Luxury Logos: 5 Ways To Create A Brand Of Affluence

An Insight About Creating A Luxury Logo

Luxury is all about sophistication, influence, and richness. So, if you want to establish a luxurious brand you need to have a luxury logo design for your brand. Your logo will be the step towards creating a brand of affluence. A luxury logo is vital to tweak a feeling of grace, excellence, and opulence.

However, creating a luxury logo for your brand is a little different from your normal logo design. Now, this is because you focus on one of those things that people love the most, and that is lavishness.

Therefore, today in this guide we will give you a brief insight on how you can create a brand full of Affluence for yourself.

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Elements You Need For A Luxury Logo

Well, there are certain elements that you need for a successful luxury logo design. These are no different from any general logo design that you see but they come with a little difference. Let’s see!

A Generous Monogram

A monogram logo is just a simple use of letters or alphabets (one or two). They are commonly placed beside each other, overlapped, or sometimes up and down. Now, most of the time, these alphabets are either the name of the founders of the brand itself.

Gucci and Chanel are the two most famous luxury brands that use a monogram logo.

If you see Gucci’s logo design, it has two Gs overlapped with one another. This intersection along with the Serif font is unique, and the symmetrical shape is versatile making it one of the most desired luxury logo designs of the world.

Chanel uses the same logo design inspiration as Gucci with the same use of Serif font with the initial of the brand overlapped as 2 Cs.

A luxurious minimalism

The simplicity of the logotype works magnificently well as a luxury logo design because it has a great impact on the viewers. A minimalistic luxury logo is generally black, with a simple font, no 3D effect and they leave behind a lot of negative space.

The two best examples of minimalistic logo designs are Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry.

The logo design of D&G is as simple as the name looks. Created by the initials of the two designers who established this luxury logo, the luxury logo design does all the justice with a simple logo design. With no extra space, or unnecessary elements the logo is impactful.

Burberry after redefining the logo design in 2018 came up with a minimalistic logo design after leaving behind its mounted knight. The brand left behind the best element of the logo design because they wanted to get in the trend with the digital era. This also says a lot about how a minimalistic luxury logo design plays a great role in establishing a digital logo design.

Polished And Revised Lines

If you want to brand yourself as a luxury brand, target the high-income class, or sell expensive items, you can get lines rolling as a part of your logo design.

These lines carry elegancy, gratitude, and are often hard to pull off. However, being associated with luxury and affluence, designing a logo like this is quite costly. However, in the age of computers, the software can pull this off pretty easy and the subconscious link between the two makes it a luxury logo design.

Using Emblems

A great fact about emblems is that it is often associated with prestige, high-quality and tradition. An emblem is generally used by any company to brag about the history of the brand and its success.

The best example of an emblem used as a luxury logo design is Bentley.

The luxury car manufacturer is one of the most loved cars in the world handcrafted for affluence and luxury. The company uses a logo with B having wings on both its side. This is Bentley’s way of telling the world that they value speed and power more than anything in this world.

Getting The Right Font

You already know by now how important fonts are for your luxury logo design. However, two fonts are most respectful when it comes to designing a luxury logo. Serif is the most used font by most of the luxury brands that you see in this world. Name it Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Armani, or Prada all of these brands use Serif as their font.

Now, Why Serif?

This is because it is a family of that font style that ends with a stiff flick. You can easily find this font on newspapers, and books but a little less on the digital world when compared to that of the offline endeavor.

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Serif as a font style is generous and is mostly known for its authority over the readers, and the grace it carries.

Another font style that is only made for luxury logo design use is Script fonts. These are handwritten font styles with the perfect strokes that are sufficient to create luxury and affluence.

Get Your Luxury Logo Design Ready

There are plenty of ways to create a luxury logo design. It is important to be sure about what message you want to convey with your logo design and then choose the way.

However, all this will go in vain if you do not have the right skills required for designing a logo design. However, for an impactful logo design, the journey does not begin with design software. It starts with your brand itself. The first thing is not to create a rough sketch of your logo but to know what your brand is, who you designing for, and what you want from it.

And, once you have all the required details about these things, you can start with designing the logo of your choice. However, if you think that you are not capable of doing this, you can always ask for help from professionals.

All the Best!

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