How to get the best Brochure Design for your brand? [13 TIPS]

Best Brochure Design Ideas For Startups & Entrepreneurs

A brochure is an informative piece of paper used to highlight a company, product or a service. You might have seen various brochure designs lying around in bookshelves and libraries trying to catch your attention. It is one of the easiest forms of marketing that requires little effort and yields good results.

You might think that a brochure might have lost its importance in the modern world now that everything is done on the internet, but that is just not true. A professionally designed brochure can help your customers know more about your brand.

If you are planning to design a brochure for your brand, we would love to offer you some expert tips to help you design a professional brochure within no time! Let’s have a look

Professional Brochure Design Tips:

1. Understanding Your Objective

While designing a brochure, it is important to know the objective of your brochure design. There are a lot of ways a brochure can be designed and the usage can determine the type of designs to be used.

Before starting, try to get as much information about the need of your brochure design.  

2. Knowing Your Customers

A brochure is usually designed to communicate with a targeted audience. If you don’t communicate effectively with the type of audience you want to connect to, your brochure design won’t be effective. When you are designing a brochure for your brand, just make sure that your brochure design is appealing for your customers. If you are unclear about the likes and dislikes of your target audience, you can do a quick survey or get to know your customers better.

3. Being Creative is a Must

Now, as we know that with all kinds of design processes, your creativity is your biggest strength. So, the same goes for designing a good brochure. Creative designs make you stand out from your competition and gives you an edge to connect with your audience in a different way. Be unique and classy with your designs and make sure that your design attracts your targeted customers.

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4. Getting to the Point

Nobody likes a lengthy brochure! Overloading your brochure design with loads of information is a bad idea. No matter how tempted you might feel to fill the entire brochure with information regarding your product or service, we would strongly advise you against it. It will just confuse your readers and lead them nowhere. Instead, go for simple and eye catchy designs. Focus on what is important and start from there.

5. Avoiding Confusing or Big Words

Flashing your amazing vocabulary won’t be the best idea to create an amazing brochure design. It reduces the credibility of your brand. Instead, choose simple and easy to understand words. Your reader needs to understand the content in the brochure and it will be easy for your customers if you just stick to simple words.

6. Designing for Your Readers

Many designers make this mistake. Designers sometimes fail to design a brochure that the readers would be interested in and design something that they personally like. But the brochure design should be appealing to your target audience rather than making you happy about it. We get it that you don’t always like Neon colors, but if your brochure design calls for it, go for it!

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7. Focusing on the Headline

The headline is the first thing a customer sees in a brochure. If your brochure design has an amazing headline, it has a higher chance of being noticed. A good headline is informative and tells the reader about the whole brochure. If you are advertising something, the headline can tell the people about your product or service or what it can do for its users. Designers generally make the mistake of writing a sloppy headline that leads nowhere. So you might want to keep it more informative and relevant!

8. Adding a CTA (Call to Action)

A Call to Action or CTA is a marketing tool that is used to generate an immediate response asking the customer to do something that results in the sale of your product. Almost all marketing devices use a CTA and it is important for your brochure design as well. If you are designing an advertisement brochure, you can use action words such as Discover, Start, Shop, Buy Now and Try. However, there should be only one CTA in a brochure or else you will confuse your customers.

9. Choosing the Right Colours

Colours play a vital role in the whole design process. Period. While designing your Brochure, colors play an important role. Different colors generate different emotional responses from people. Some people have general affinity for some colors while some are related to develop stronger affinity towards the advertised product or service. So, choose your colors in a way that helps with the main messaging of the brochure and helps in catching the attention of the customer.

10. Adding Relevant Images

Brochures without images are boring. People tend to respond better when given visual cues such as images. Choosing relevant images in your brochure design will generate customer’s interest and make them interact with your brochure design. Just make sure that the images you choose are relevant to the subject of the brochure and are informative. Also, it would be a great idea to use genuine and paid images rather than downloading anything from the internet. If you have the budget for a photoshoot, it would be really helpful for your brochure design.

11. Designing Multiple Options

Everybody loves to have different options! So, if you think you can design multiple options for a single subject, the more the merrier! Giving a different visual option for a customer increases the chances of it being noticed. Also, if you plan to design multiple brochures, you can be really specific in targeting a group of people with a single design. This will help in an increased brochure reach and would definitely help your brand.

12. Choosing the Right Paper

The right kind of paper helps in delivering the right message to the audience. Choosing a high quality paper makes your brand look more distinguishable and helps you stand out from the competition. Sure some options might be a bit more costly than others, but it shows that your brand cares more about quality which is essentially a good thing. Some of the paper options that you can choose from are: Paper Stock, Card Stock, Glossy, Matter, Legal and Tabloid.

13. Font Restraining

When you design a brochure, it is possible that you might use a variety of fonts which you like. But in terms of creating a uniform design, choosing multiple fonts can discourage your potential customer to be interested in your brand. So, you might practice restraining your fonts and use not more than 3 fonts in a single brochure design. Also, if your company has a signature font, it might be a good idea to start from there!

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Well, with all this information, you will be all set to design a brochure for your brand. But, if you are looking for a more professional option, our expert designers can help you get a professional looking brochure design in no time! Start here!

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