5 Very Useful Websites for free logo design

Are you looking for a free logo design tool for your website?

Research and analysis show that an impressive logo design increases the chance of your brand recognition by around 80%. Also, effective brand presentation increases revenue by up to 23%. Logos are one of the most effective ingredients for increasing brand identity and get new clients for your business.

With many design tools available on the internet today, business owners do not need to spend much cash to get a powerful logo. However, the issue is to understand which tools are right for you. You need to realize that all the free logo design software comes with its own merits and demerits. It solely depends on you for what services you are looking for.

Today, in this article, we’ve brought together all the free logo design software available on the internet. We have tightly integrated all the advantages and disadvantages to decide which will be the right tool according to all your needs. Happy reading!

1. Canva

Canva free logo design tool

Canva is one of those design tools we think you must already know about. Canva is moderately free to use and has lots of exciting features as well. However, it comes with a limited amount of logo templates, font styles, and elements. Yet, whatever you make on this website can be downloaded in high-quality SVG and Vector files. One of Canva’s beauty is that it’s not a software that you need to download to use. You can also use this on the website, anywhere on any device, having an internet connection.

Suppose you have not learned about logos or are a newbie. In that case, you can undoubtedly rely on Canva to get a professional logo for free.  However, if you do not like or need more options, the themes and templates, you can get yourself the paid version.

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2. Hatchful

Shopify’s free logo design software Hatchful is one of the leading logo makers on the internet. You can prepare your free and professional logo from hundreds of templates in just a few clicks. We have put Hatchful in the second position in the list of five accessible and best logo design software because of its easy to use interface and design skill requirement.

As said, Hatchful is entirely free to use and only charges for downloading a high-quality logo in case you need them. On the other hand, it let you download logo packages containing images of different resolution for free. Hence, if you plan an excellent professional logo and are ready to pay for a high-quality picture, use Hatchful.

3. Designfier’s a free online logo maker

Designfier is not one of that free logo design software that you need to download, pay for use, or learn graphic design. Designfier has worked hard on its logo designing tool interface to keep it as simple as it looks. This is designed so that even if you know nothing about design, you can visit the site and use its tools to shape your head’s basic design.

Designfier’s logo maker gives you an option to upload your picture. You may already have to inspire you to design your logo that way. The best reason to consider this as the best logo design tool is to get high-quality image downloading options for free. This option is not available in Hatchful as you need to pay.

4. MarkMaker

MarkMaker has a relatively simple yet innovative approach to design the right logo for you. You will have to type in the company’s name, and it’ll start giving you suggestions. You can choose any design you like, and it will start creating new designs complying with your preferences.

You can keep cropping and creating as many designs as possible you want before you hit on the download button to get your preferred choice. The reason you should consider using MarkMaker for designing your logo is that the logo can be downloaded in a high-quality SVG file for free. However, if you wish, you can help them with a little donation, only if you want. 

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5. uCraft

Another free and creative online logo design software on the list is uCraft. The design interface is made, keeping in mind the struggles of new designers and drag and drop options within the app is remarkably easy to use. However, unlike Hatchful, it also provides minimal functions with not a very distinct AI but capable enough to get your job done.

If you talk about the pricing, uCraft gives you the option of downloading your designs for free in a low-quality PNG file format. In case you are looking for a high-resolution SVG file, you can invest $10 to get one. Hence, it can be a good option for you if you are not looking for a DIY software.

How to Choose the best free logo design software?

When it comes to logo design software, there are two types. The first is a vector-based drawing, and the other is for users with little to no artistic ability. These types have their own professional templates and have incorporated with balanced design elements, fonts, colours, etc.

It ultimately depends on you and your skills to choose when you are looking to create the logo design. If you are a professional logo maker, you can go with Adobe and CorelDraw. However, being an amateur, it is always wiser to use any of the above-mentioned free logo design software. This can also help you robust your knowledge and ability to design better logos professionally.

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You already know how much wonders logos can do to your business. However, it would help if you always kept in mind how much disasters a bad or an irrelevant logo can do. I case you are not able to get the right thing, your need to design your logo. It would be helpful to hire a professional. Do not look to save some cash on stuff that can make you a fortune in future.

You can get yourself a freelance designer or start your design contest on platforms like Designfier. You will opt for all your money back in the form of a money-back guarantee as a clause before beginning the contest if you do not like their design.

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.