Top 10 Crowdsourcing Websites that are well worth your consideration

The current trend of crowdsourcing is that we see it almost every day on the net. The term Crowdsourcing is a neologism contraction and “mass” (crowd) and “outsourcing” (outsourcing). In reality, people enjoy cultivating and developing their talents, so Crowdsourcing can be seen as a mechanism that links talent and knowledge with existing needs.

Thinking about Crowdsourcing as a way to get cheap labor is a real mistake.

The success of Crowdsourcing lies in the creation of a community and the feeling of belonging to it, in which the organization becomes one more member, participating equally. There are many different types of crowdsourcing websites. On these websites, anyone who needs a design (be it a logo, website, stationery, banner, etc.) can specify what they want and indicate the price they want to pay for the work.

The 10 Most Innovative Crowdsourcing Websites :

Designfier – Best Crowdsourcing Website for Entrepreneurs and Designers

One of the best-known crowdsourcing websites, but this one focuses on design work – all kinds of designs, from logos to book covers. It also allows customers to start a contest in which everyone at Designfier can participate.

By registering, you will get a platform to launch a graphic design project and review professional graphic designers’ portfolio, totally free!  Designfier offers a transparent price in advance so customers can anticipate how much the finished design can cost. It is a very useful feature since there are many design jobs at different prices.

1. Quirky: 

Quirky - Crowdsourcing Websites
Quirky- Crowdsourcing Website

It is one of the best crowdsourcing sites of global inventors. Through this site, people can upload their ideas and inventions and reach the rest of the community. As well as a multidisciplinary team of specialists that involves the design, marketing, production, engineering, and feasibility. Together, they all help to improve the product from its appearance, prototype design, market analysis, business model, branding, distribution, and even marketing. Quirky has a multidisciplinary team consisting of three branches: Design, Marketing, and Feasibility. Each of them helps to improve the proposal in these aspects and thus achieve great progress.

2. Kickstarter:  

As defined by its creators, “is an online platform for mass financing for creative projects. ”  IT is USA based crowdsourcing websites. The site contains many options for crowdsourcing.

Kickstarter – Crowdsourcing Website

Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality.

3. Innocentive:  

It is an open space for innovation (pure Open Innovation) from where projects are treated as challenges to encourage the participation of stakeholders as competitions. See how the concept of gamification appears so clearly on the best crowdsourcing websites.

The solution to the challenges is classified as premium challenges, collaborative creativity, or “Big problems,” creating specific groups for solving complex problems.

4. Choosa: 

It is one of the top crowdsourcing websites. It has high growth expectations and is innovative because it is very practical and easy to use the system. It also brings together the talent of thousands of people for logos, icons, advertising, small websites, banners, WordPress, and illustration, among others.

5. Ideas4All:  

It is the crowdsourcing site for the co-generation of ideas. If you are devising a project and you have got stuck at some point. You can use the Ideas4All platform to find new points or characteristics of your idea that come from other people, and therefore, with a point of freshness.

When you publish ideas and seek collaboration, you decide the modality of intellectual property over your idea. You have a Creative Commons option where you only retain the authorship, and another, where you practically retain everything.

6. Freelancer: 

It is a platform that, in addition to offering Crowdsourcing, offers a subcontracting and subcontracting market for small businesses. You can find a Freelancer that does the job at a lower price; you can also outsource jobs in minutes. You can navigate through hundreds of skills, including content writing, data entry, and graphic design, or more technical areas, such as HTML coding, MySQL programming, and CSS design.

7. Airbnb:  

It is a crowdsourcing platform created with the objective that the owners of certain homes offer their services to different users who are looking for an alternative type of accommodation. It differs from other tools that offer to lodge since there is the possibility of renting the entire property and even shared rooms at the level of a short, medium, or long stay. And it is this characteristic that brings it closer to a Crowdsourcing platform, but also to the trend of collaborative consumption.

