10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2020

Top 10 Logo Redesigns 2020

With changing market demands, businesses across the world make a change in their products and services. This compels them to also make elemental changes in their logos to reach more audience and to keep them engaging. New logos bring those developments with them and represents businesses in a better and sophisticated way.

Redesigning your brand logo is of enormous importance if you are looking to be more effective now, in this new dawn of globalization.

The best way to understand this is by constantly researching the market. Researchers find that stable customization of a logo brings more fortune to the company. Also, the global market has changed itself in a way never seen before. With more eyes now on the internet it is easy to spot a brand. So, you need to be sure that your brand identity is such that it invokes the viewer to act.

Wasting no time, let us quickly study some of the best logo redesigns of 2020. This will give you a better insight into why it is important and how you can design your logo this year. 

Best Logo Redesigns of 2020

1. Netflix Logo Redesigns

Netflix Logo Redesigns 2020
Netflix Logo Redesign 2020

It seems years now when the OTT behemoth was a mail-order DVD rental company. With a change in their business style, a logo redesign was due to its customers. Today, as Netflix’s success can be defined with the type of jaw-dropping shows it produces it has got a great logo as a brand identity as well.

The old logo was great, but times have now changed. The newer version of Netflix logo is smarter and better. It has left behind the shadow of being just a DVD rental company by making itself available in every binger’s device.

2. Disney Channel Logo Redesign 2020

Disney Channel Logo Redesign
Disney Channel Logo Redesign

Disney brought a drastic change in its logo design last year. They have now completely changed the elements and the letters. The new design is a modern adaptation of Disney’s last logo. However, the last logo had Mickey Mouse ears as the dominating element followed by the font. The logo redesign now focuses more on “Disney Channel” font with Mickey Mouse ears being a part of ‘I’ to show its legacy.

The logo redesigning looks simpler has fewer characters and focuses more on Disney rather than Mickey Mouse. This is a way to let the world know that Disney is more than just Mickey Mouse show. 

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3. BMW Logo Redesign

BMW logo redesigns
BMW logo redesign in 2020

One of the most loved German cars, the “BMW” has undergone a major change in its logo design. The company has redesigned its logo to make it more print and online friendly. This came because marketing strategies are changing across the world. Advertisements generate more revenues through online marketing.

BMW launched a new redesigned logo to make it 2D so that to easily communicate in digital and print format. The logo has brought a new logo design trend in the market for businesses that evolved through decades and the change they must go.

4. GoDaddy Logo Redesign

GoDaddy Logo Redesign
GoDaddy Logo Redesign

Ever since its launch, GoDaddy has transformed its logo several times. Each time they redesign their logo it is better, simple, and has lesser characters in their logo. The latest logo of GoDaddy is amazingly simple with G and O shaped like a heart. 

Logos with fewer characters have more impacts. GoDaddy gives a great lesson of moving forward with time and providing what the market demands. 

5. Marriott

Marriott Logo Redesign
Marriott Logo Redesign

One of the world’s most loved hospitality company has recently done a great job by redesigning its logo. Though the previous version was great as well the company shortened the logo by just keeping its iconic “M” as their logo extracting the entire Marriott name. This way they got an elegant logo and stayed honest with their brand identity.

This is one of the best examples of redesigning your logo and staying true to your brand identity. Marriott truly won the hearts of a lot of designers across the world by gifting this logo design trend this year.

6. Cadbury

Cadbury Logo Redesigned
Cadbury Logo Redesigned

One of the most loved family-oriented brand “Cadbury” has recreated its historic logo 2020. The dazzling change was brought with digital execution. The company introduced a few simple font changes and a change in colour. The colour chosen looks a bit romantic and attractive than the former one.

Cadbury came in the limelight with the amount of money they invested in getting a simple redesigned logo in 2020

7. Adobe

Adobe Logo Redesigns
Adobe Logo Redesigns

The American multi-giant in software has also gone through a good logo redesigning this year. Adobe needed to enhance its brand identity as the company is getting more diverse and sees a growth in its customers. Adobe’s change is much justifiable if you see its market growth in the last few years. 

The logo has not gone with a lot of changes, but the update has surely refined its brand presence in the market.  A lot needs to be learnt from Adobe’s business strategy with the way it brings small changes in huge amount and changes how one sees the company.

8. Visa Before/After Logo Redesigns

VISA Logo Redesigns
VISA Logo Redesigns

Visa, one of the leading financial service providers, brought a change in its logo last year. However, there is no new element in the redesigned update, but it still looks phenomenal. The company has just brought a little change in its font colour, keeping the font style and the boldness unchanged.

The yellow colour in the older version was removed, and the new version has only one single colour in it. However, the colour in the new version is also kept fading as one moves from V to A. Surely, one of the simplest yet the best logo redesigns in 2020.

9. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor Logo Redesigns
Tripadvisor – 2020 Logo Redesigns

The review website for hospitality, tour, and tourism has also redesigned its logo this year. The logo came with some significant changes which were needed to quote them as a strong brand. The font has been capitalized in the newer version, and all the colours have been subtracted. Tripadvisor’s iconic owl friend has been kept the same with a single colour, and the logo has increased its boldness.

10. Birds Eye Old/New Logo Redesigns

Birds Eye Logo Redesigns
Birds Eye Logo Redesigns

The UK based grocery giant, Birds Eye is the best example of adding glitters and freshness to the business by logo redesigning. The new logo of Birds eye looks neat and clean and bold. The colours have brought a sense of life to the logo with the structure of a bird’s eye.

The former logo was less lively, and it needed an update for a long time. By redesigning the logo, birds-eye did a great job of rebuilding its legacy in their Europe-wide branches.


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Closing words

Does your business have a modernized logo? When was the last time you redesigned your logo? Maybe, its time to decide about redesigning your logo to increase customer engagement with your brand. Also, getting a new logo for your brand will boost your brand’s confidence to target a new audience and brag its digital presence.

You will be reward with great fortune if you keep your maths right while redesigning your logo.

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