What is a good and remarkable logo design in 2021

Everything you need to know about Logo design

Logos are any image, text, shape, or a combination of all the designed to depict the name, value, core principle, and purpose of a business.

logo design should always be more than just a mere symbol of identification

A good logo design is something that tells the company’s story, generally by conveying and spreading the brand message. Now, this can be done in a way that tends to connect your audience emotionally.

Logos are the brand identity or the face of any organization. Therefore, it needs to be something that clearly depicts your brand. However, a big question that arises is that what logos do, what they are made of, and how does a logo design help in building brand recognition. And today we are going to discuss just that.

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What logo designs do?

A logo is more than just a pretty look. They sever a purpose and many functions. Some of the most significant functionality of logos are-

  • Logos make brands stand out of competition
  • A great logo design helps identify key information about your brand
  • Building brand recognition
  • Logos help build a great first impression provoking customers and target audience to interact with brands.
  • Helps a brand to easily stay in people’s concise and fostering brand loyalty.

Therefore, the logo design should be one of your high priority tasks whenever you are starting a new business or eyeing towards expanding your business. However, how? How do you make this happen?

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Logo designs and their elements

A logo design as discussed earlier is any image, text, shape or mixture of all. This means that there are a few elements that integrates to form a good logo design.

Color: Playing the psychology

Any image, text or anything, in general, has a color. In logos, colors go far beyond aesthetic appeals. They are one of the core communicators the message you want to spread. You can easily tell your brand personality with the type of colors you use in your logo design. Your audience will know if you’re serious or excited, innovative or wholesome, timeless or stable.

Now, your colors in the logo can be single or multi-color. However, always remember that using more than three or four colors is a worrisome option. You should instead use monochromatic colors. The color of your logo design will seep with all your products and will travel everywhere your product goes. This means that you should always be wise while choosing color.


Typography is the letters or the alphabets your see in logos, that are arranged with some consistency. Basically, most of the non-design folks think this to be similar to the font, but that’s not what it means.

Logos are designed in single letter, monogram, or even with the full name of the business and the tagline.  Typography is important as, unlike colors they can also tell the mood and the personality of the brand. One should be wise and take pragmatic scrutiny before choosing typography for his logo design.


In a logo design, an image can range from a mere simple arrow to a detailed synopsis of a particular abstract. An image can be an icon, a symbol, a picture that is able to embody something that you sell or the value your brand stands for.

If you are looking forward to choosing an image, you should always remember that your logo is likely to get resized depending on the place or the arena it will be placed. Therefore, you should always try to get an image that looks clear and scalable.


Taglines generally come with the name of the business or with the image of the logo. It comprises of a sentence or catchphrase that is designed to hook the audience or clarify what accompany does.

Logo designs are not accompanied by a tagline in general. However, you can always take it under consideration if your logo image is an abstract or a concept of Harmony. The tagline has the capability of communicating the brand’s value but does not tell your customer anything related to your business.

What makes a logo design remarkable?

Every company that is in a good position has a logo that is different. However, does all the logo design in the market become a hit? Of course not! There are a few areas where logo designs win and get tagged with the best in the industry.

There are four significant goals that one should starve to achieve when creating a logo design.


The best log design is the one which resonates with its target audience. Logos aren’t just representing a company, but also the people who they speak with. For example- you will not use bright, and happy colors for a funeral home. If you do, you fail because the target audience will not be able to connect with your logo colors.

Easily readable

For wordmark logs that comprise of texts only, make sure that your logo is easily readable and understood from just a glance. If your target audience is forced to decipher what the logo design means or what’s written on it, they will not stay for more than a second.

Distinction is important

A good starting point is from taking inspiration from industry trends. However, remember that the goals of a logo are to differentiate brands from their competition.

Being distinct is equals to being memorable, and that is what will remind your customers why the brand is one in the industry and why they should always be loyal to you.

Scalability is the key

Logos are placed prominently across various media channels, and all vary in sizes. This is because the best logo designs are versatile, and they can easily scale to fit any brand that encounters.

Where are your logos used?

The first rule of branding says that your logo should be placed everywhere and anywhere your company, product or your brand is represented. Some of the important areas where your company and your product are represented are-

  • Website
  • Business Card
  • Marketing Materials
  • Presentations
  • Company Communication like letters, envelopes
  • Social Media
  • Accessories and stationaries

Some of the best examples of logo designs


Apple’s logo design is so simplistic and simply represents the brand name with a single, mono-color image. The little innovation in the bite taken out of the fruits represents “BYTE”- the foundation of computers. 


Did you ever notice the use of white space between the alphabet E and X that makes the forward arrow? Something that represents that the delivery is forwarded towards its destination all the time. And the wordmark typography enormously simple.


The retail giant inspired by the Amazon river has a great logo as well, no doubts. The arrow beneath the name implies that Amazon is capable to sell every product from A to Z, curved with a shape of a smile denoting that they always keep their customers happy.

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