21 Creative Advertisement Design Tips

Ultimate Advertisement Design Tips To Get Your Brand To The Next Level

The world of advertisements is infinite. As long as there are things to buy in a market, there would be some kind of advertisement related to it. Advertisements empower a product to establish its image in the minds of its customer. A good advertisement design looks attractive, presents accurate information and shows the product in a positive light which helps in driving up sales revenue from the product.

Now that we have entered 2020, advertisements today have become really creative. It is much more than just some plain text on a paper. Now we use phrases, images, digital art and so much more. The ease of use in technology has led the designers to create compelling Ad copies that look amazing.

You might be thinking how to design an advertisement?

So we have created a list of creative advertisement design ideas for your inspiration

21 Creative Advertisement design tips for you

1. Keep it Simple

Source : adsofheworld

You can fill your Ad Design with pictures, add highlighting features and all the reasons for buying the product. Or you can choose to keep it entirely simple. A simple yet effective advertisement design makes it more appealing and has a higher chance of being noticed. Also, simple designs look attractive to the eye and have a positive brand impact.

2. Including a Call to Action

Image: Monarto Zoo by Showpony Advertising

CTA (Call to Action) is a piece of an Ad copy that invites the audience to take an action related to the Ad. It is one of the important design elements while designing an Ad. Brands use CTA’s to direct the customer towards the emotion of the related product or the associated feelings towards the same.

Some of the widely used “Calls To Action” that you may have seen in social media ads, TV commercials are “buy now”, “get started”, “book now”, “sign up now”, “learn more”, etc.

So it is advisable to use such kind of call to actions while creating your advertisement designs. It may help you to drive more conversions and sales for your business.

3. Appeal to Niches

image: Wilkinson Sword by JWT, London, United Kingdom

While designing an ad, it is imperative to create a design that targets your audience. Talking to your audience in your advertisement designs creates customer trust and loyalty. If you have a broader target audience you can try to hold onto a single common characteristic of your target group and develop your ideas from there.

4. Use Visual Metaphors

Advertising Agency: DDB, Spain

Visual metaphors are used to represent a concept by comparing it with another concept which might be relatable or not. They provide a visual cue to the customer and give a deeper meaning to an Ad design. Using metaphors is a great way to attract the customer by presenting something that is unavoidable. While using a visual metaphor in your Ad design copy, you just have to make sure that your visual metaphor is obvious to understand. There is nothing worse than your audience not getting your metaphor.

5. Use Iconic Figures and Ideas

There are certain iconic things around the world. It can be anything; people, ideas, objects and concepts. Using these iconic figures and ideas into your Ad design will surely get it noticed. Adding an iconic thing in your Ad design will make your audience related to your Ad and helps with brand recall.

6. Don’t be Afraid to Exaggerate

Veet ad design
Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG, Spain

Exaggeration is an amazing advertising element. The implication of your product achieving something it can’t is a great concept when used purposefully. It can add creative visualisation and humor to your product branding if that’s something you want to do.

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7. Don’t Explain If you can Show it

Image: Curtis by Catzwolf

Ad Designs work best with minimalistic design. If you can show something to your Target audience, there is no point in explaining it. By Showing, you will actually come up with a creative representation of your Ad design rather than explaining it using plain text. Also, cutting down the explaining part helps in achieving a minimalistic design.

8. Make your Piece Interactive

Image: Berrge Tattoo by BÜRO

What’s better than a plain looking Ad? An Interactive Ad! Now this might seem a bit far-fetched idea but interactive ads make the customer interact more with the Ad Design. It helps in product branding and a better understanding of your products and servicing in the mind of the customer.

9. Keep Your Copy Short and sharp

durex ad design
Advertising Agency: Espiral DP, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Well, you might already know this by now, but your target customer has a much shorter attention span now. So, those lengthy Ad designs have become a thing of the past and people now just want something quick and exact. A Super short Ad design would really get noticed and paid attention to!

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10. Use Recognizable Symbols

Advertising Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia

We use a lot of symbols in our everyday life. There are a lot of worldwide recognized symbols which can be used in your next Ad design. Using recognisable symbols create a sense of familiarity in the mind of your potential customer.

11. Experiment while choosing colour

Nivea night cream advertisement design tip
Advertising Agency: TBWANEBOKO, Netherlands

As if we haven’t stressed it enough. Colour is a basic design element and should be taken as an important aspect while designing an advertisement. You can use different colours to emphasise on a specific emotion related to your product and target audience.

12. Create Movement

Image: Ajax by Y&R

Now we know that creating movement on a 2D design might seem an impossible task, but there are certain movements which can be highlighted just by using pictures. Creating a sense of movement in your Ad design would make it a more dynamic design that reaches out to the target audience in a more effective way.

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13. Say it in a New Way

Image: Ajax by Y&R

If you are thinking about taking references for your Ad designs from your competition, let’s just skip that for once and create a design that is fresh and offers a different and unique perspective about the design.

14. Get playful with your Medium

Image: Kibon by Renata El Dib

You can also draw attention to the medium of your Ad design by creating an Ad that creates depth and tells the audience about your product and the medium.

15. Use Leading Lines

Image: Celcom by M&C Saatchi

Leading lines are one of the important aspects of composition and can help add a sense of depth or uniformity. Also, leading lines in Advertising helps in creating a sense of direction and guides the audience.

16. Generate an Emotional Response

Unicef ad design idea
Image: Unicef by Lowe Digitel

A good advertisement design needs to generate an emotion. Be it happy, sad or sentimental, if an advertisement design can invoke an emotion, there are higher chances that the Ad would function better.

17. Usage of Repetition and Patterns

You can consider using Repetitive patterns in your advertisement design to create a sense of movement or a meaning. Repetitions make a customer more intrigued about the product.

18. Let your Audience Fill in the Blanks

Heinz Advertisement Design
Image: Heinz by Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Young & Rubicam

Try using hints in your Ad messaging enabling your customer to reach a particular conclusion. Just have some faith in your audience and try to attract their attention by inferring certain things about your Ad Copy.

19. Use Negative Space

Image: IBM by Ogilvy

Sometimes, using a negative space is considered as a good idea while designing an Ad copy. Negative spaces tend to put less important information in a more subtle form as we don’t pay much attention to the negative spaces.

20. Make them Stop and Stare

Advertising Agency: Cerebro Y&R, Panama

Consider hiding some elements in plain sight. Sometimes, hidden features can help in creating a stronger perception about the brand as it makes the customer stop and look at the Advertisement closely.

21. Let the Image Speak

Image: Lenor by Grey

You can probably do well with great copy writing, but using relatable images also make a huge impact. Using an image can sometimes help you create a minimalistic design and skip some features on copy which can be depicted by the image itself.


Now you have gone through 21 creative advertisement designs, so which one you liked the most?

Now it’s the time to analyse your product, look at your brand, and think creatively.

How would you design the perfect ad copy for your product? What medium can you use to promote it? Would a iconic figure work well, or perhaps a symbol, or maybe both?

Once you have the concept in your mind, let us help you to get the perfect advertisement design for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

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