So what they offer is the opportunity to find cheaper prices and services other than the usual accommodation, hotels. At the same time, there are also more luxurious options for those users who are looking for more exclusivity.

8. HomeAway: 

Another crowdsourcing site with similar characteristics is HomeAway. It is a platform in the field of vacation rental between individuals, putting travelers in direct contact with the owners of more than 550,000 rental houses worldwide. Unlike other websites, HomeAway is the owners who pay to advertise, and there is no commission for booking for travelers, so finding cheap accommodation is even easier.

9. Duolingo: 

It is an application to learn languages ​​for free based on Crowdsourcing and gamification. Among its advantages, for example, that language ​​is gradually learned with different levels of difficulty playing, that as the level increases, the user translates increasingly complex texts. That is the real text of the web (passive crowdsourcing). For example, the application has been monetized given the agreement to translate texts from Buzzfeed and CNN, which are reviewed and validated by the community, guaranteeing a good quality of translation.

10. Eyeka: 

Crowdsourcing Websites

eÿeka is a company that enables brands to connect with a global community of crowdsourcing of more than 350,000 people. They offer ideas and work to create product concepts, designs, marketing campaigns, etc. The process is very simple; the brand should only pose its challenge to Eyeka. So that it can contact its community of creators and, in a matter of days, receive proposals from people who decide to participate. These are the list of crowdsourcing websites.

What are the advantages of Crowdsourcing

Throughout the text, you should have noticed some of the advantages that crowdsourcing websites can bring to any brand. But advantages of this practice are not lacking; here you can see other of them:

  • Variety of ideas: Crowdsourcing allows you to get a lot of ideas, not only ideas with a theoretical basis, but ideas of the consumers themselves. People who are outside your company may have a different approach, another point of view. The point of view of who consumes, essential for the success of any business.
  • Innovative ideas: People who participate in an open crowdsourcing calls have nothing to lose. They do it secretly and do not fear the opinion of others. It is in this way that you can get the most innovative and creative ideas you could ever imagine.
  • You reduce costs: Crowdsourcing allows you to get amazing solutions for a very low cost. Participants are not employees of your company and only seek to participate to get a reward. You can get an excellent idea at a minimum cost.
  • Cost and time savings: The online call process and the reception of proposals through crowdsourcing platforms are much cheaper than traditional media, such as newspapers or television. In turn, the proposal tends to reach niches of interest quickly, so the effort to find qualified professionals is less.
  • A wide variety of proposals: Thanks to the high reach of social networks, you can quickly reach the crowds and continuously receive innovative ideas from a large amount of human talent outside the company.
  • Feedback from customers: The crowdsourcing through a fun dynamic, breaking the barriers between the company and the consumer. So businesses can be more responsive to the needs, tastes, and opinions of customers order, improving the link between them. This increases the chances of acceptance of products in the market.
  • The activity becomes a promotion and marketing campaign: Due to the dissemination that should be given to the activities and the importance of audience participation. This type of practice allows creating engagement with users at the same time that it is promoted to the company. 

Best Crowdsourcing Websites for Freelancers:

To help you boost your new career, we have summarized the best freelance websites for you. Finally, we leave you a brief description of some of the best:

  • You should check Designfier if you are a freelance designer.
  • Skyword is a global crowdsourcing platform that adapts to independent content and marketing workers.
  • TaskRabbit opens possibilities outside the digital professions with freelance jobs for homes.
  • WriterAccess makes it easy for everyone who loves writing to earn money with this skill.
  • Freelancer offers the largest network of remote jobs.
  • Join Aquent if you are an experienced freelancer, as the platform is made specifically for professionals.
  • Nexxt provides a more diverse and inclusive platform for everyone who has a different background to start looking for freelance jobs.
  • With Fiverr, you can look for work and continue improving your skills with your free online courses.
  • Toptal gives you a high reward if you have increased your portfolio enough to offer your services by being part of the “top 3% of global talent”.
  • Upwork is among the best freelance pages, with tools to support the development of your career.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.