Logo and Branding: What’s the 3 Major Difference?

Understanding the difference between logo and branding

Whenever we talk about logo there’s one term called “brand” that is always used in peripheral. And, as the conversation moves forward there is lesser to no difference between the two.

However, there is a huge difference between logo and branding which business owners and start-up founders misunderstand with.  If you are looking forward to building a robust brand for yourself, you must get your acquaintance with the difference sooner or later.

In today’s guide, we will be talking about the difference between logo and branding so that you are clear about their whataboutism.

LOGO- The Face Of Your Brand

A logo is simply a graphic of letters, emblems, or designs that are integrated to form the face of your brand. Your people generally remember you by the logo of your brand that is on your products, your company information, or your website and social media page.

To build yourself a successful brand identity you need to have a good logo because it helps to get recognition for your brand and helps you convey the personality and value that your brand carries.

However, that does not mean that the logo design for your company is your brand, as most people confuse it to be. It’s just a major part of your brand but not the whole brand.

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BRAND- Your Alter Ego

A brand is a collective feeling, idea, innovation, or product that your customers have about a specific company. Companies across the world work day and night to restore a specific image of their company before the world both directly and indirectly. Perhaps, your brand is the function of the same brand efforts made by your people about how your consumers receive these efforts.

A brand always changes with time as your actions, norms, and policies change. One should always understand that your brand is not formed instantly, and you cannot force it to be the way you want. You need to earn the reputation needed from your customer with the services that you give.

BRANDING- The Pillar Of Forming Your Brand

Now, as already said, a brand is not formed instantly, and that it needs time. However, it depends on your actions of what you do and how you do to form the brand. Branding refers to the process that the organization adopts for developing a successful brand. Unlike a brand, branding is an active process encompassing activities and decisions affecting the development of the brand identity.

The core principle where your branding starts is with the basic element of values and conviction your brand stands for. The process of establishing a brand (branding) involves designing a logo, the color that they deploy. In addition to this, branding also covers the voice of the company, what words it chooses when speaking, and sets the tone for the audience.

On a larger scale, branding covers the marketing and advertising of the brand, design them, and decide how it is to be presented to the audience. Therefore, in shorter terms, all the efforts made for making a successful brand are called branding.

Okay, so what about Brand Identity?

Branding does not stop to one or two attempts. It’s an ocean of different strategies, good or bad that earns you both positive and negative critics.

Branding is an attempt to create an identity that you want the world to see you in a particular way. This includes everything that we have covered like logos to setting up your social media page, to your branding.

Brand identity is the result of all your branding strategies including all the touchpoints that your company uses to express its value and its image.

Your brand identity encompasses of variety of different items that serve their purpose. Some of the most important aspects are-

Logo: The face of your brand that goes everywhere your brand or your product goes.

Business Stationaries: These include business cards, letterheads, or any information that you share with your clients or inside your organization.

Marketing Material: Your marketing material will be carrying some material like books, magazines, websites, or brochures.

Packaging: How you pack your products are one of the most essential things your customers care about. Therefore, you must consider packaging your products well.

Signage: How your brand looks from the outside (your office) to how things are inside (inside your office) is important for a great brand.

Advertisement: The way you communicate with a wide range of audiences via ads.

How To Build A Great Brand

Well, you need to understand that forming a brand does not come with a shortcut. Or a get this quick scheme. The one thing that you need to do is not just branding but also consistent branding. This is where most of the companies fail. And that is exactly where most of the companies fail to become great brands.

No matter if your strategies are paying you well or not. Consistent branding will pay you off in a long run. There might be adversities that may arise in a short term but again, if you are consistent, you can pull it off quite well.

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