business, the mission and vision of the business, demography, market character, and many other aspects, you cannot accomplish the vital job of logo designing successfully. A logo characterizes the business and depicts the organizational culture.

When you have in-depth knowledge about your client, you will be able to ideate the logo design more elaborately. Knowing the company profile or client profile will enable you to keep the design precise, meaningful, and attractive.

Essential rules for logo designing

A logo is a potent asset of your client. It is the face of the business and creates the first impression to a customer or prospect. Like any other creative work that requires a set of specific skills, logo design also requires lots of practice and research.

Essential rules to follow in order to design an effective logo:

  • Primary sketches are a must

Take paper and pencil and sketch all your ideas. You need not be elaborative on this matter. Sketch at least 10-15 simple logo design ideas for businesses that come to your mind or as your client wants.

  • Focus on the size

The client will use it everywhere; so, size matters. If it looks odd when scaled up or almost invisible when scaled down on a letterhead, it will lose relevance. You have to keep this matter in mind.

  • Keep balance in every department

Right from the typography to colour, a perfect balance in every department is needed. Whatever simple logo design ideas coming to your mind, always keep a balance of all the parameters.

  • The design style should integrate with company profile

Whatever design style you adopt, it should integrate perfectly with the company profile. For example, the newest style of 3D logos with drop shadows and rounded corners seems perfect for the tech-based companies but those may not be suitable for banks and insurance companies.

  • Be focused on typography

Typography needs extreme care especially when the logo includes the brand name or a tagline. Choose a font size that would look legible in every size.

  • Keep it original

For branding, a logo must be unique. You may opt for logo design inspiration ideas from different sources but never lose your originality. Otherwise, the purpose will not be solved.

  • Keep it simple

People remember a logo when it is simple and easy to understand. Keep it in mind right from brainstorming and sketching.

Logo design ideas for business

A logo is one of the most important parts of branding for any business. Here are the essential aspects of simple logo design ideas that need extreme attention from a professional logo designer:

  • Understand why the business needs a logo

If the market is competitive and industry is full of competitors with more or less equal potential, the business needs a logo. Even if the market is not competitive, the business concept is rather new to the market, the business needs to keep the market aware of their existence and create a strong customer base before competitors start popping up.

  • Find the brand identity of the business

A logo represents the brand’s personality. On the other hand, for the new companies, a logo develops a brand’s personality. In both cases, it is necessary to have a clear idea of how what is the brand identity or what would be the brand identity. Once, the brand identity is defined, you will be able to design an appropriate logo for the client.

  • Check the market position and competitiveness

If there are large numbers of players in the market, you have to create a distinction. Observe the logo design trends of the market. For example, if the industry trend is monochrome, you can opt for a colourful or thematic logo to stand out. If the business is new in the market, the business needs recognition. In that case, you can choose wordmark or emblem for making company name and vision vivid to the customers.

  • Get the inspiration for the logo design job on behalf of the business –

The toughest part of logo design is the inspiration. You have to start somewhere.

Sometimes, you may need external sources for inspiration.

  • Evaluate all possible logo options that will suit the business and help in branding

Evaluating all possible options need patience and intensive research. When the purpose is clear, as discussed above, you will be able to select the right option promptly.

  • Choose the right colour combination

Colours bear hundreds of different meanings. The psychology behind the colours is quite complex. Every colour has some sorts of emotions attached to them. You have to be aware of the basics of colour psychology.

  • Design a few options as per the client’s idea, your idea, and business concept

Know what your client wants, discuss your own ideas with the client, and understand the business concept while conceptualizing a logo design. You have to create a few varieties and present those to the client. Through your discussion with the client, the most suitable one will come out. If required, refine it to keep the balance of the basic parameters.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.