How to Design a Memorable Logo from Scratch (7 Steps)

Designing a memorable logo is an art of visuals. Your logo is the first encounter with your brand’s identity, and you need to have it right. For building a successful business, it is essential to pay attention to your branding because it is the key to create trust. The logo you make should be simple and easily remembered for anyone.

Please do not confuse yourself between your logo and your brand. Your brand identity is different, and you build it separately. However, the logo is the face of your brand. Your logo is your citation because it travels everywhere with your product, and designing a memorable logo will help you engage costumers with your business.

Even if you have a tight budget, you deserve a great custom logo. So, let’s talk about the process of designing your memorable logo from scratch, i.e., from choosing colours, fonts, and elements to the topography and simplicity. Keep reading!

7 easy steps to Design a Memorable Logo from Scratch

Develop your brand identity and personality

The first step towards designing a memorable logo is to create a brand identity and give personality to your business. Creating a brand identity before designing your logo is crucial because it gives you a clear picture of what is brand is, who your target audience is, why you are in this business, and who your competitors are.

You are advised to do proper market research and study your competitor’s logo if any. This will make sure what your audience wants and the market demands.

Inspire yourself

Humans get ideas from inspiration. This makes them think and design better visuals. If you do not have any idea from where to begin, you can always draw a mind map and then work upon each element. The most challenging task is to get started.

You should watch a different logo of your existing competitors. See what colours they used, the font style, and their elements. Study how their logo is defining their brand, products, and how it behaves with the costumers.

Choice of elements

Once you have built a successful brand identity and a personality for yourself and looked for inspiration, the chances are high that you have broken pieces of your memorable logo. Now, you need to start integrating those pieces slowly. Start with your elements. Think of the elements that you want in your logo. They are the number of different visuals available in a logo.

For example, Disney Channel has two elements in its logo. First is the Disney Channel font, and the second is the Mickey Mouse-ear.

You can scribble or sketch down the elements differently on two different sheets. It’s okay if you do not still know how to combine the pieces.

Colours and fonts

Now you have all the elements drafted; your primary task is to choose colours and fonts for designing your logo. For example, if you have an organic brand personality, you should not miss choosing green. Similarly, if your brand is energetic, warm, and radiant, you can always go with orange. You see, every colour has different properties. Hence, you should always keep everything connected if you want to design the best business logo for your brand.

Every font has its property. Do a professional memo and a tattoo have the same font design? No.

What is the biggest reason behind it? It’s the property associated with each font. Serif font is associated with history and traditions. In contrast, Arial is more like a professional and an official font mainly used to write memos, notices, and manifestos.

So, the choice of colour and font is of the utmost importance when you design a memorable logo.

Want to get a luxurious logo?

Create as many different versions you can

You have all the significant elements, the colour, and the font you need in your memorable logo. Start brainstorming with all your options. You can bring together all your ingredients and fonts and colours in a different way. The best advantage of brainstorming is that you might get something innovative, modernized, and unique design for your logo that is better than what you thought your logo to be.

 Bring critiques

Once you brainstorm and get how you want your logo to look, its time to bring feedbacks. Remember that your logo is not yours. It is your audience’s property. It is your customer who will be the sole user of your logo. Hence, it would help if you never were egoistic while designing a memorable logo.

Scrutinize all the feedback you receive from your friends, families, and colleagues. Introspect on what they said and think about ways of improving it. If you want, you can present your logo to your friends with a set of questions for better results.

Sharpen your design

With all the lovely critiques, you must also have got some critical feedback. Its time for you to polish your design to make it better Highlight all the essential things you received in the input and look for small miniature changes your design demands. The change may be minimal, but it matters in business.

After working on your feedbacks, your logo will look more apparent. It will be well refined and will speak what you want to say in your absence. After all, you designed your logo to speak on your behalf.

Let us Conclude?

Hola! You have learnt all the crucial steps to take care of when designing your business logo straight from scratch. Having no idea of where to being, once a daunting looking task, now sounds easy and fun.

When you design your logo, keep a few things in mind that are important. Make sure that your logo is straightforward to remember and has a story to tell.

Build yourself a creative, unique looking logo that provokes your audience to take positive actions on your brand and your product. Be honest with your brand, and your brand will reward you with great success.

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