How to start a YouTube Channel: 6 Brilliant Tips & Tricks

6 Important Tips To Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is today’s second most viewed site on the internet. With videos available in more than eighty languages, it is one of the most significant things one can do to grow his business. However, only 9% of small businesses are on YouTube. This might be because you think you do not possess the right skill required to create compelling videos and optimize your YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel will boost your brand engagement if done the right way. Videos are a great medium to spread awareness and educate your existing customers and attract new audiences.

How you can start a Youtube Channel

It’s okay if you have never made videos for any platform. It is not as daunting as it seems to start a YouTube channel. Today you will get a complete overview of how to create your YouTube channel and optimize it. Keep reading

6 Beginners tips and tricks to ace your YouTube presence

1. Develop a vision and make a brand account

When you are sure to start a YouTube channel, you need to have a clear vision. Choose something unique, compelling, and relatable to your target audience. A YouTube channel with an idea is more prominent to get followed and subscribed.

When you are sure of which type of content you are going to publish, you should start building your YouTube account. Sign in with your brand account; if you do not have one, it is advised to create. Using your brand account to build your YouTube account will give other users access to YouTube with their own Google login.

When you start a YouTube with a brand account, you will get many features that are not included in the personal account. With a brand account, you can collaborate with other teams and also get access to a valuable audience through data available on YouTube analytics.

2. Polish your YouTube account to look professional

You have started your YouTube, but it looks amateur. It would be best if you began polishing your account to make it look more professional. Provide all the relevant details required. Adding a channel icon is especially important to represent your brand (like a logo).

Having a professional and memorable logo for your Youtube channel is very important to build brand awareness and subscribers.

Want to get a luxurious logo?

Write a compelling channel description when you start a YouTube channel and add all the contact information. The most critical step while starting a YouTube channel is to get your account verified by YouTube. Only a verified account can post videos greater than fifteen minutes.

3. Content planning and competitor research

Your YouTube account should be ready until this step. So, congratulations, as you are the owner of your brand’s YouTube page. It is now time to start planning on how you will make your videos. Before you get into the process of planning content, you should always study your competitors.

You can visit their pages and watch their videos on what type of content they publish and how the audience reacts to different types of content. Only then can you think of ways you can provide something new to attract visitors on your page.

YouTube is a search engine, so always plan your content accordingly. You can make education videos that seem to be relevant to your brand, start with launching new products (not highly recommended to beginners), or you can tell stories about your brand.

4. Launch a channel trailer a week before you start to upload content

This is a crucial phase when you start a YouTube channel. However, no matter what, being consistent, is the key. Most of the brands give up when it comes to maintaining consistency. If you want, you can publish only one video a week, but it should be consistent. Your content publishing schedule should always make a pattern so that your audience know how long they need to wait to get new content on your YouTube channel.

Also, do publish a channel trailer a week before publishing your first content. Channel trailers are the next thing visitors see after your channel art and icon. The channel trailer is like a movie trailer that gives an overview of what your channel has to offer.

This video will automatically play to your non-subscribers. And, its highly likely that if you do the right thing, new visitors can convert into subscribers. So, do make an extraordinary trailer.

5. Be consistent & keep optimizing your video

Toping YouTube SEO will never be easy. To stand out of the concrete crowd, you need to have an out of the box approach. Please pay attention to every small detail as they integrate to make a massive impact on how YouTube will feature your video.

Make use of the right keywords. Pick keywords that do not have a lot of content on it. Your content format also plays a huge role in impacting the SEO algorithm. Hence, do make your filename, title, description, and tags after scrutinizing the market.

For example, have a look at this cooking channel named curry n cuts, how they’ve used targeted keywords.

Spend time before you upload your video so that you can research your keywords in the right way. The bridge between starting your YouTube channel and making it phenomenally successful is Optimization.

You see, half your competitions end at consistency and the other half at optimizing. Brands that have faith and stay focused start getting ranked.

6. Keep promoting and engaging with your audience

Never stop in promoting your channel wherever you can. Your audience is most active on this platform as compared to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. One of the best ways to promote your channel is by collaborating with other YouTube brands.

If you have great marketing tactics, you can make use of them. However, never go with any black hat techniques to promote your channel as it will ruin your engagements and will negatively impact your optimizing algorithm.

At the same time, you should keep engaging with your audiences. Your job doesn’t end when you start a YouTube channel and publish content. It would help if you always keet engaging with your people. Your audience is your people, so always keep them happy. Respond to their comments, keep liking them, chat with them, and make them feel that you care about them.

Also, the engagement on videos, i.e., likes, comments, and shares, does impact your SEO ranking so keep appealing to your viewers to like and comment on your videos.

Last splashes of words

There are ample ways to market your YouTube and bring new audiences to your channel. It solely depends on how you want to promote it. You can also start different playlists for your audience to help them quickly float from one content type to another.

However, do this only when you have plethoric content available. You can also go live and conduct a question-answer session with your audiences to engage them personally and promote your brand products simultaneously.

Now that you know all the small and significant tips and tricks before starting your YouTube channel page, you can practically begin with one step at a time.

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