Designfier vs. Designhill vs. 99Designs – Which Logo Design Contest Site is best?

In the competitive graphic design market, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. And especially when you have to make a choice between Designfier, Designhill and 99Designs, which logo design contest site is the best? So, let’s see what is the major difference between the three…

Their customer base, an impressive portfolio, reputation in local markets and international reach has made them some of the best known graphic design companies in the world.

Best Design Contest Site: Designfier the perfect choice for your logo design?

One of the largest and best-known graphic design platforms in the world, Designfier, is managed by a few partners, all of whom are among the leading minds in the design industry. To put it in its own words, Designfier is “the world’s leading logo design contest site and graphic design marketplace”. Designfier is creating irresistible brand experiences for startups, small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing unmatched graphic design solutions starting from logo design, website design, business card design to packaging design.

To know more, check out Designfier’s How It Works

Advantages of Going for Designfier:

  • The team offers a full range of graphic design services, including 1 To 1 Graphic Projects; where you can work closely with the best graphic designers of your choice. They take a detailed approach and pay close attention to every aspect of your design projects.
  • Designfier is known for its great web environments and delights its top-class customers with impressive web design, web development and advice in the field of user experience.
  • To put it in its own words, Designfier is the design contest site ” which is behind web standards and the place where the responsive design started.”
  • Their approach is “to create brands and companies with the clarity of thorough thinking and the courage to take bold ideas”. They started a few years ago and have worked their way up using globalization and the potential of emerging markets.
  • Designfier says of itself that they collect and organize fragmented and scattered thoughts and turn them into meaningful forms.

Why Go For Designhill, What Does It Offer?

Although nothing can compete with the elegance of Designfier, the alternate platform of Designhill is aware that design goes beyond the computer screen: design appears in the world around us and designers should strive to make the world look vivid. In addition, they take care of how their customers are perceived internationally. But the grass is not always green.

Disadvantages of Going for Designhill:

  • They have a very limited and restricted customer list and thus it makes their experience less. Less experience implies that they are not able to work out on large and complex projects with the right precision.
  • Designhill’s reputation is a little down because of its poor business relationships with like-minded customers. They only focus on concepts and don’t ensure that each design is unique and meaningful.
  • Their area of ​​activity does not include art direction, identities, publications, exhibitions, font design, signage and digital marketing. Designhill is all about accommodating elegant and clear design in many areas such as art, communication, radio, design, electronics, and entertainment. Designhill also boasts of its proactive answers to creative briefings – which include extensive research about their customers and even workshops with the target group.

Designhill is famous for its minimalist style, which allows customers to turn their brands into an intercultural good. In other words, their designs come from all over the world and are therefore well-received in many regions around the world.

This global approach has allowed Designhill to go further than most other design studios, which is the reason for their international fame. They also find inspiration in the people who work for their customer, which further strengthens the connection between clients and customers.

What sets Designhill apart from others is its careful selection of employees. You have designers from a wide variety of areas to be a multidisciplinary studio. Designhill specializes in identity, retail and packaging and product design for a number of companies between startups and international brands.

Designhill grew out of despair. Designhill has been going its own way since 2004. Now that they are no longer desperate, they choose the respected customers they want to work for. In addition, they remain true to a unique aesthetic that brings playfulness, clever ideas and bright colors to the table. Designhill’s list of awards is long and includes the European, German and Swedish Design Awards. And everyone is well deserved!

How Can You Leverage The Best With 99Designs?

99Designs belongs to the more youthful side of the spectrum. They are a team of young designers, their personality is playful and they are not afraid to crack jokes. Their work is aimed at millennials, to whom they offer a fresh and energetic approach.

Disadvantages of Going for 99Designs:

  • 99Designs is all about disbanding egos to focus on corporate goals and hence they don’t take the corporate ethics seriously and can’t work in alignment with a corporate company.
  • They put personal interests aside and look at the bigger picture, which is often not required. They also do flexible designs: designs that can change shape and color and have a bad impact on the business.
  • 99Designs claims to be “the creative studio you’ve been looking for all your life”. This is not at all true because their prices are not best suited for medium-sized clients.

99Designs focuses on geometry, color, and typography in brand identity design, editorial design, and illustration. They are proud of their personal relationships, in which every single step is carefully addressed. 99Designs provides branding solutions for a number of large companies as well as for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. They proudly refer to being successful in “difficult markets” with an interdisciplinary approach that bridges the gap between marketing and business with creative thinking. 99Designs boasts an impressive portfolio full of branding and communication design.

Ask yourself a question: What do I really need?

The answer to this question will be the starting point for your decision. You will need to determine what type of website you really need (e.g. personal website, business website, e-commerce, portfolio, blog website, online community/forum, Q&A website, non-profit/religious website, etc.) and how complex (large) it should be. Set your goals and be clear about the type of message you want to send. If you are unable to deliver your message well or if the other side cannot understand exactly what you want, you will have to make it easier to understand.

It is very important to be clear about your needs and your budget (especially if it is limited). Of course, you should not choose an agency that offers outdated design at a lower price, but one that offers you a corresponding solution at a reasonable quality and price ratio. Having a limited budget doesn’t mean that it has to affect the end product. The nice thing about web design is that it can always be updated – and redesigned – so that once your business and budget have grown, you will also be able to make things bigger on your website.

As there are changes in every industry, the trends also change often. Not day by day, but gradually. So what was popular a while ago is unlikely to be popular in a few years. You are definitely planning on not having to redesign your logo at all times, so you should look for a visionary logo design contest site that has experience in development afterward and has current and future logo design trends in mind.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.