4 Amazing ways to create an impactful logo for your brand in 2021

How to create an impactful logo for your brand

An eye-catchy logo is an essential aspect of your branding. It helps in introspecting the company’s brand personality and gives more opportunity to the audience to interact with the brand. We have always talked about how influential a powerful tool a logo is.

Designing a logo needs dedication, creativity, and several technical ingredients. However, a lot of people are still unknown to the theory behind it. Hence, in this article, we have combined all the necessary information on how you can create a great, impactful logo for your brand. Before that, we will be talking about three important characteristics of an impactful logo.

Four critical characteristics of an impactful logo

Three critical characteristics of an impactful logo

1. Appropriate and Simple

Simplicity always wins, and you know that. An impactful logo can never be complicated and perplexing. Your logo should have the authenticity of communicating something briefly. On the other hand, the logo should also be appropriate for your business. For example, Burger King has the logo of a sizzling hamburger that is appropriate to its business. On the other hand, its competitor, McDonald, has a simple M as its logo.

2. Original and Versatile

An impactful logo design never misses originality. To stand out in the competition crowd, you and your business need to have an original logo. An original logo always has to be versatile so that you can use it in different aspects. You see, a logo is used on websites, social media, posters, business cards, etc. Hence, it is equally essential that you have a logo that looks great in all different arena.

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3. Timeless and Memorable

Your logo should always have a target audience. It would help if you always considered your people before framing the message you want to convey. No matter how effectively you target your message and your people, your logo should always be memorable and remain in the viewer’s concise.

Okay, but how to create an impactful logo?

Whenever you start designing a logo, it is ultimately hard to acknowledge where to begin. However, not anymore. The following are the best way to start with your logo.

4. Start with Study

study of  an impactful logo deign

To decide what your logo synchronizes with the brand associated with, it is vital to understand who your competitors and your customers are. It would be best if you also analyzed how the audience reacts to different trends and shows.

Once you’re up to with all these researches, you will have to start describing your brand. You will have to make pointers of how you will do different things than your competitors and carry forward your core values to your audience. In short, you will have to start studying your brand closely and the industry you are in. With the help of the small points you will collect, will you be able to form an eye-catchy logo.

  • Brainstorm with logo options in the market

Today, you have tons of logo options to consider when you design a impactful logo. There are various types of logo options present.

  • There are logos with just the names of the company.
  • Coca-Cola, Vans, Sony are a few examples.
  • It is essential to understand the presence of small elements within the logo.
  • Small elements in the logo are not those logos that are considered in this category.

The second excellent logo design option is using only symbols to represent your logo.

  • These are just symbols having a direct or indirect connection with the brand.
  • Pepsi, Nike, Benz, Chevrolet are some of the examples.
  • Using symbols is one of the easiest and the most successful logo for your brand identity.
  • This is also because symbols are versatile and easy to remember.

The third is the use of both symbols and wordmarks. These do not leave viewers guessing which company it is.

  • As the title suggests, these are combinations.
  • Lacoste, Puma, Bluetooth are some of the examples.
  • These are great to remember when you see as the name of the brand is already present.
  • It also gives you a platform to showcase creativity, as FedEx did with its great logo.
  • Keep it symmetric and unique

To make a logo have symmetric is especially crucial for your brand. Never let your logo get weighed out in balance. This will have a negative impression on your viewers. Get things balanced at the ratio of 50:50.

Your logo deserves to be unique to stand out from the competition. To stand out of the crowd will need a lot of speculation to be made. However, the fruits will be highly impressive. A unique logo will win you a lot of potential clients and will serve you with high revenue.

  • The choice of the right color, font, and element is of utmost importance.

This is written everywhere on every wall of the logo design theory. There is nothing as important as these three things are the brick and stone of your logo. These are the raw materials that will shape your end product.

Hence, let us start with the character of the right color. It’s simple. You need to move forward with a few easy tricks professionals suggest with years of experience.

  • Use color psychology. Try using colors that suits well with the morale of the message your logo design is trying to deliver.
  • Do not rainbow your logo.
  • Use no more than three colors.
  • Use monochromatic colors.

Second, on the list is using the right font. Now, here is where a lot of designers go amiss.

  • Use only one font throughout your logo.
  • Use a font that has easy readability at even low resolution.
  • Look for a different typeface before finalizing.
  • Read about the historical use of the font you are choosing and see if it matches your message’s mood.

The last and one of the most eye-catchy things is the element of the logo. The choice of elements and how to use it shows your creativity and your hardship in the logo. To keep it right, follow these few points.

  • Keep the element directly with no external meaning that is offensive. When you connect to the masses, you need to take care that no one is hurt using certain elements or icons.
  • Never use any icon directly that is available on the internet. Always make sure you have added your flavor. Skipping this may lead to copyright issues in the future.
  • Always make sure to portray some of your creativity in the element.
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