Best Logo Design Contest Sites: (In-Depth Review)

Best Logo design Contest Sites For Startups, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses.

Logo design is one of the most important design aspects for a brand. A logo helps in creating a certain image of a brand and makes it more perceptive to its customers. Great logos make for a better brand recall and establish consumer trust. Well, getting an awesome yet affordable custom logo design for your brand is not as hard as it was before.

Now, you can simply find best logo designers online or start an online design contest on a logo contest website.

Logo Design Contests are online contests, majorly hosted on crowdsourcing design websites where designers from all around the world send their design entries to win that contest. All that you have to do is just fill in a design brief, set a prize amount for the winner(s) and just wait for the creative logo designs to come to you. Simply choose the one that works for you and select that design as the winner and congratulations! You have an amazing logo for your brand.

Now that you know how logo design contests work, comes the real question ‘How to choose the best design contest site?’

Now, before we move forward, let us just say that there are a lot of logo design contest sites that can help you crowdsource logo designs. Selecting the best logo design agency is different for everyone and simply based on your requirement. If you are looking to go with a logo design contest website, we can help you by providing you the factors through which you can choose the best online logo contest site for your business.

Choosing from Best Logo Design Contest Sites: (Reviews & Tips)

  1. Lowest Starting Price
  2. Refundable Contest Fee
  3. Registered Designers
  4. Design Entries per Contest
  5. Past Contests and Winning Designs
  6. Contest Duration
  7. Value for Money
  8. User-Interface

1. Lowest Starting Fee to Get Affordable Logo Design

The first thing to look while exploring logo design contest sites, is to check the lowest starting fee for each platform. It is the minimum price that a logo design contest site requires for you to launch an affordable logo design contest online. There are so many logo design services on the internet and some of them charge over $200 as the lowest starting fee.

It is always a good idea to choose a platform where the starting fee is lower than your budget so that you can purchase a better plan and get the most out of your investment. If the budget is really tight, you can choose the most basic plan and still get good design options.

At Designfier, our logo design plans start at $99 which is almost half of the standard price while maintaining the same quality of work. You’ll bet a proffesional logo design at an affordable price.

Want to get a luxurious logo?

2. Refundable Contest Fee:

Refundable contest fee is the amount of money which is refunded by these logo design contest sites. If you are not satisfied with the designs, or you received very few designs than expected. You will see a 100% money back guarantee on all the famous design websites but most of them come with hidden terms and conditions along with hidden charges. So you don’t always get the 100% of that amount back. So, have a look at the refund policies before finalising a platform. Designfier also provides a 100% money back guarantee and if your design contest does not receive any design, our team gives you a 100% return.

3. Registered Designers:

Designers are the backbone of logo design contest websites. Without designers the whole crowdsourcing design business model would collapse. So there should be a good number of designers in the platform that you are interested in. More designers on a platform means you will get a lot of professional logo design entries and interaction from a greater community. Designfier is home to almost 40,000 designers that are creative, professional and always up for a design challenge!

4. Design Entries per Contest:

So maybe you won’t find this on the first visit on any online logo design contest site, but for each package that you buy, there is a limited number of design entries per contest. Which means that only a limited number of logo designers would be working on your project. Another way to look at this is based on your budget and your logo design requirement. Maybe you don’t need hundreds of designs but are looking for only premium quality designs. So you can also choose other packages that are much suited as per your logo design requirement and your budget. With Designfier, you get more than 15 design concepts with unlimited designs per designer for just $99!

5. Past Contests and Winning Designs:

If you want to have an idea about how design contest works and the kind of inputs required for a design brief, you can have a look at the past contest on those platforms and look at the winning designs to have a better clarity of the quality of designs provided on that particular logo design for that website.

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6. Contest Duration:

Another important thing is the duration of the logo design online contest. Every platform offers a different contest duration and some give you the option to choose the contest duration for a certain price also. So, in order to get the most of your logo design contest and your budget, your contest duration should be for a week so that more and more designers can have a look at your contest and send their designs. We provide you a contest duration of 1-7 days delivering a great quality logo design based on your requirement.

7. User-Interface:

Having a good user-interface for a website promotes better conversion and amazing user engagement. So if you are going through a website, observe the ease of use and how easy was it for you to launch an online contest? If you feel that you had a great experience using that platform and it suits your needs in terms of the budget and design, it is the right platform for you. Designfier has an effortless user-interface, you can get from any part of the page to launch the contest and get access to designer profiles from the homepage only!

8. Value for Money:

Well, this should also be one of the most important deciding factors as your choice of logo design contest site should be value for money. If you are willing to invest your hard earned money into something, you should know that it is the best platform based on your needs. You might think that by going for a better logo design contest site you will have a great experience, but ultimately it depends on its value for money based on your requirement.  

So, choose what’s simply best for you. Keep in mind the above factors and you will be all sorted to choose one of the best logo design contest sites for you!

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