10 Big Logo Design Trends for 2020!

What does your mind acquires when you think of branding?

It’s simple, branding is the face of a company that associates several aspects of a business with the customers, prospects, and broader audience. Therefore, branding must be unique. However, you cannot state that branding is independent. Every year, there are certain logo design trends that are strictly followed by a huge number of companies. Remember, branding is unified and hence, it must convey the message with the values of the company.

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Building a strong brand requires success which is then derived by creativity. Being a business owner or graphic designer, the first step is to understand the strong points and elements of a business that make the same stand as an individual. When it comes to business identity, the focal point automatically shifts to the pattern and design of the logo. Even if the business owner is an artist, he/she prefers transferring the task to a professional logo designer.

So, let’s take a look at the latest logo design trends for 2020.

1. 3D gradients in logo designs

3d logo design trends 2020
3D Logo Design Trends 2020

Gradients are the best ways to configure a group of colors into a zestful spectrum that gives the feeling of life and energy. Gradients are one of the most vibrant concepts in custom logo formation. The newest evolution of gradients has come up this year to establish 3D effects and depth in logos. Tapered gradients are the most preferred as they meet to a central point and emphasize the distinction with appropriate colors. Remember, gradient logo designs may create complications in terms of printing but are certainly perfect for screens.

2. Cartoon logos

Cartoon Logo Design Trend 2020
Cartoon Logo Design Trend 2020

As per the latest logo design trends, designs in the form of a cartoon are often associated with optimism, fun and cheerful mood. If your brand is based on these, do not underestimate the power of cartoon logos. These logos are perfect for winning the hearts of thousands of potential clients. With the first glance, your branding venture will be successful. You may also wish to add the effect of animation to boost the bliss of viewers. Adding some attractive cartoon animations has become a new trend in the modern corporate world.

3. 80’s throwback logo design – Vintage Logo Design

80’s Logo Design Trending in 2020

The essence and hue of the ’80s are never an outdated version. In the modern era, the cool aspects of the 80s are surprisingly welcomed by many companies in the corporate world across the globe. Whether it’s pop music, games, or video, the attitude of the 80s is never a heritage. This is the year where we will experience the resurgence of 80’s in logo design trends. The throwback vintage logos with chrome, neon and pixel designs are great for a business logo design trend.

4. Adaptive logos

The enhancements of ever-greater root and digital capabilities from the perspective of technology have major significance in our lives. The same has a significant role when it comes to logo designing. The perspective of viewers keeps changing depending on the media through which they are viewing your company logo. Therefore, whatever you plan for the logos, make sure that it is adaptive in every screen. It’s very usual when the ornaments and aesthetic of the logo is reduced when the size gets decreased. To deal with such an issue, hire a professional graphic designer who works according to modern logo design trends. Like the markets, companies are emphasizing their logos to get extra mileage in the market.

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5. Motion graphics and videos

Logos are seen as stationary and still, wherever they are. The recent trends in logo design are about to change this concept. These days, both animation and video have become an integral part of visual branding. This trend will be continued in 2020 to create engaging advertisements on various social media platforms. 

6. Raw and imperfect logos

Raw Logo

Logos that are hand-drawn have special significance. The celebration of drawing and writing boosts the aesthetic appeal of a company’s brand. If you want to stay away from sleek and perfect logo design, change the trends and go for sketchbooks. Asymmetrical designs, shading techniques, and uneven lines are ruling the industry of graphics and thus, imperfect becomes perfect for branding.

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7. Creative letter logos

letter logos

Logos are usually based on aesthetics with distinctive images. As per the modern logo design trends, designers are using various techniques so that logos can speak while keeping the same, simple and attractive. Letters are being introduced with smart forms of art to make them look scintillating.

8. Off the grid logo design trends

Off The Grid Logo Design Trends

Previously it has been seen that brands want to play it safe while pouring the color inside the lines. However, the recent logo design trend focuses on loose designs that break out of the structured grid. This allows the designs to break free from tradition and achieve a free composition. If you want to incorporate such a unique design without creating a mess and chaos for the viewers, consider hiring a professional team that works according to modern logo design trends.

9. Logos with super-thin lines

logo trends using super thin lines

Trends in logo design are making a strong presence with ultra-thin lines. Designers are looking to envelop the creativity with super-delicate lines to create effects that work significantly on the digital sphere of branding. The extreme level of detail is sure to give the logos the feeling of enthralling and complex.

10. Stability in logo design trends

Minimalist Logo Design Trends 2020

The overall objective of logo design is stability. Work with a professional team that ensures and maintains stability while being creative. Whatever you plan to design, make sure to make your logo simple and classic. Simplified logos with distinctive appearances are certainly making a strong comeback in the year 2020. 

Follow these modern logo design trends and be on the top. Delicately designed logos say a lot when it comes to branding. It’s smart to work with a skilled person who can create wonder in logo design. In 2020, logos will get more important as this single aspect is powerful enough to change the whole market scenario. A small company can surpass the giant competitor in terms of the number of viewers or footfalls just because of the embedded science and art in their logo.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.