Pros and cons of designing a logo yourself versus hiring a professional designer

Designing a logo yourself versus hiring a professional designer

You have a business, an organization, or a start-up idea. And you want to get it started. Well, for this, you need an image. You need to build your brand. And besides many other elements and things, you need to consider and take care of, maybe one of the most important ones is your logo.

It is the design element that represents your brand and you will use it on all the materials you design. Whether it is on printed flyers, on your website, or on social media posts, you need a logo that sends the idea of your brand. It conveys the message you want and it represents your brand accurately.

So, you need a logo. But what is a logo? What is logo design? Is there any logo design description you should read before starting to work on your own? And maybe one of the most crucial questions is: should you be creating your logo? Or should you hire a professional designer? Here are the pros and cons of both options.

Designing a Logo Yourself

Pros and Cons


If you are thinking about designing a logo yourself, you should know that this is a cost-effective option. You can use an online logo maker that can generate a few ideas you can edit or work on afterward. If you enjoy design, then maybe this option appeals to you. You can enter your flow and play mp4 and listen to music or a podcast while you are in your creation process.

Learn how to play mp4 on Mac or use an mp4 video player and you will enjoy the process even more and save some money too. However, you need to take into account that this process might turn out to be time-consuming and you could invest this time in other business processes.

Personal Touch

As you have a direct connection to the brand, you can infuse personal elements and create it just like you imagine it. Which is great and you just leave your personal touch on your logo. You probably already have an image of it in your head, so creating it yourself would be way easier. However, if you do not have any design expertise, the result might be less polished than you expect it to be.

Flexibility and Control

As you have full control over the design process, you can implement any changes you want. You can play with the colors, fonts, and icons. And you are flexible too, you do not depend on anyone. You can refine your design skills by working with free photo editing programs to assess your abilities. However, as mentioned above, if you lack design skills, this might limit your ability to create a strong, versatile logo.

Hiring a Professional Designer

Pros and Cons

Expertise and Quality

As you might probably know, a professional designer already has the skills and expertise you need. They have surely created other pieces of design and logos too, so they know the process and they have the tools to do it. They can avoid creating a similar logo as they have seen many. However, hiring a professional designer might turn out to be pretty expensive. So, depending on your financial and time limitations, you can make this decision in this favor or not.


A professional designer has a high degree of autonomy. They are able to work independently without supervision. If you give them clear instructions and you make your needs and vision known to them, they can work on that. Which can allow you to focus on other business processes. Hiring a professional designer is a time-saving option. However, if you need the logo urgently, you should know that design processes might take some time. And this depends on the designer’s workload.

Unique and Memorable Designs

You want a logo people will remember. You want a logo that effectively communicates the mission and vision of your brand. You want a logo that speaks for itself and represents your brand. Well, professional designers create unique and memorable designs. They can create logos that stand out and effectively represent your brand. However, if you have financial limitations, cost can turn out to be a problem for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the process of creating a business or brand or you are just rebranding, you already know you need a logo. But should you design it yourself or hire a professional designer? Both options come with pros and cons, so it’s up to you what decision you make. It also depends on your deadline, financial limitations, and design skills. So, analyze the options and make the best decision for yourself.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.