The 9 Best Logo Design Software of 2020

Top 9 Logo Design Software 2020

Logo design software is a secret magical wand for a successful business. A logo is like the crown of your business. No doubt other factors are significant too but a logo certainly creates the first impression of your company. A great custom logo is a unique blend of letters, shapes, and colours. To design a powerful logo you definitely need the best logo design software program.

A logo design software helps you create an effortless yet striking logo. Sometimes hiring a professional freelancer or a company to create a logo for your business can be a bit heavy on your pocket. Instead, you can create one yourself with the help of an affordable logo design program.

This article includes the list of best logo designing software for beginners and experts alike

1.    Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator seamlessly allows you to scale up and down your work anytime you want while your project is in progress. This logo maker software can easily integrate with other Adobe products. The basic plan of Adobe Illustrator is quite affordable and it comes with more than 16,000 fonts.

The new size-view automatically zoom value corresponds to the display. It is one of the best vector graphic software in the industry and produces some amazing vector designs. It has a flexible user interface and one can use it on almost any computer system.

2. CoreIDRAW

CoreIDRAW has evolved innovatively in the field of logo design. No matter, if you are a beginner or an expert logo designer CorelDRAW would make your logo designing process a breeze. Moreover, tools like Corel capture and Corel photo-shop enhance logo designing experience.

Thus, logos built with CorelDRAW are highly professional and are of superior quality making CorelDRAW one of the best logo design tools in the market. It offers unmatchable colour accuracy and flexibility to deliver a stunning logo.

3.  Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is indeed a magnificent tool from Adobe family famously known as the master of image editing. This tool is for professional designers to create gorgeous illustrations, 3d paintings, icons, and logos. Various exemplary features such as artistic filters, colour levels, texture, and many more make Photoshop the most desirable graphic design software.

A prerequisite to this software is to have some photoshop skills to create effective logos. It works perfectly for novice users as well because of in-built user-friendly features make designing graphics as easy as pie.

4. Gimp

Gimp stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a free logo design software and open-source image editor. It is coupled with features that have an intuitive interface which in turn allows you to create beautiful designs.

However, GIMP is not only for experienced users in fact even amateurs can also use it to bring out some amazing artwork. It can easily be accessed on platforms like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. And there are many third-party plugins available that let you design a logo with ease.

5. Inkscape

Inkscape is a free and open-source robust vector design tool. It is an ideal choice for illustrations and designing any other form of graphics. The web design library helps you produce stunning illustrations, logos, and other web graphics. Inkscape supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format like many others.

Whereas, you’re free to import and export other file formats as well. Inkscape is fully compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. And this certainly makes Inkscape the integral part of any amateur graphic designer’s toolkit. However, reading about Inkscape vs Illustrator might give a more clear idea.

6. Designfier’s Free Logo Design Tool

Designfier’s free logo design tool is a powerful online logo design software. Any professional or organization can quickly create striking graphic design. It’s really simple to create a logo using this free logo design software. However, you don’t require any designing experience for using this free logo maker tool. Get ready and start experiencing creativity!

Want to get a luxurious logo?

7. Hatchful by Shopify

Undoubtedly, Hatchful logo maker is a super cool logo design software powered by Shopify. It delivers amazing logos for your business. Creating a logo with Hatchful is just a cakewalk. First, you have to select the related field of your business such as games, art, tech, etc. Then pick a suitable layout from the given options. And then add your business name and slogan (However, a slogan is optional).

Now you can choose the best suitable logo that you find describing your business better. However, you are free to edit it and give it your own personal touch. And if you know the ways to improve your web design, then you will definitely end up having a beautiful website without having to outsource it.

8. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a vector graphic design tool. It helps you create accurate curves and customize live shapes for vector illustration. Certainly, Affinity Designer is an ideal solution for illustrators, UI designs. It is coupled with powerful features to give you amazing results. It is a good competitor for all the others mentioned on the list.

9. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a totally free feature-rich graphic design software. You can easily create and design logos, icons, illustrations, apps, and prints with the help of powerful tools. This logo design software can get a stunning logo in minutes.

Anybody can use it over different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux. However, you can use it online as well. So, you can make the most of Gravit Designer being present both offline and online.

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