10 Best Physical Fitness Logos For Gyms & Yoga Studios

Whether you are an owner of a small gym or you own a large fitness center, you need to differentiate your business from your competitors. There are a growing number of trends and tools that are available in the market that make it easier to grow your fitness center via intelligent marketing. Proper branding and marketing of your gym or yoga studio are extremely important when you want to create a distinctive and successful brand image. The providers of fitness centers often realize how important branding is, but they fail to understand the importance of physical fitness logos for their brand. 

A well-designed and good logo for your fitness center and gym brand is important for visual branding and it creates a long-lasting business reputation in the minds of your customers. A fitness company logo must be price, unique and according to the branding efforts and should incorporate the right colors. A logo is the first thing that customers should notice, it should be attractive and good, whether you place it on your brochure or website.

Some of the physical fitness logos for gyms and yoga studios include the following:

1. Circles in fitness center logos

Simple Gym Logos
Circle in Physical Fitness Logos

One aspect of a fitness center logo is using a circle. Teams and communities gather in circles for sharing energy and information. No one is in the back and no one is in the front thus showing a balanced hierarchy of like-minded people. Circle also has several other significances like it defines a group closely bonded and group working together for a common purpose, etc. 

2. The lotus pose in your Yoga studio

Lotus Shape in Yoga Logos

One of the cool fitness logos is the lotus pose. Lotus pose is inherently related to “Yoga” and it is also used in different postures of “Asanas”. This sets the minds of students at ease. This pose does not intimidate a novice and sitting implies peace and stillness. This is a visual way to say you can come in, the water is fine.

3. Keep the logo clean and simple for your gym logo

Simple Fitness Logos

Fitness brand logos should say a story. The story may be the philosophy or the origin of your brand or the USP. Do not include too many things, keep the logo simple and do not make it complicated. Keep in mind, logos for gym and yoga studios have to be very clear and vibrant because the studios are meant for keeping people fit and healthy. 

4. Use shapes to create the best fitness logos

Fitness Center Logos

Geometric shapes, as well as black and white color, are just not the trends in this fashion industry; you can use them in fitness centers too. Simplicity is the key these days in wellness logos and you can replicate them by experimenting with new shapes and symbols in lowercase text. It is better if you can use one or more geometrical shapes depicting a Yoga posture. 

5. Be Colorful To Attract Fitness Enthusiasts

Zumba Dance Fitness Logos

One of the best fitness logos is to get colorful. Watercolors are fun and the best alternatives. But the choice of color needs to be very selective. Yoga or gym studio color themes need to be very vibrant. It can be a combination of two or three colors or it can be a combination of multi-colors. Some designers possess multifaceted skills and they can turn the design ideas from a custom lettering or watercolor painting to a digital design within no time.

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6. Move away from conventional health fitness branding colors

Minimalist Gym Logos

Rather than using harsh reds and bright greens, you can use a minimalist or neutral palette or you may opt for an unexpected color including yellow or purple for your fitness center logo design. You can try earthy tones, light blues, or silver and gold highlights.

7. Sacred geometry

Geometry shape in Yoga Logos

One of the fitness logos inspirations is using the logo of sacred geometry. Yoga is mainly built on three elements including mental focus, breathing, and the physical pose. All these three parts are related to one other and also to the yoga as a whole. A geometric design may be a metaphor for yoga. It is seen as a part of the relationship or as a whole. 

In many fitness company logos, they include a benefit in the logo design. It is a good idea to include an element, which people can recognize easily including muscles or gear when you are in the fitness business. These elements have been used already and you may opt for something creative for your logo design. You can incorporate additional advantages that your brand logo has to offer you such as good music. This way people will have reasons to select your services over your competitors.

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8. Use a heart symbol in your physical fitness logos

Heart Icon In Fitness Logos

Most women remain at the forefront of a health wellness center and often branding is feminine. From skincare brands to yoga studios to spiritual centers to fitness apparel, more businesses aim to create centers only for women and they choose a heart-centered branding approach. Hearts are a very common symbol for any business related to women. There are multiple ways you can replicate the heart shape design and use it in your yoga studios.

9. Bold and sleek branding

Bold Physical Fitness Logos

Bold and sleek branding work quite well for fitness centers. Bright colors and unique designs can showcase the services offered by these centers and they can attract people.

10. Person-focused physical fitness logos

Physical Fitness Logos

Person-focused logos with women or men flexing or holding a dumbbell is a good logo design idea. You can choose tool focused logos that feature logo equipment mainly kettle-bells, dumbbells, and boxing gloves.

So, if you want to create a logo for your yoga studio or a health fitness center, you can choose any one of the above-mentioned designs. Try to choose something that is creative or that has a special meaning. You have to understand the brand and most important is the message that you want to convey through your logo. After you find out answers to these questions, take your own time and do a lot of research.

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