Designfier Vs Fiverr: Which is the best choice for graphic design for 2021?

Before proceeding with Designfier Vs Fiverr, let see what graphic design is?

Graphic design is a segment of visual design in which the designer creates functional solutions and aesthetic appeal through visual communication applied to graphic pieces. The communication used in graphic design projects is carried out through the use of images, texts and illustrations that are distributed harmoniously, applying the necessary design fundamentals.

There are various online graphic designing tools that will help you to design your company logo or any other categories related to graphic design. But, Designfier and Fiverr are the two best online platforms where you get a lot more than graphic design.

These two platforms are made so that you can hire the best and qualified professionals all across the globe. Each of them promotes different features, characteristics, and benefits. Fiverr offers you the platform where you can hire a professional for any work, including graphic design. But, in Designfier, you get several professionals related to graphic design, including logo design, T-shirt Design, Book Cover Design etc.

But, when it comes to Designfier Vs Fiverr, let’s compare – which one will be better for us? 

Designfier Vs Fiverr: a quick comparison

What is Fiverr, and how it works?

Fiverr is the largest marketplace in the world that offers a wide market where you can easily buy and sell digital products and services. Founded in 2009, Fiverr International Limited is headquartered in Tel Aviv (Israel) and international office in San Francisco (California).

Fiverr is a meeting place where people from all countries can offer and/or acquire some of the most demanded services in the world of online business – writing, and translation of texts, website design, graphic design, digital marketing, video and animation, photography, SEO, web programming, business and finance, music/audio, fun, lifestyle and many more. As soon as you enter the web, you will realize the enormous range of possibilities that a market of these characteristics represents for any freelance worker.

Pricing of Fiverr

In the “Package name” field, enter a short title for the service you are offering. Describe the details of your offer in the corresponding field. Indicate the exact time (in days) it will cost you to finish the job. Include all the details about what you are going to offer in your service. Indicate the number of reviews you are willing to accept. Finally, indicate the price of your service (from $ 5 to $ 995). You can also choose the basic package to arrange a logo design contest.

Pricing for logo design on fiverr
Pricing for logo design on Fiverr

What options do you get?

You will get expert professionals all around the globe. Logo design, business cards and stationery, web and mobile design, illustration, portraits and cartoons, packaging design, etc. All you need to do is to post a request to get offers. Contact with best graphic design professionals, negotiate the rice and hire him. Easy chat to understand the project. A minimum to maximum amount is deducted from both the client and designers. You can get the best designer according to the ratings, experience, done project, earning, rates, etc. Professional designers have been vetted by Fiverr team.

What is Designfier, and how it works?

Designfier is a USA based company, and the leading creative platform in the world, which brings together a community of talented freelance designers with clients who are looking for graphic design solutions: from branding (logo, cards, … ) to the web, posters, brochures…

Thousands of graphic designers from all around the world are offering their services on this platform. You will indeed get the perfect designer according to your project, budget, and expectations. So that your dream project never suffer. Here is the opportunity to grow your business while hiring the best designer at an affordable price.

If you have enough creativity, you will surely find the professional suitable for you. This platform is helping the designers to be creative to any extent. So, don’t waste any time, and join this community of Graphic Design professionals. 

Pricing of Designfier

Slightly different than Fiverr, this platform uses another strategy. Designfier promotes design contest in different packages. These packages do not cost you more, rather than the average Fiverr project. Although, this platform offers truly high-end graphic design quality in less risk situation which is good for you (clients). In Fiverr, you have to monitor all the projects on your own once the designer is hired, at the seller’s level. But, Designfier promotes wellbeing.

It vets the designers, tries to solve the queries, and also mediates between client, and designer during the project. Hiring a professional designer through Designfier is a great solution.

Designfier – Logo Design Pricing

Below are the pricing options to get custom logo designs for your business

Basic – $ 129

• Quality logo design on a fixed budget

• More than 15 Designs

• Copyright & ownership

Standard – $ 229

• Most Popular

• More than 36 Designs

• 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Professional – $ 349

• Work only with mid and Top-Level designers

• More than 55 custom logo design concepts

• Social Media Promotion

Premium – $ 499

• Exceptional Top Level designers

• More than 70 Design Concepts

• Social Media Promotion

What options do you get?

Another aspect which is important is that Designfier specializes in design work projects, whereas Fiverr promotes a wide range of services including Graphic design. Here, we should consider the platform characteristics too. Fiverr platform is built to search for experienced freelancers in several different fields, while Designfier just promotes designers all around the globe. So, if you are looking for the best graphic design professional, be it a freelancer, or a part-timer with or without much experience, you can search in both platforms, but it is suggested to look into Designfier as it promotes design works only. It has specific search patterns and filters.

Design a contest – arrange for a logo design contest as per your budget, and requirement to choose the best designer immediately. You choose your favorite one.

Design anything – get the chance to work with a professional designer on a one-to-one platform. This is a very flexible option, especially for custom logo design.

Know your requirements and place the offer – visit the website, and let the Company know your idea. If you are new to Designfier then don’t worry, you will get professional support. They have attractive contest packages waiting just for you. 

Select the fittest designer – you will have the option to review each of the designer’s profile, work experience, and recommendations. Ask them for certain rectifications. This is the best advantage of organizing a logo design contest in Designfier.

Get the job done within the deadline – choose the best and unique design you realize perfect for the project, or organization. As soon as you finalize the deal, you get your copyrights. You can also preserve the custom logo design, and use it whenever you want.

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